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Personal Logs... Binary

(Opinion) Just a random thought my mind went off on.

My mind was pondering an interesting thing when I woke up this morning.

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned a time or two that in order to reach my goals of changing my thinking and thereby my behavior.

I had to bisect my emotional and logical thought processes and compartmentalize them.

I must reiterate here that everything I scribble about are based on my own experiences.

I was so hardheaded and arrogant when I was younger that it took some pretty drastic steps for me to get there.

I had to learn every lesson the hardest way possible just to make sure that I didn't miss anything on my way through.

But in a much less Machiavellian context are we humans not binary beings by design?

We are created with two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, two sets of teeth, to opposable thumbs that allow us to grip which is a binary action, and each side of our body is controlled by opposite sides of our "two sided" brain.

Almost everything we do is a binary action, walking, performing tasks with our hands, seeing, hearing, we use two vocal cords to speak. (There are actually 4 cords but two do not produce voice)

It takes two humans, a biological male, and a biological female to produce offspring, for now anyway.

Transhumanists are hard at work trying to change that as we speak. Transphobic is going to take on a whole new meaning in the future.

Not just humans either, this is true for every mammalian on earth (that I know of) which we humans are, mammals that is.

Our very ability to live is a binary action. Our two lungs bring in oxygen and our blood stream carries it through our bodies to everything else via our four chambered hearts, two chambers that bring the blood in (one for the upper body and one for the lower body) and two chambers that push the oxygen rich blood out to keep us alive.

That in itself is a binary action at its core and if it stops for too long, we die, see ya later.

Once we render this down even more it starts getting really deep. Like Newton's Third Law deep and particle physics.

Even deeper to a cellular level or atomic level, everything comes down to two opposing forces, positive and negative, matter, antimatter.

Even deeper into the human psyche, "Good" and "Evil" which in my mind are words created to explain the consequences our own actions on a personal and collective level as a species and society.

Even deeper to the big bang or creation which by default was the first moment that two opposing forces came together and created this universe, you simply cannot have a reaction without first having an action that makes its existence necessary.

Newton's 3rd man.

NOBODY is non-binary because to be so would mean you are not human, or alive for that matter.


This is what my mind does, a flicker of a thought (me; no you're not, no one is.) when I heard someone say they are "non-binary".

Imagine living with this thing in your skull, it doesn't even stop analyzing shite when I am asleep.

Till next time.

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