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Updated: Apr 16, 2023


There is a flaw in our society's accepted measure of intelligence.

We believe that the more pieces of paper someone has that proclaims they know things is what makes someone an intelligent person.

I say it means they are good at memorizing things myself.

That is how I score the way I do on tests. My reading and comprehension levels are off the charts, and I have a very good memory.

The funny thing is that my math level is around the 12th grade, I suck at math, always have. It is quite normal though when one skill is highly elevated for other skills to stagnate.

I probably could have done better but I simply didn't care about numbers, I cared about words.

English, history, creative writing, geography, those were my interests so I did not apply myself to learning math as I should have.

Anyway, back on topic here.

The primary definition of intelligence is as follows. "The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills:"

By this definition who would you say is more intelligent. Someone who spends a lifetime becoming an "expert" in applying the skills of one field or someone who spent their life learning and mastering the skills of numerous trades or fields of study?

I am an expert in 3 fields myself, but I only have a degree in one. Does that make me more or less intelligent than anyone else via the definition of intelligence?

No, it does not. I have never considered myself a "SMART" person for the simple reason that I know how many monumentally stupid decisions I have made in my life.

Some with life threatening consequences. Made even more stupid by the fact that I made many of those life-threatening decision for no other reason than the experience.

I do not believe in coincidence or luck so that leaves only one reason I am still here today to be writing this log, I still have something to do here.

People ask why I believe in God when I have such a scientific, realistic mind and the answer is simple.

I would not be alive today if there wasn't.

Society, however, has been programmed to believe that we are not smart enough to understand certain things, which is why we need "experts".

This programming started long before my generation ever left the womb, it was passed down to us through our parents' belief and the education system.

They created a class system based on definitions and guidelines established by the same people who already consider themselves above those who must be put into a certain "class" based on an IQ score or standardized testing ALSO created, applied, and judged by those same people.

Does that sound like a fair system to you?

Most people put a lot of stock in ones IQ as a sign of intelligence. I personally believe this to be a test of class acceptability, not intelligence.

I know many people who hold numerous degrees and are dumber than a box of rocks concerning anything outside of those degrees.

And the smartest man I ever knew never finished the 6th grade.

So, what is an IQ?

in·tel·li·gence quo·tient

[inˈteləjəns ˌkwōSHənt]


  1. a number representing a person's reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100.

So, what does that mean?




  1. the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way:



  1. reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity:

That means fact, absolute truth and that only happens when we set aside our emotional attachments to any particular subject.

I must reiterate that those emotional attachments are not discarded, they are still right where we left them, well, some of them will be anyway, some will no longer matter after being under the harsh glare of critical thinking.

Just imagine if everyone would start with the critical thinking instead of wasting so much time on emotional reactions that accomplish nothing?

I am fairly certain that we would not be in the position we are as a nation right now because no one would be able to con anyone else.

Grifters use their marks emotions to manipulate them into a position of vulnerability and trust.

They do this using their understanding of human behavior and how to use that knowledge to manipulate.

They understand what I am always saying; "Human behavior is predictable, and anything that is predictable can be manipulated."

This is the primary reason I focused my own studies on the psychology of human behavior, because that is where it all begins and ends.

I also know how grifters work because that was one of many skills, I utilized to get what I wanted in my former life. I may not use the skills anymore, but the knowledge is still there which is why I can easily see through the grift that is happening to every American right now.

And I am far from alone in that.

You do not have to have been a Grifter to be able to spot a grift, they are usually busted through the application of common sense, people listen to their gut and start shining lights into dark corners.

This is where we are in many countries right now including the United States.

This programming that we need "experts" to understand certain things has over generations removed a major aspect of our ability to reason and grow in our knowledge.

This is especially true when it comes to our understanding of ourselves, why we do the things we do that make us predictable and therefore easily manipulated.

"Oh, don't worry about learning that stuff, we have "experts" for that, just listen to them."

Yeah, that doesn't work for me, never has. As I have said before, I am with Edgar Allen Poe, I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear until I verify it for myself.

Far too many people though simply accepted this programming without question.

Those of us who the programming failed with (there are millions of us) and see through the grift are labeled as rabble rousers, troublemakers... conspiracy theorists.

This is an old story that has been repeated through history every time a new tyrant came to power.

Those who comply and submit to the programming are hailed as intelligent, rational people while those who know the truth are degraded as idiots and unintelligent fools.

It proves the old saying, "Those who cannot learn from the past are doomed to repeat it".

That becomes a certainty when a whole generation or two have been denied the knowledge of that past.

Ignorance is the tool of tyrants, always has been, always will be.

The best way to maintain control over an ignorant mind is to convince them that they are the smart ones and anyone who disagrees with them is stupid, and an enemy.

Since the grifter already has control of the information that ignorant mind is allowed to ingest, it is not a difficult task to draw them into the collective with all of the other ignorant minds that have been collected.

No matter what form tyranny takes it is always driven and perpetuated through a collective of ignorant minds.

That is where every tyrant's power lies, in those who capitulate to their will.

These are the people Lenin labeled as "useful idiots" and they run the spectrum of what that use may be.

The reason I fear the most for these people is that eventually their usefulness will run out and it was Stalin who showed us what happens to those "useful idiots" when that time comes with his purges.

They know too much and that makes them a threat to the "New History" the tyrant must create to hide their crimes against humanity.

Suddenly the "useful idiots' are liabilities.

But we are not there yet, that comes much later in the process.

So, through generational indoctrination, an education system designed to identify acceptable and undesirable candidates for certain classes, all based on qualifications designed by people already in the "elite class".

That same corrupted education system has been making us more and more ignorant over especially the last two generations.

They are creating a collective of ignorant minds who think they are geniuses, just like every other time before.

That is called social engineering on a worldwide scale, not just a nation like Hitler and we are not facing one tyrant but a collective of tyrants that have joined forces.

So how can we even know what intelligence is when the very definition has been bastardized as a tool to not only perpetuate ignorance but more recently to create and nurture it from the earliest age possible?

Now why do you think they are doing that?

Personally, I would say that if you truly know and understand the answer to that question, and the consequences that it leads to, you are more intelligent than around half of the world's population right now.


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