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Personal Logs... The Insanity of Reason

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

(Opinion) Unedited


...the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic:

If you read my scribbles at all you know that my mind and therefore my thought processes are very heavily influenced by objectivity which is of course making... (objectivity definition | Open Education Sociology Dictionary)

judgments based on facts and undistorted by bias, emotion, or prejudice.

So, if you do read my scribbles, you are probably tired of hearing me say this by now.

We must be able to separate emotional distractions such as personal bias and prejudices (Subjectivity) before we can see the core problem and more often than not, once we do, the solution to that problem presents itself shortly afterwards.

Finding viable solutions is the part of the process where we reintroduce our emotions (empathy) as we must consider any negative impacts on the population, immediate or future, by the solutions behind our actions. (We will visit this more a little later)

Reason is the point where we make that identification of the problem, there is no doubt, 100% positive that this is the problem, whatever context it my pertain to we will find this point of absolute truth.

As an example of this I would refer to my use of the phrase "Whoever signed the piece of paper that set everything in motion is the one responsible for any consequences that come from that signature."

This is how the process is meant to work. in a crisis our minds clear and focus on whatever the threat may be and once identified depending on which of the 3 Fs you belong to the only emotion you feel is terror and that triggers our Limbic System to go into self-preservation mode and everything after that is driven by pure instinct as to whether we fight, flee, or freeze.

Our conscience mind is no longer running the asylum at this point, a small little almond shaped cluster of neurons called the Amygdala is.

While we are at this point, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not take a few moments to point out that this instinctual level is where the manipulation is happening.
That is why it is so easy to do while at the same time being all but undetectable by anyone who does not have a basic understanding of human behavior.

Which in today's world is far too many because we humans have been programmed NOT to learn about human behavior because "we have experts for that, just listen to what they say."

This is of course an example of the extreme but on any level the natural process does not change.

We use cold calculated logic to identify the problem or threat and once we do it is the sudden release of massive amounts of chemicals from our brain (terror) that trigger a powerful release of "potential energy" called our emotions that spur us into action, whatever that action may be depends on our personal nature.

The problem today as I see it is that this natural process, we all experience has been manipulated in a lot of us humans to where it happens the exact opposite of how nature intended it.

These particular humans are driven by reaction rather than being spurred into action, they are primarily the third F by nature, meaning they freeze rendering them down to being a big part of the problem through their inaction.

Not actively of course, they simply will not get out of or stay the hell out of the way and let the problem solvers solve the problem.

As an example, the "willfully ignorant" meaning those who know the truth but refuse to accept it, they are the ones who have gone into "freeze mode" meaning those wishing to flee cannot flee and those wishing to fight cannot reach the battlefield.

This also ties in with my theories about balance. Naturally we have fairly equal amount of each of the Fs (fight, flight, or freeze) but due to the psychological manipulation I speak of we have become extremely unbalanced with the humans of the freeze category beginning to outnumber the number of those who fight and those who flee combined essentially rendering them ineffective in their part of the process.

This has been accomplished slowly over decades just waiting for the right imbalance.

All you need to do is keep creating crisis after crisis until that perfect imbalance reveals itself. Not to mention the money to be made off of playing us against each other.


Now, lets back up a few decades and imagine that you are a tyrant or group of tyrants working together just chomping at the bit to enslave those you consider beneath you, but lessons of the past have taught you that blood baths are messy, expensive, and have never worked out the way they are meant to.

Along comes some Marxist academic or more likely a group of them and tells you that they have found a better way because they now understand that the easiest and least expensive (because they are using our own money to finance this) way to enslave undesirables is to manipulate them into enslaving themselves.

All the academics want is credit to boost their own reputations and standing among the other elites as well as their bank accounts which of course all translates into power.

A match made in heaven, or hell depending on your viewpoint.

The only thing they need to invest in the big picture is time while the game pieces are arranged on the board.

This dot can be connected with another dot called the "long march through the institutions."


So, in a nutshell. The freezers keep the runners and the fighters from their respective duties in crisis because through psychological manipulation the balance of these three entities has been greatly upset making the natural process impossible.

During the natural process those humans who flee at first tend to turn back shortly after wards and become a second wave allowing the fighters to break through the freezers and get to the source of what is causing the imbalance (issue) and resolve it.

The fighters (thinkers and problem solvers) start the process with cold hard reason, at that point their minds are extremely pragmatic.

Making our minds laser focused on one thing, identifying the problem, is how we accomplish our goal, we know for sure what the problem is.

Then, we as I mentioned earlier, reintegrate SOME emotion back into the process, primarily empathy, that allow us to balance the solution against the impacts on the population through whatever actions we commit to.

Where we start with cold ruthless pragmatism (reason) to identify the problem, our counterparts begin with chaotic (emotional) reactions to the problem. They begin pointing fingers and dividing into camps based on those emotional reactions.

Each camp of course is convinced that they are right.

This will inevitably make the original problem exponentially worse.

By the time they get around to accepting that the thinkers and problem solvers were right all along there have been so many peripheral problems created that no one is even sure what the original problem was anymore.

Except of course for the problem solvers, and the creators of the problems.

Where we use reason to find a problem, they use reason (extreme pragmatism) to find a solution to all of the problems they created from whatever the original cause might have been.

A "Final Solution" that solves everything at once while at the same time completing the process of enslavement by consolidating power firmly into the hands of the people who started all of this so long ago.

Sound familiar? Different century, same tactics.

The process we use to create better and brighter futures for humankind is the same exact process used to create the darkest and most horrific events that stain the entirety of human history.

Cold, unyielding logic, or extreme pragmatism.

The only difference is in how and when we utilize it which brings us right back to our individual nature which in turn determines our collective nature as well, how we function within the rules of society.

Both have an agenda which brings us back to the core of everything, balance.

Who has the upper hand, and for how long they have it is a constantly changing event because balance is a constant process of adding or subtracting weight or force to maintain that balance.

I always get a wry smile when I hear my fellow humans say something like; "I need to find a balance so I can find some serenity."

Balance is the exact opposite of serenity, it is absolute, unrefined chaos.

The concept of "Good" and "Evil" are an example of how we humans made this process understandable, as well as an example of how we humans use this concept to manipulate our fellow humans into a collective mindset instead of our being more individualistic in our thinking.

Remember, a collective does not tolerate those who are not members of that collective.

I absolutely love how the Star Trek franchise portrayed this side of the process with the introduction of the Borg. (

"Good" and "Evil", are simply words that hold no more meaning than that which we ourselves (humans) give them.

Both as an individual understanding as well as a collective understanding.

If we align ourselves with the side of what we understand to be good, then everything and everyone not aligned with us by default becomes evil.

Would those humans on the other side not be seeing this decision in the exact same way?

Good and evil are one and the same depending entirely on our own perspectives.

It is our own thoughts and then actions as humans that creates the very chaos that maintains the balance by constantly pushing against each other.

Both sides use the same exact process to achieve polar opposite results in a human population, one result is "good" and one result is "evil" no matter which side you stand on, they are the same thing.

And that my fellow humans, is the insanity of reason.


Authors note:

When using the concept of good and evil in my scribbles I have found that some of my fellow humans immediately jump to their religious beliefs etc. which I have no problem with other than most of the things I talk about are "happening" before we ever reach the conscious decision of choosing whether or not to practice a religion.

It involves an entirely different process which only becomes relevant once we start looking at how it has been used by some humans to manipulate other humans.

Outside of that manipulative influence the search for God and the "meaning of life" is a very personal and natural process we all go through with varying results based on our own base nature.

This process happens the same way no matter what the religion is centered around.

Christianity for example is a religion centered around the holy trinity of "the father, the son, and the holy spirit with the son, Jesus, being the pathway to salvation and everlasting life.

Atheism is also a religion except it is a religion that worships itself. A deity such as God as we see today is replaced by a false deity, Science which makes one of my favorite threads to pop up, "transhumanism".

The new "God", science will give us everlasting life by integrating us into machines for we humans next "evolutionary" step.

Look it up but I caution you, this will be a ride through some very scary shit because you will realize just how close we are to all of those sci-fi movies being reality.

As I said, we are talking about things that happen long before religions of any kind enter the picture.

Both objectivity and subjectivity have their purposes and are extremely valuable each in their own way.

Religion is safely ensconced within the subjective mind leaving our objective mind free to see everything our subjective mind doesn't.

The trick is teaching ourselves when to use which one. ~Ghost

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