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Personal Logs...Manipulation

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Authors note. Might want to set some time aside for this one, I put a lot to unpack in here. (I do not edit these.)

For those of us who have done our research and know our history, there is very little that the manipulators can do that we do not recognize for what it is.

Lies, hypocrisy, and psychological manipulation tactics, in other words, brainwashing through the use of psychological warfare.

Because we know this, we are a major threat that must be silenced, one way or another. The only question is just how far they are willing to go to accomplish it.

Over 100 million dead and still counting pretty much answers that question does it not?

However, as diabolical as that already sounds, we can go much, much deeper into the rotting core of the authoritarian and totalitarian mentality.

To its black heart.

I cover this "Mentality" aspect in another of my videos titled "Mind Games...Fascist" but keep in mind that this was only my second attempt at a video so, have a heart..."

There is however a lot of information bellow the video as well.


I have shown to my own satisfaction at least that the "left v right", all of the ideologies bouncing off of each other are an intentional distraction, noise, and we need to get back to being above or below it where we belong.

We as a species are accomplishing nothing but blindly following the pied piper just as they did in the past because all of that noise is the pipers tune and its title is "Chaos".

All of this chaos has about one third of the world's population trying to enslave the other two thirds, about one third of us who are trying to stop them, and the other third either hasn't got a clue or are living in denial.

Where we fall in that pie is 100% determined by our overall mentality that is driven by our individual nature that in turn of course drives our individual behavior, even if everyone else around us is doing the opposite, as with a mob mentality.

We will act within our own true nature. In its simplest terms we are either follower (herd mentality or "sheep") The wolf (those seeking to devour us) or we are the sheep dog (surrogate for the "Shepard") protecting the herd.

We all have our part to play in this cosmic Shakespearian Play and no part is any more or less important than any other since the absence of one means the absence of all.

Only the arrogance of humans divides these parts into levels of self-importance.

The absence of the prey negates the existence of both predator and protector while the absence of a protector the herd is decimated leaving the predator with no food and it starves to death. In the absence of the wolf the protector is not needed, the prey grows and grows until there is no more food and they all starve to death.

It is all part the balance.

Fascists for instance are not made, they are born. (As are heroes) but they may live their lives never understanding what they truly are until the moment that they are tested to their minds breaking point and instinct kicks in.

This is where the manipulators came in and changed the point at which people start thinking about almost everything, and I am referring to after the fact.

A prime example of this is, abortion. Instead of being responsible with one's sexual behavior (morality) and not creating the child in the first place, all of the focus is etched into solving the problem once it exists instead of preventing it.

The manipulators did what they do and intertwined their own abortion agenda into women's rights and millions of women now believe they have the right to murder their own children with the justification being nothing more than a matter of inconvenience to the parent(s) in the majority of cases recorded.

Just ask any of these "protestors" in any of these groups one simple question and they cannot answer it.

"What rights do I as a straight white male have that you as a (insert group) do not have, name even 1 and I will jump right by your side to make sure you get it?"

There isn't any. LGBTQ people for instance have the same rights that I do.

So do feminists, so do minorities.

So ask yourself. If they already have all of the same rights everyone else does what the hell are they out here causing all of this chaos and problems for?

That is the ten-million-dollar questions is it not?


We already know through our own experiences that people can be conditioned and programmed to act and even think a certain way that is socially acceptable, because we are all ourselves products of that process and we for the most part follow that conditioning to a tee. (Mind Games... Input Output)

Indoctrination is not a bad thing in and of itself because used correctly it results in civilized behavior, or civilization. This is why we have to stop arguing about who is indoctrinated because we all are and start focusing on what that indoctrination will result in down the road.

What are they being indoctrinated to believe?

There is however a fatal flaw in that programming, crisis.

During crisis and of course depending on how dire the crisis is people will always revert back to their individual mentalities, their base nature when they find their options are gone, life or death hangs in the balance.

This is why some people rise to the occasion and resist tyranny, some people become the enemy, and some people simply fall apart and consign themselves to death or slavery.

It is our oldest and one of our most powerful instincts that they are using against us.

Fight, Flight, or Freeze, people WILL always do one of those three things in a crisis, especially a life-or-death situation because that is when we truly find out who we are at our base nature.

The key is in understanding that every aspect of human behavior is both known and predictable and as I am so fond of saying anything that is predictable can and will be manipulated.


Absolute reality

It has been this way for as long as we humans have existed, and it is never going to change other than who has power for however long they have it, just as it has always been.

We can verify this ourselves through our own history, we are a warring species and that is never going to change because those wars that we believe we start are fought as the universes way of balancing the scales.

Balancing the scales requires the constant addition or removal of weight or force does it not?


As I have posited before; Human beings are not exempt from the laws of physics (the universe), it will always attempt to balance us out just as it does everything else because without that balance, nothing exists.

That struggle within the greater struggle we exist within is the human existence.

We all choose who we are to the world, but our true nature is always wriggling beneath the surface trying to get out.

This is I believe the reason some people just set our senses into overdrive, we just do not like them but we can't really put a finger on it.

People can sense a chaotic and dangerous nature in other people even when they try to hide it, the only question is how we respond to it. The same goes of course for kindred natures, or spirits as most people call it.

We are just drawn to someone and form a lifetime friendship with them. That is our nature reaching out to a kindred nature.

Some of us in this cosmic sea make the waves in our discontent, some people drown in those waves, and some of us ride those waves to serenity.

And that all depends on who we are underneath the mask, underneath the shell of personal propaganda that we all project to those around us.

That is our personal reality, the only reality that we actually have control over.

We manufacture that reality throughout our lives, and it is always changing for better or worse based on our decisions, beliefs and thoughts. We make that happen.

That is where all of our emotions live, our faith, and our family everything that is important to us and everything we love that makes us who we are.

Unfortunately, our personal realities exist and overlap right smack dab in the middle of that band of noise today and we did not end up there by any natural process.

Our natural position is on either side of that band of noise balancing each other out, the way it is meant to be. The manipulators believe that through force they can change human nature, by forcing us together they can create a new kind of human being, a new race.

Sound familiar?

We were herded into that band of noise over generations as a way to both force us together like the differing poles of a magnet with very predictable results. Resistance, which then gets labeled as oppression by whoever the dominant race is.

And of course, to interfere and interrupt our deep thinking or critical thinking abilities.

One simply cannot interpret, analyze, and critically process information within the rapidly narrowing attention spans of the average person in today's world.

Especially when someone else is controlling us through psychology to keep us in the echo chamber.

The age of instant information has a dark side and the manipulators are exploiting it to its maximum effect.

They are taking away our ability to think for ourselves and be individuals and only we ourselves can stop it.

First as an individual and then as an unstoppable united force that will allow us to push these radicals and extremists back to the fringes of our society where they belong.

That is how we achieved peace in this country as much as we did is by not allowing the minority of people to control the lives of the majority because those who view themselves as oppressed will inevitably become the oppressor if given power over those they factually or not see as the cause of all of their problems and failures in life.

We know this as a society and if we ever want peace and serenity in our lives that is exactly what we are going to have to do again.

WE did not create this chaos, the manipulators (Marxists) brought it with them, they had no other choice but to create it themselves because it simply did not exist to sufficient levels before Obama and the Clintons got ahold of this country.

And of course, we know that ignorance has always been the tool of tyrants.


Is it not rather refreshing to see things in the quiet of reality, fact, and logic?

I find serenity and closure in cold hard reality, the finality of it because it means the end of one hunt and the beginning of another.

I do understand though from my own experience that it can be quite terrifying though because it may seem that there is no meaning to life,

"What is the point of living if everything is out of our control anyway."

This is one Dimensional thinking, that can very easily lead to Nihilism.

This is where the manipulation comes in with the younger generations. They have been programmed to see life in snapshots.

What they see now or in the past is how they believe things are always going to be for them, and the manipulators use collectivism and groupthink to re-enforce that perception.



(Snapshots cont.)

They think that because they are for instance poor now that they are always going to be poor, so it is very easy to manipulate them into hating people who have more than they do.

"If they have money and you, don't it is because they stole it from you." Same old Marxist line different century.

And this little phrase can be modified to fit almost any scenario the manipulators create.

The only goal is to create division to keep our focus off of them, hatred to make sure we do not communicate with each other, and confusion to keep as many people as possible in a heightened state of emotional chaos so that we cannot think straight.

This is not my opinion; this is what they are doing right now and to any rational person this should be a big "HEEELLLLOOOOOOOO! These are not good people we are dealing with here!"

I mean this is some diabolical shit people, done by some extremely evil people trying to accomplish what their predecessors failed to do, enslave the entire world under communism and their model for that world is present day China.

I introduced you to some of those predecessors in the first video just in case someone may not know about them.


The Marxists figured out two things after WW2. First, they realized that Economic Marxism was never going to work as a way to overthrow Western Society because of our individual access to the free market and our constitutionally protected right to control our own destiny.

Second, they realized that the day of the empires are done. If they want to enslave the world they would have to work together on a global scale. Take over the most powerful countries in western society and align them all towards the same goal of global domination, again, following China as a model.

That fact alone should terrify people in the U.S., and I do mean terrify us!

I guess the biggest wake up call people are ignoring is the fact that they are no longer hiding it, in fact, they are so arrogant that they tell us everything they are going to do before they do it.

The only reason they get away with what they do is because no one is stopping them, and that means we the people.

As I have said before, there is no compromise, there is no common ground.

How do you find compromise with pedophiles without endangering children?

how do you find compromise with murderers".

What kind of compromise are people thinking there is to be found with people who see us as less than themselves, subhuman to be enslaved or eradicated for the greater good, meaning THEIR greater good.

There is none, we fight or we die in slavery. I would rather die on my feet fighting than on my knees groveling for mercy. But that's me.


As I mentioned earlier, those of us who study history can recognize it, those who don't can't, it is that simple.

They covered a pile of shite with a pretty box and a bow by calling it "Cultural" Marxism and then hid it behind a beautiful curtain called Democratic Socialism.

It is still the same venomous black heart beating in its chest as there has always been.

It was as simple as replacing morality with narcissism, and critical thinking with malicious indoctrination in the classroom at the earliest age possible.

We can see this happening in real time if we just open our eyes and see it, but that would again, mean facing the truth and everything that comes with it and we are right back to cognitive dissonance and square one.

This started in earnest as soon as the Marxists seized control over the Federal Education Board and introduced Common Core, that was the tip of the spear for the takeover of the education system.

They stopped teaching our children how to think and started maliciously indoctrinating them into what to think.


This social engineering that they are no longer hiding but have relabeled "social learning" is straight up Marxist propaganda which results in a population motivated primarily by emotional reaction, not logic and critical thinking.

Drop history from the curriculum or replace it with a revisionist version of history (which they have) and these minds will accept the revisionist version as the only truth.

The Trap

"If it wasn't true I would not believe it."

This is called a mind trap and its name is circular reasoning (which is a favorite tactic of Narcissists) and they can be very tough to get out of once one is put into it.


This brings us back to the programmed narcissism which makes it as I said, tough to get out of because it means admitting that one is wrong and to the pathologically narcissistic mind, this is an unacceptable situation resulting in our old friend cognitive dissonance.


Think Climate Change hysteria while watching this. 70 years of predictions that never came true, but people are still falling for it.

Now, as the video stated, one has a choice to make so that the discomfort of the cognitive dissonance goes away.

Do they stop and re-evaluate their entire belief system, accept that they are wrong and join the fight against everything they just believed in, or not?

That is it, there are no emotional outs, there are no alternatives. Once one knows the truth, they must choose one or the other.

It is unfair to try and compare apples to oranges here in that people like me would never get manipulated into this mind trap to begin with because we recognize it for what it is long before we spring the trap on ourselves.

Now, before anyone gets their knickers in a twist this has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with knowledge.

The millions of people out there such as myself simply have more knowledge than the misled masses because we were taught that knowledge in our classroom (and our homes) and due to a corrupt education system, they were not.

Believe me, they tried the same thing with my generation but there was still too much patriotism and love of country in my generation, they could not break through it.

This is why I call the generations today the "misled masses" because the Millennials and Gen Z were specifically targeted, not to be the chosen ones so to speak because the manipulators knew that as long as we Gen X and Boomers are around, they would have a tough time accomplishing their goal.

Their brass rings are the Millennial and Gen Z children and grandchildren because by then most of us Gen X and Boomers will be in our graves.

There will no longer be us standing between the manipulators and our descendants.

Here is how it happened.

So, first they seized control of the Federal Board of Education and expanded its powers and authority far beyond its intended supervisory position.

Education is the specific constitutional purview of the states, not the federal government.

They changed the curriculum to push Marxist ideology as one stop on the "long march through the institutions." (This video is about a half hour long, but it fills in a lot of blanks)

But that is far to deep of a subject to get into with this scribble.

Think about it by stepping back and looking at the big picture, objectively.

Millennials and Gen Z will only really remember one president, Barrack Obama who the media portrayed as nothing less than the second coming.

It was a very simple task to project everything that the manipulators are onto Donald Trump when he was elected because those people simply had no clue who they were dealing with.

And due to having been programmed to be mindless ignorant drones who cannot think for themselves, the dye was set.

The younger generations as a whole would not listen to us not because of what we said because we never get that far.

They were programmed to hate us as people, individuals and groups.

In other words, they have been programmed to disregard anything we say before we even say it because of who we are, which in their mind is the enemy because that is again, how they were programmed, conditioned, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it to see us.

I mean common sense y'all, the easiest way to keep a mind knowledgably hostage is to make it fear anyone as liars and enemies other than the manipulators who are in fact the ones really destroying their lives.

This is for all intents and purposes orchestrated Stockholm Syndrome on a global scale.


Well, I think I have hopefully given people something to think about meaning I am leaving you with more questions than answers because if that is the case, I have succeeded in my goal.

Remember I am always here if you want to question or expand on anything I say.

We are all after the same thing right, the truth.


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