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Personal Logs... My Fellow Humans

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Let's just cut through the BS.

I think any rational person has realized by now that there are several tactics being used by our corrupt government as a pry bar to divide this country into two main camps.

Reality, and delusion (or sanity and insanity if you will). Unfortunately, at present it is the delusional camp that has the power over us all.

Before I go on let me reiterate my position on things.

I personally do not give a shite how you choose to live your life because it is exactly that, YOUR life.

And I do not care what color you are or anything else, I will judge you the same way I judge everyone else, by how much of an asshole you are and as far as I know all assholes look pretty much the same.

As long as it does not harm other people or attempts to rob others of their rights, more power to ya man!

I have better things to concern myself with than other people's personal business, especially people who I do not even know exist.

I do not judge because of that fact, and it is not my place to judge. If God for example has a problem with how you live your life than that is between you and God, it is none of my business.

So please, stop making it my business.

My problem starts as with the transgender movement as a prime example, is when people within your community go after children, and when they try to force me to say something that I know for a fact is untrue.

I will not be brainwashed.

Except for those two things, and the fact that so many of all of us are going along with this madness, I got no problem with any of you guys, and it is only the radicals and extremists in both of our communities (all of our communities) that are causing all of the problems between us anyways.

Most of us no matter what community we call home just want to be left alone and live our lives, right?

Who is it that is preventing all of us from doing that right now?

It is not people like me, or you, it is people in our own communities that make ALL of us look bad with their extremism, and hatred.

Unlike the radicals, I and everyone I know, do not blame whole communities, groups, or races of people for the stupid or harmful acts or words of some people within that community.

That is what racists, fascists and bigots do.

I honestly think people would be surprised, if they bother to find out, just how many of us "straight white males" (AKA The Devil Incarnate) think this way, I would even venture to say it is most of us who feel this way.

But since that is not what you see from us in the media, your impressions have been manipulated to make you both distrust us and fear us.

Because of that you never bother to ask us what we really do believe as individuals and find out if we truly are evil incarnate and your enemy, for yourself.

We have been spoon fed the same form of derogatory information about your communities through the media.

And we have failed to step across the line to really get to know y'all as individuals either.

My point is that this was by design, and it started during the reconstruction era.

The only thing that changed was the plantation.

The simple fact is that nothing will change until we, the sane people in our communities stop following that design and stop allowing these people to manipulate our opinions through political propaganda.

As an example.

For the most part in the media white people are portrayed as privileged oppressors. This goes for movies, TV shows, news reports, even books and magazines.

Especially over the last decade or so.

This is despite the fact that millions of white people live at, below, or slightly above the poverty line just like millions of poor minorities do and there are more white people living in poverty than all other minorities simply because white people according to the US census are around 70% of the population.

This is why the manipulators always push proportionality when claiming white oppression as the cause for an entire group of people's personal failures.

It couldn't possibly be the decisions they have made that put them where they are, even though there are many, many successful people of color in this country, the manipulators say it must be some massive conspiracy by white people.

And they call US "conspiracy theorists"?

There are also black people, brown people, Asian people, every "people" you can name are involved in this oppression. It is their socioeconomic positions (Elites) that make them the oppressors, not skin color.

They are the haves, and we are all the have nots. The same way it has been for hundreds of years.

I agree 100%, the oppression of black people (of all people) by the government needs to stop and I have been working for some 30 years now to help make that happen.

The only difference between myself and any of you is who we are blaming for this oppression.

Did you know that the poorest people per capita in the United States live in Appalachia and are in fact predominantly white?

You won't see any of them running around with $1,000 I-Phones and designer clothes though, sipping on $7.00 Starbucks while talking about how oppressed they are.

Appalachian poverty rates range from 6.5% to 41.0%. The Appalachian average is 16.3%. The U.S. average is 14.6%. The current U.S. poverty line sits at $13,590 GROSS. Meaning they base it on your total income, not what you actually bring home.

Who are these people oppressing? They are called Americas forgotten poor for a reason.

Because you never hear about them do you, the media focuses on inner city minorities as the poorest people in the nation.

Recognizing and acknowledging the fact that the most marginalized people in our nation are poor whites has no political power and it also exposes their carefully constructed narrative for the lie and manipulation that it is.

A hungry child does not cry any differently according to the color of their skin. I think far too many of us have forgotten such simple truths as this.

There is of course a small percentage of white people who are rich enough to oppress anyone, (just as there is in every other community in this country and they are all oppressing US!) but the current claim is that ALL white people are oppressors simply because they are white, no matter if they live in a gutter eating from the garbage outside of a minority family's home who dined on prime rib and sweet rolls.

According to manufactured truths like Critical Race Theory the white person in the gutter is still oppressing the minority family whose trash they are eating from. Simply due to the color of the person's respective skin.

That is called racism by definition folks, and it is being promoted by the media, all media to achieve a political goal which makes it political propaganda pure and simple.


Black people in particular (but all minorities) are represented for the most part in the media as thugs, criminals, drug dealers and all-around angry oppressed people in movies, TV shows, news reports, even books and magazines.

Even though the majority of black people 73% or so live above the poverty line.

And that oppression no matter whether it really exists or not (meaning fiction or non-fiction) is always, always blamed on those evil white people.

ALL white people are to blame for every individual person of colors problems and failures in life.

All because of what some other random evil white people did over 200 years ago.

It is not me saying this nonsense and I in no way give it even a scrap of validity, this is the BS they are using to manipulate us into a race war, and unfortunately it is working.

I know not all black people, or any minority believe this about us and not all white people believe this about them, I know this for a fact through my own experiences.

We have all been separated into societal pens by labels and stereotypes using the media to turn those pens into echo chambers through a strictly controlled media content and narrative. One of hatred towards anyone who is not just like them.

How can anyone not see the generations of manipulation here? 2+2 does still equal 4, right?

They are and have been playing all of us against each other for decades but in the last decade or so the radicals changed the narrative so that through intersectionality all of the pens save one joined force against the remaining pen that is the white race, or more specifically straight white males such as myself.

This is a carbon copy of the tactic Adolph Hitler used to turn the general population against the Jews, and we know how that turned out. (Look it up)

If one uses the tactics and methods of a fascist, one is themselves, a fascist.

I mean think about it y'all, they have not only hijacked our communities for their tools, but they have also hijacked our very way of thinking about each other through what they feed all of us in propaganda.

Does that NOT piss you off people? No matter what community we belong to this should be enraging to us, being lied to and manipulated like pawns, like our lives do not matter.

My community (straight white males or whites in general take your pick) is not full to the brim of bigots and hate filled people any more than anyone else's community is.

That perception was manufactured and is being used right now on all of us who are not in lock step with the radicals and their Marxist masters.!

WE, the sane people in our communities need to take steps to change this situation before we can ever hope to coexist.

We need to take the microphone back folks because nothing is ever going to change until we change the face of our communities back to rational thinking and mentally stable people instead of those fueled by hatred, fear and delusional thinking.

People react and form impressions based on what they see and hear from a community of people, we have to change the view folks, it is the only hope we have.

All of the sane people in all of our divided communities need to get together and have a symbolic BBQ.

Stop all of this BS over a few ribs and beer and then go take our communities back from these mentally ill maniacs who are undeniably dragging us all to hell with them.

WE have to do this, the government benefits from our division so they have no motivation to actually solve the problem, that they themselves created for the furtherance of their own agenda.

No one is coming to save us folks, we need to get off our asses, set the BS aside, and save ourselves, our families, and our future not from each other as the manipulators want us to believe, but from them, the people who are in fact the ones destroying all of our lives respectively.

All of our differences and minor gripes with each other will still be there if we accomplish our goal, meaning come together and save ourselves from these mental midgets running the show right now, we can pick them back up where we left them if we really want to.

It would be nice if we didn't but, we cannot change human nature.

As a representative of my community, I am symbolically reaching across all of the aisles to all of the people everywhere who are fed up with the worst our communities have to offer being the face and voice of everyone whether we want them to be or not.

Whether we agree with them or not. This is called group think and it is our own fear keeping us from standing up and saying ENOUGH!

This is OUR fight folks, no one is going to fight this battle for us.

I would be willing to bet my last breath that there are a whole lot more of us rational, mentally stable people who just want to live our lives in peace instead of all of this chaos, insecurity, and anxiety that plagues every aspect of our lives today because of these radicals.

And it is only going to get worse because they are organized, and we are not.

There is no common ground to be found here, if you believe that any race (or group of people) as a whole is defined by the actions of a few of its members no matter what race it may be, you are a racist (bigot) by definition.

If you do not believe this way, if you are not a racist and bigot, then you are who I am talking to.

As far as I am concerned you are my brothers and sisters in arms against our mutual enemy and I have your 6 just as long as you have mine.

There are no genders, races, sexual preferences or any other of those petty issues on the battlefield, only the living, the dead, and the dying.

And make no mistake about it, we are on a battlefield even if it isn't bloody yet, and if you can think about things from that perspective, it will change a lot of how you understand things, the way you see things.

If there has ever been a reason for all of us to set aside the petty squabbles and join forces, I am fairly certain we are living that reason right now, we are being enslaved, again.

I can only speak for myself but the idea of being the elites bitch is not one I can even consider being remotely ok with.

How about you, your children, your grandchildren?

But this as I so often stress does NOT have to happen again, WE can change it, humanity does not have to walk this road again and it only will if we allow it... again.

The greatest weapon being used to destroy us is our own apathy.

So, what say you my fellow humans, have we had enough of this shite from these petty tyrants yet to reach out and shake a hand, set the BS aside and start taking our communities, our lives, and our futures back from these radicals and extremists who seek our destruction?

I sure know I am.

The only thing that keeps us where we are, is ourselves. ~Ghost


I am throwing this in here just because I found it so interesting to watch and something new to research. If history and genealogy fascinate you give it a watch. (7:40)

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