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Personal Logs... "Anomalies"



something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected:

Anyone who follows my scribbles knows that I use words by their actual definitions, and this is one of many that I use that tend to make the misled masses heads explode when I use it.

Anything other than the literal definition of a word matters not to me because it is based in one's emotional understanding of the word, not the factual definition.

How do we know this one might ask?

If there was not an emotional understanding replacing the literal understanding of the word then there would be no emotional reaction to it, IE getting offended by the word.

Now, I am going to have to dig into the science a bit, primarily data sets because this is where anomalies are seen every minute of every day somewhere on this rock, we call home.

However, I will leave most of that reading up to those who want to dig more into it and simplify things in my own way.

Let's go.


This is of course focused on anomalies within data sets, but they (anomalies) take place all of the time through every aspect of existence itself on a sub molecular level.

No matter what the pattern is, not everything can fit within it.

And they are absolutely just as important to the laws of physics (nature) as their counterparts because as we already know, a positive cannot exist without its equal and opposite negative.

The dilemma I ran into first is the fact that there seems to be vastly differing amounts of anomalies and the norms so how is an equal and opposite scenario even possible?

Right when I was about to start tugging on that thread, I realized that I was thinking about this two dimensionally as if it is a simple matter of cause and effect as established by Newton's third law of motion.

That was the answer to the dilemma right there, I didn't need to start pulling threads, I simply needed to change my perspective.

My mind went on a half hour trip down memory lane with Gravitoelectromagnetism, and particle physics but when it came back to my conscious thoughts it reminded me that when seen through the lens of the second law, we can ask; "why does the bug not destroy our windshield when it is traveling at such high speed?" and that all comes down to the relative differences in mass.

So, basically the norms are constantly being created and added to as far as it comes to human existence because our actions as a species demands it.

We also know that once this takes place what is created becomes its own "dimension" so to speak and all things must exist within something else.

That something else is what I call nature, the universe, and the universe exists within the big empty, hopefully at some point if we humans survive long enough it will become a new frontier for exploration.

How I would love to be in on that!

Everything that interacts with other objects obeys Newtons 3rd, however, those interactions create disruptions within the "universe" and those have an inevitable impact on everything within the universe.

Those interactions caused by the Universal disruptions are not equal, the forces are all based on how big the object it is, its mass.


My mind laid it out as being a haberdasher or a seamstress. Your pattern is the "norm", and it is within that pattern that you create the new "dimension" (I gotta find a better word for that) and it now exists within the greater universe.

Anything outside of that pattern (the norm) is an anomaly by definition and if we do not trim it off, we cannot finish creating whatever the pattern is for.

Still with me?


As I have said many times, we human beings are in no way exempt from obeying the laws of nature.

At some point in this universe human beings came into existence and once we reached the point of our first industrial revolution, we have been disrupting this planets natural energy with our actions.

So far, our cause and effect on the universe is limited to our tiny little pebble we scurry around on thinking we are "all that".


Creating a society can only be done by following a known or recently developed pattern. Whether it is a good pattern, or a bad pattern will come under the heading of "Effect".

Humanity becomes the fabric that pattern is laid out on and if the pattern is valid, applicable and sustainable, the inside of the pattern will naturally fill with humans who prefer what the norm has to offer.

Those who do not want to follow the norm are anomalies that gravitate outside of the pattern where they get trimmed off and occupy the fringes of the pattern (society).

(See video below as "conformity" plays a key role in this process.

And as the society grows, and if the lessons of the past have been passed down the anomalies keep getting pushed to those fringes and the society flourishes but that also depends greatly on who is in charge.

This only happens if the powers that be are more interested in the welfare of the governed than they are for their own benefit.

That is the key. We witnessed this during this Trump administrations 4 years.

If the pattern is not valid, applicable and sustainable those anomalies never get trimmed off which means that the society cannot grow while more and more anomalies find their way to the fringes.

Stagnation occurs which we already know quickly drives a society into conflict.

Poverty, crime and misery soon follow as we know from every time an unsustainable society has been tried historically.

We are witnessing this scenario in real time under the Biden administrations first 3 years.

The Biden administration completed a process facilitated first by Bill and Hillary Clinton and then Obama.

They not only stopped trimming away the anomalies to keep them on the fringes of our society, but they also pulled out the pattern and let all of those anomalies pour into the heart of our lives destroying both our safety and security.

Then the Biden administration gave the anomalies a voice backed with the blatant abuse of political power even going so far as to try and criminalize any criticism of his administration.

Does that not scare the shit out of you? I mean tat is straight up totalitarianism.

Make your own comparison between the factual data of both administrations but if you are not prepared to be red pilled big time, be prepared to get pissed off.

I am out, till next time.


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