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Personal Logs... Common Ground?

Updated: May 28, 2023

(Opinion) (Language warning)

I have always lived my life by a very simple philosophy.

Do not come around pissing in my sandbox and I will not go around pissing in yours.

But if you do piss in my sandbox, I will take a royal sized shit right in the middle of yours.

In more up to date terms, "Mind your business."

Such a simple philosophy (as well as a solution) and yet one that seems for far too many humans an impossible task to perform and therein lies the reason for a vast amount of our conflicts through every category one can name.

There is no fairer way to coexist than simply minding our own business and yet we humans still insist on doing the exact opposite of that and then bitching about the results.

What was that Einstein said about insanity?

We constantly shoot ourselves in the foot before every race we run and then seem amazed as to why we do not ever win one.

This philosophy also bled over into my personal political beliefs as well, I was centrist through and through.

I did not belong to any political party; I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans in my life because I voted based on qualifications and past voting record as well as the persons message and history of their character, are they known for lying as an example.

I truly believed that through compromise and finding common ground between the parties we could continue to make America a powerful, prosperous world leader.

And for well over two centuries that is exactly how it worked; America was all that I mentioned above and only getting better.

This all really started to change fast in the 90s when the Clintons (known connections to Marxism) seized control of the Democrat party. ( #15 )

Since then, things have changed so much that my life philosophy no longer has any meaning because it is based on a code of honor that no longer exists within the greater population.

Collectivism is slowly devouring it.


I keep hearing on the news from the left that the solution to the "problem" is to find common ground with those who stand against me and compromise, just like my philosophy had always been but this perverted use of that philosophy not only fails to brainwash me, but it absolutely infuriates me as well.

If you can find common ground with the humans below, then fair warning.

You best stay the fuck away from me.

1) I will find no common ground with people who want to rape and abuse children for their own sick pleasures.

What compromise is there to be had here? They can rape and abuse children but only on Mon-Wed and only one at a time?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

2) I will find no common ground with people who want to sexualize children FOR the previous scum bags and mutilate them with chemicals and surgeries that serve no medical purpose.

What compromise is there to be had here? They can only mutilate X number of children per time period?

They can only inject toxic puberty blockers into X number of children per lot size?

Again, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

3) I will find no common ground with people who are willingly enslaving themselves while at the same time destroying the nation I love and replacing it with Commu-Fascism AKA Progressivism.

What compromise is there to find here? They can turn X number of states communist but have to leave the rest of them alone?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

4) I will find no common ground with people who are trying to turn our entire population into government lab rats like Mengele did to the Jews.

What compromise is there to be had here? They can use the homeless and prisoners for lab rats as long as they leave the rest of us alone?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

None of this needs a freaking PhD to figure out man, it is common sense and millions of people, I would venture a majority of people have figured it out already.

So the question becomes, "Why haven't YOU figured it out yet?


The truth is not going to chase us down and jump in our lap like our favorite pet, we must search for and find it among all of the lies trying to hide it. ~Ghost

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