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Why am I called Ghost?


Well, the answer to that question is an onion with a lot of layers, some of which I am not about to go peeling back. They need to stay right where they are.

This word (name) has actually followed me around for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger, I was known for just up and disappearing for indeterminate time periods usually without telling anyone so when I did vanish for a while my friends just figured I had 'Ghosted" them again.

One of those adventures I went through a vision quest, a real vision quest but it is important to understand that this ritual varies widely in every way among different nations.

3 days to prepare, no food or water and then a healthy dose of a certain cactus nectar and into a sweat lodge alone. Lots of puking for a bit but it worked.

I cannot tell you of my visons, the only person I have ever told of them was the Holy Man.

My spirit guide is the Grey Wolf, often referred to as the "ghosts of the Forest".

The Holy Man listened to my visions and interpreted them for me.

He told me that I was born out of my time, I walk around in this time as a ghost, always alone, always searching for where I belong and never finding it.

"A Ghost that walks alone."

Knowing the life, I have led I can honestly say I think he nailed it.

Anyway, when I wandered my way back to wherever I was calling home at the time I told my friends about it who immediately started calling me Ghost because of all the times I had ghosted them.

It stuck.

It got to where when I met new people it was like "oh, you must be Ghost, I heard a lot about you" type of thing, no one called me Chuck anymore except my family so that is how it all came to be in a nutshell.

Later, in another one of my "adventures" I was given the call sign "Grey Ghost."

And in another my call sign was simply "Ghost"

And on another my call sign was 'Wolf 1"

Needless to say, I was detecting a pattern.

I am not one to ignore things that are poking me in the eye, so I accepted that there was a special connection for me to both the Grey Wolf and the nickname "Ghost".

I became Ghost, which I use as my pen name on a lot of things.

That "persona" is my "Gate Keeper" so that "Chuck" can go live life and not have to worry about things getting out of control while I am gone.

I have integrated my 'Shadow" into my conscious mind where I can control it and utilize the many aspects of the shadow archetype that are beneficial to me instead of letting it fester in my sub-conscious until it begins to manifest in my behavior.

Ghost is the researcher, the writer, the pathological curiosity that has driven me to put myself into some incredibly dangerous situations just so I could understand what it was like to experience that life and death moment, that, intensity.

Now before you go thinking "This guy is split personality." watch the video below, it explains what I mean better than I can.

This is also a very important step towards controlling your own mind and by default your behavior including how you think about things.

Once you get here the clarity is phenomenal.


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