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Personal Logs... My Thoughts on Poverty

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

You cannot hope to win a war by attacking everything except the enemy. ~Ghost


(Please keep in mind that I am simplifying the hell out of all of this for reasons of time and keeping it as easy to understand as possible for anyone.

Remember, my purpose is to give people something to think about, so they start asking questions that lead to more questions and eventually leads to clarity... if they let it.)

The thought.

Currently in 2023 we have American citizens (families) living in the streets eating garbage... RIGHT HERE IN the United States and more and more are becoming homeless every day.

This is a fact, and it should not be happening the way it is because the process is not natural, it is being orchestrated just as it always has been.

How much for instance do you think the 200 billion dollars the Biden administration has stolen from us to help the people of Ukraine would have helped the American families suffering under Biden's socialist regime in the last year?

It would have gone a long way people let me tell you.

So, instead of joining the hair on fire crowd, running around bitching like little children about there not being enough money for you.

Why don't you take five minutes and ask yourself WHY there is not enough money for you?

Then you will realize that there is no shortage of money in the U.S., there is more than enough to solve the poverty problem in this country, it is simply being used and abused, and given away by our government to people who did not earn it instead of you know, the people it is MEANT to go to, US, it is OUR money!

That is why we have poverty in America, the one and only cause is the policies being written by the government that seek to control the free market for their own benefit.

THIS creates poverty. But there is more to it than that, a deeper vein to explore.


The Vein.

The term “extreme poverty” has a set technical meaning: it means you have a daily income of less than $1.90 per day.

Short History of World Extreme Poverty (see sources below for more context and details.)

  • 1600s -free market first understood as an unregulated system of trade in Spain.

  • 1700s No reliable records found about the poverty rate.

  • 1800s (First reliable records I found start 1820 as shown on the chart below. In 1820 the rate was 94% living in extreme poverty.

  • 1900s- By the end of the century the world extreme poverty rate had dropped from 94% in 1820 to 24% in 1999.

  • 2000s- as of 2015 the world extreme poverty rate had plunged to less than 10%

That was a whole lot of people lifted out of poverty and it was not socialism/Marxism under any guise that made that happen either.

As of 2019 the rate had dropped to 8.4% but as of now the poverty rate sits at 9.4% meaning 2020 is the first time the world extreme poverty rate has started to go back up since 1820.

Here again the blame is being put on the COVID 19 "pandemic" instead of where the blame actually belongs.

It was not the virus that did that, it was the governments (peoples) reactions and Actions towards that virus manifested through tyrannical policies and regulations that did that.

Remember, they called the pandemic an "opportunity".

We must start putting the blame where it belongs, or we will never stop running in circles while our lives are being systematically destroyed and taken over by a tyrannical government. (Working on replacing this image)

Do you know what coincides with this massive drop in the world extreme poverty rate?

The implementation of the free market, not capitalism, the FREE MARKET.

The Systems:

Free Market- A free market economy is based on the idea of voluntary exchanges between buyers and sellers, without government interference or regulation.

Capitalism- an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Contrary to popular belief these are not the same thing. The system of capitalism USES the Free Markets control factors of supply and demand to make profit on investments INTO the free market.

Capitalism needs the free market, but the free market does not need capitalism or any other human created system to operate.

It is a 100% naturally created system of trade that is controlled by the people doing the trading.

It simply needs for me to have something you are willing to trade for or pay me for, or vice versa.

We agree on the value of the item and make the exchange with both being satisfied with the transaction. That IS the free market, and it needs no outside control from governments to lift people out poverty, this has been proven by historical records but therein lies the problem for the elites especially government.

The free market unrestrained has the capability to make billionaires out of every person on this planet who works for it so the afore mentioned problem for the elites means they will no longer be elites, see the problem?

In many ways in fact Capitalism is used to influence the free market in disastrous ways that can and will create massive income inequality and poverty.

But here is what people are either ignoring and hiding because they have an agenda, or they simply do not understand because this knowledge has intentionally been denied them by a corrupt education system.

Meaning they were taught what to think, not how to think using basic common sense and critical thinking skills.

"Capitalism" does not influence the free market in negative OR positive ways.

PEOPLE do that by USING the system of capitalism for their own benefit in ways that harm others financially.

Blaming capitalism as a system for negatively impacting the market is like blaming the car for the drivers' actions causing an accident.

In the real world of logic, the same must be said about Socialism and communism as well.

These are systems that only function due to the actions of PEOPLE, whether it is for good or bad the systems are simply tools, and it is how they are used by PEOPLE that determines the outcome.

This is where we find the absolute truth, there is no other logical place to go from here except into emotional reaction which distracts us from that absolute truth and thereby inhibits our understanding of it.

But, as long as the manipulators (Marxists) can keep us arguing about systems we will never stop and realize that the manipulators are the ones abusing those systems in ways that are literally killing us.

In order to truly understand economics or economic systems we must first understand that "Economics" has very little to do with money and everything to do with human behavior.

The study of money is called Numismatics.

The money (or anything of value to trade) is already there. So, economics is basically the study of what we do with that money once we have it in OUR grubby little fingers.

How do we behave when we have and do not have money, what drives our spending, what do we spend the most on etc.

This knowledge is then used by advertising media to manipulate our behavior into one more profitable for the corporations who own our politicians who are of course taking their bite of the pie on its way to the top as well.

Of course, this is all done by averages based on past averages used to predict future averages.

This is what a "Capitalist" does. They invest their money on the prospect that those predictions are correct.

The term Capitalist means a wealthy person who uses money to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism:

So, blaming the Capitalists for poverty is absolute hypocrisy as well as idiotic because they are simply doing what every person on this planet would be doing if they had the capital to do it.

Those who do not have it want it, and the Marxists use that envy and jealousy to manipulate the masses into fighting each other and everything in the world BUT the Marxists who are manipulating them.

Especially keeping the poor hating the rich and the rich fearing the poor although they are both being manipulated by the people with the real power, the world's 2,153 billionaires (or 0.0000269125% of the world population) that have as much wealth as 60% of the total world's population, or 4.6 billion people.

The only way a capitalist gets money out of the free market (profit) is to first risk investing and possibly losing that money into the market first.

That means for the moochers out there, if you are not investing your money with the risk of losing it all then you are in no way entitled to any profits that come from that investment.

Without going through an Economics class here suffice it to say that Capitalism is not the problem, Socialism is not the problem, Communism is not the problem, and neither is the free market when it comes to poverty or extreme poverty.

The one and ONLY thing that drives poverty in general is government policy which interferes with the natural flow of the free market.

There are of course many other factors on a personal level meaning our own behavior that influence our poverty level, but we are looking at the root cause.

Speaking in general our behavior is greatly determined by the opportunities available to us and those opportunities are in one way, or another established by the rules, laws, regulations and policies that we must live under, which brings us right back to the government.

The more they, (the government who controls ALL of our money other than our personal income) try to control the free market, the more income inequality IE more poverty they create.

The way I see it the root cause of our continuing income inequality is

1) The same people who had most of the money before the free market are the same ones who have most of the money now.

That has not changed and do not misunderstand me, I do not begrudge these people their wealth, I believe in the free market and capitalism as a system, and I do not particularly care whether they got that money legally or illegally.

It is THEIRS! To do with as they see fit and it is for all intents and purposes none of my damn business anyway.

And 2) governments are abusing all of these systems to keep their respective populations from ever being able to truly take advantage of the free market due to income restraints caused by again, government regulation and policy.

The process is simple, keep the cost of living right around the average income level of the population so that they can save enough to maybe have a comfortable retirement, maybe a house and some toys and that is about it.

Think about how our net (take home) income is decided?

Not by our wages, not by how much we work but by how much tax the government takes from our wages before we ever even see a penny of it.

Government policy already decides how much money we have to live on.

They give us just enough to keep us thinking we are in control while chipping away one little piece at a time at that income for new government programs and policies.

That means by default that it is government and its policies no matter what ideology is behind it that causes poverty in civilized societies.

Again, the government has control over every penny of OUR money except what they dole out to us after they take their piece of the pie.

That means by default that the government is responsible for any negative impacts on our lives including poverty. Just take a few minutes and really think about this.

And just as it was with Manorialism we peasants, the "working (middle) class" are paying for everything while the elites are all taking their piece of the pie as it goes up to the top, to the new Monarchy, the corporate controlled federal government.

Compare the internal structure of a corporation to the structure of Feudalism and you will find they are all but identical.

The same goes for our political structure.

I have posted some information below to substantiate my thinking here, but you will have to decide for yourself whether or not you think my theory is valid.

And remember, this is a very, very simplified explanation which things tend to be when you remove the emotional BS and academics that surrounds it, do not let yourself get sucked back into the academics because it is all designed to confuse people who are not academics, stick to common sense and critical thinking.

Remember KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid. And most of all, trust yourself.

The Theory

Folks, we never left the systems of Feudalism and Manorialism, they simply rebranded it once they figured out how to use the free market to both enrich themselves and keep the general population, the peasants who pay for everything, at a manageable income and happiness level to avoid mass civil unrest, but our entire society right now is set up almost exactly like it was under Feudalism and Manorialism.

Let me run this down for you.


6 one way half a dozen the other:

Before the creation of the United States and the industrial revolution this "free market" had never been allowed to do its job because all trade and commerce in the entire civilized world at the time was controlled by a select few nobles and royalty etc. who all got their piece of the pie on its way to the top.

Note: In a nutshell, Feudalism was the socioeconomic and political system used by the nobility under a Monarch while Manorialism is the economic system used when it came to the process of tribute going from Lords and peasants all the way to the top.

Though intrinsically connected they are not the same thing.

One system (especially legal) for the elites, and another system for the lowly peasants, sound familiar?

The problem of course is that every time a man is Knighted for instance, he is awarded a piece of land by a noble for swearing fealty to that noble to use for his own profit, and everyone living on that land (peasants/serfs) were also his new subjects.

This of course means that the peasants/serfs now need to pay MORE in taxes so that the new lord can get his piece of the pie while the land they have to grow those taxes does not produce any more than it did before.

We are not even touching on the massive corruption in these systems so it was far worse than I can express in this scribble.

Expanding the realm means enslaving more peasants in order for the lords to pay their own tribute to the monarchy which as we know consistently keeps rising in cost.

This happened every time a new knight or noble was added to the stairway to the top, to the Monarchy.

It is the epitome of the modern phrase 'shit rolls downhill."

The peasants and serfs were slaves with no hope of ever being anything but a slave either unless they enlisted to serve in the military with the impossible hope of knighthood before dying or became a criminal.

This was pretty much the only choices available to them since they lived primarily at subsistence levels, no ability to save and improve their lives, no resources to escape and seek out a better life.

And of course, there was the little matter we thankfully do not have in the U.S. yet, of you and your family LEGALLY being the property of your respective Lords. They WILL put a bounty on you and probably simply kill you for causing them an aggravation.

In essence, in the era when the "Free Market" was first recognized and implemented, every person on this planet in a "developed society" were living under tyranny, they were for all intents and purposes slaves if they were not nobility, royalty etc.

Manorialism and Feudalism at their root both have very strong similarities to what we call socialism today in my opinion which is why I personally believe Karl Marx based his own ideology on these two systems and the conflicts Feudalism created.

Socialism historically results in a two-class system of the very rich and the very poor due primarily to corruption, just like the inequality established by Feudalism and Manorialism was driven by corruption.

In 1820 the world extreme poverty rate was 94%. Meaning around 6% of the civilized world for sake of argument owned all of the land, all of the game, all of the grain, all of the water and all of the people.

This is what the Marxists are trying to re-establish on a global scale right now so all of you people suffering terminal brain fart thinking this can't ever happen, it already has, more than once and it is to a differing degree happening right now.

The founding of the United States and the industrial revolution are what changed everything to what we know today.

They, the Marxists, are taking us backwards and calling it progress while using our own engineered ignorance and apathy as a society to convince us that THEIR hell will be a utopia for us.

All for OUR safety and security of course.

Or as the Nazis said to justify all of their actions- Es ist für Ihre Sicherheit!

They are doing it just like Hitler did, just like Lenin did, just like Stalin and Mao did and every other tyrant in history and most of us know how that turned out.

20 million dead, 7-12 million dead, 40 million dead, 40 to 80 million or more dead, respectively.

Many of those deaths were due to government created policies that caused massive poverty and death by starvation.

Not exactly an inspiring track record if you ask me but I know history while so many do not.

On a personal level.

We either rent or buy our dwellings. If we rent, then we pay the land-LORD who in turn pays his property taxes with that money to the county, state, and federal governments etc.

If we fail to pay the landlord rent, we become homeless and destitute if we have nowhere to go, if the landlord fails to pay up the ladder, they lose their property to the bank which means we may very well end up homeless and destitute through no actions of our own.

Our having a home depends on the person who owns that home paying their piece of the pie up the ladder and a break anywhere in that chain can result in us being homeless and destitute even if we "own" the home, it can still be seized by the government for non-payment of tribute (taxes) to the people above us on that ladder.

We already own nothing because everything we have including our own children can be taken away from us on a moment's notice by our corporate controlled governments jackbooted thugs.

Districts within a city answer and pay "tribute" to that city which answers and pays tribute to the county which answers and pays tribute to the state who in turn answers and pays tribute to the federal government as a broad generalization of the process.

Just as with Manorialism it is we "peasants" the working class in today's world who pay for everything and the more money the people at the top need the less and less we working class have to live on.

Our society is still structured and coordinated under the principles of Manorialism, people simply do not understand this, or they choose to ignore it to avoid cognitive dissonance.

People think they are in control and free, we are not and never have been "free" by definition.

We have simply been Freer than we ever have been in the past, before the founding of the United States and Western society.

Every aspect of our lives is controlled in one way or another. If we get right down to the brass tacks, we are all still slaves, we are just living on a much better Manor for the moment than ever before.

A gilded cage is still a cage though and right now the gilding is disappearing rapidly revealing that cage.

This is what we need to get people to see and understand.

Everything that the Marxists are telling you is true, it is happening to varying degrees all across the globe. The conflict, the hatred, the inequality, suffering and poverty is all happening right now just like they say it is, we can see it ourselves.

What they do not tell you and work very hard to hide from you through censorship is that THEY themselves are in fact the ones causing all of this to be happening.

That is the big secret they cannot afford the masses to figure out until it is too late to stop them, it would be their undoing and they know it.


Use the information I provided below to make your own comparisons between Manorialism to our current societal structure as "citizens" of the "Free World".

I do not impart this theory of mine to cause anxiety and fear, but I understand that it will for many regardless of how I say it.

My goal is creating understanding of what is really happening so hopefully we can come back together as a nation to do something about it before it is too late.

The key takeaway I think is coming to the understanding that it is people not systems that are creating the poverty in this country and elsewhere, and it is those PEOPLE we need to be going after, not the systems.

How do we know who those PEOPLE, the enemy, are?

That's simple. They are the ones fucking up your life right now.


Be sure to look for my next Personal Log because I am going to expand on my theory here by looking at the growing craze of "15 minute cities".

I am happy to elaborate and discuss any of my scribbles, all you have to do is ask.


The money

US Foreign Aid by Country 2023 ( -Close to $50 billion of our tax dollars every year and much of it goes to countries who hate us and sponsor terrorism.


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