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Personal logs... Here me out on this.

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Carrying the title of "Human Being" brings with it the responsibility of practicing humanity. Without that moral and ethical center can we truly call ourselves humans at all? ~Ghost

It is not uncommon for people to overlook the obvious, they simply do not see the connections between one thing and another.

This has nothing to do with how intelligent someone is and everything to do with the information any one of us has had access to in our lives and how we have been programmed to interpret, analyze, and use that information for critical thinking.

Or not.

Now I am not going to dive back into that scribble at this time, but you can follow the link and get more clarity on my thoughts there.

Now. I want to stress here that this is a theory only and I am in no way presenting this as fact.

I see a viable connection between two things and this connection concerns me greatly because it seems that I am the only one who sees it, or maybe I am just the only one with the oysters to talk about it.

That is what we are here to find out.


OK, time to remind everyone that all of my scribbles are meant to be taken as thought exercises.

I posit a theory or scenario that I have made connections with and see what other people think about it.


Alrighty then, I am sure I will piss off any number of emotionally driven people with this scribble, but I could care less about them, the radicals.

I am talking to the sane people left in this world, the human beings who are looking around them saying WTF is going on around here.

This is one of those scribbles where the ability to turn off your emotional reactions is a must. If you are not there yet maybe you want to save this one for later.

Here is what I mean by that. This scribble is not condoning or condemning the transgender movement or its members in any way.

What we are analyzing is my belief that this movement as with so many others today has been hijacked for another agenda.

This is no secret but what may be is how I see another element that I believe has been introduced into this movement for the specific purpose of driving mass hysteria.

From here on this scribble has very little to do with transgenders or transgenderism except for them being the target of a known tactic used in psychological warfare.

As for the trans community you are indeed being attacked but it is not by other humans such as myself.

You are being attacked from within just like the rest of us and those "Useful Idiots" are being controlled by some diabolical, terrifying people.

Which may make what I posit very hard to allow yourselves to believe so... here goes.


So, what is this "Diabolical and Terrifying" element that has intentionally been used to turn millions of loving parents into blatant child abusers through the transgender ideology you ask.

I posit that this serious and very dangerous mental disorder was used (intentionally) as a catalyst to drive the mass hysteria behind the transgender movement.

Again, not the movement itself but those hiding within it who are working their own agenda, the useful idiots.

Which is where the terrifying part comes in because to even consider that our own government would use a mental disorder to manipulate people's minds... well, that is just crazy talk right?

If you really believe that drivel you are definitely in the right place to have that illusion shattered very quickly.

There is extensive documentation of our government(s) doing that very thing damn near through our entire modern history.

The question you should be asking yourself right about now is why YOU do not know about it, and I along with so many others do.

That is the question that leads to being "Awake", not "Woke".

In its simplest explanation, MSBP is when a parent or guardian of a child (in most cases) begins harming that child in order to receive the attention it brings to them, the parent/guardian, not the child.

What this harm may manifest as (it usually involves medical in some way) could be anyone's guess but one way or the other it results in physical, psychological, or emotional harm to the child while bringing sought after attention to the parent or guardian.

The parent/guardian seeks more and more attention resulting in more and more harm being done to the child.

If this were happening under any other circumstances people would be going to prison, parents would be losing their children for their own safety because it would be considered MSBP under any other circumstances and you damn well know it.

People need to grow a spine, come together as a true community and protect these children because the people charged with that job right now are not doing it.

Look at what is happening around us. Children are being butchered in unnecessary, irreversible medical procedures and pumped full of toxic hormone levels and drugs with not only the permission but the insistence of that child's parent or guardian.

They are for all intents and purposes being used as lab rats for someone else's benefit and they have no say because they do not truly understand any of this, they are incapable of it.

The child goes through the pain, degradation and psychological chaos while the parent or guardian gets patted on the back and publicly praised for being such a righteous and "WOKE" individual.

What does that sound like to you?

The next thing we know it reaches mass hysteria and every person suffering with or near to suffering with MSBP ends up having a transgender child.

I also believe that MS to a lesser extent and MSBP primarily are directly intertwined with narcissistic personality disorder which I see as a driving factor in the development of MSBP in people.

Especially people who have always had the attention and are seeing their relevance slipping away would in my opinion be prime candidates for either MS or MSBP depending on the availability of victim other than themselves.

Look at the Hollywierdo crowd parading all of their confused and by all definitions abused children around insisting everyone see and recognize how woke they are, what a good and righteous person they are.

Ask yourself how many of these people are at the top of their wave right now, or in the trough and you will see what I mean.

All at the expense of that child who is again incapable in many cases of truly understanding what is going on.

All the child wants to do is please the parent/guardian and all they get in return is insecurity, pain and confusion.

Again, what does that sound like to you?

Look around you, start taking time to stop and pay attention because it is all around you all of the time, you just have to open your eyes and see it.

Transgenderism as an ideology is in my opinion a tailor-made modification to MSBP which honestly not that many people even know about anymore, imagine that.

I also posit that the transgender ideology has been used to promote and drive the original mental disorder of Munchausen's Syndrome as well.

People are butchering themselves for likes and the adoration of millions of strangers who could care less about them except the attention they themselves can leach off of the fringes.

If that is not the definition of Munchausen's Syndrome, I really can't imagine what is.

I mean think about it man.

I believe the same thing about plastic surgery, so it is nothing personal directed at just the transgender movement, but in how it is being used to create KNOWN mental disorders that can then be used to drive mass hysteria in large segments of the population.

And it is at once both spectacular and horrifying how well it is working right now.

So, I have posited my theory, what say you my fellow humans, does it make any sense to you?


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