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Personal Logs... In the After

Updated: May 9, 2023


To truly know one's enemy, one must be able to think as that enemy thinks. ~Ghost

It is good to see that the manipulators (the left) are starting to get some pushback by the sane humans living on our chunk of this rock.

The growing pushback can only be caused by more and more insane humans stepping out of line back into reality.

Progress may be maddeningly slow from our perspective at the present moment, but these things have a tendency to snowball themselves into an avalanche rather quickly.

That is of course exactly what we are hoping for.

Let's imagine that we are past that point, "good" has prevailed and everything is set for a return to more normalcy after the last decade or so of political and civil upheaval.

Now what?

On the government level it is a fairly simple task to undo and remake the laws/policies that created this mess.

Not to mention (they) the government as usual will not have to suffer any consequences from what ever they decide to do, but we will.

The civil (social) side of things is going to remain a chaotic mess for quite a while after this.

In reality all we have accomplished is to flip the coin from one face to the other.

The never-ending universal struggle for balance continues where every flip of the coin is an inevitability, a predictable cycle based entirely on the activities of we humans.

The simplest most objective truth of all, no humans, no human problems.


So, while the government pretty much gets back to business as usual, we lowly masses are basically going to be thrown all together to work things out on our own.

It is going to be somewhat dog eat dog for a while and the big cities will be the worst.

Law enforcement will be relegated to protecting the government at every level as it tries to deal with nationwide civil unrest.

Declaring Martial Law will likely be a necessity, at least in big cities which means we are on our own.

So, now, all of those humans whose lives were destroyed by the actions of the humans (the useful idiots) who helped to destroy those lives are going to find themselves face to face with each other so to speak.

The useful idiots will no longer have the protection that allowed them to live their true natures as tyrants themselves.

I do not know about you but in this scenario, I am going to be very thankful that I stayed on and came down on the right side of history with this.

From everything we know about human behavior there are going to be a lot of humans looking for some justice and payback.

Especially the parents who had their children abused and harmed by this insanity.

They will have homicide in their eyes and for the first time since it all began, they have access to the humans who did the abusing by proxy and little worry about consequences for their actions.

All of that rage, fear, and betrayal will be vented one way or another.

What would you do if you were them?

Before you answer that question keep in mind that you will not be the same person then as you are now.

No matter the outcome next year our lives are all about to change drastically.



I see a great deal of widespread civil unrest, misery and suffering coming even if things go our way next year at least for a yet to be determined period of time.

We already know how things are going to go if we do not. Those of us who know history do anyway.

All of those angry mini tyrants are going to go ballistic if they lose power and when they start pushing harder, we will start pushing and it will not take long before they realize that they are in reality extremely outnumbered.

This is because they believed the lie that they were the majority.

They will also learn the painful lesson that they have been hung out to dry by their former benefactors, a sacrifice to set up their next move on the board.

So, as soon as this ass whooping happens the manipulators will twist the narrative making those who did the whooping (us the evil majority) out to be the bad guys and "POOF" just like that we are right back to 2016 and starting this whole process over again.

We humans must come around to the understand that if you open the gates to barbarians your society will become more and more barbaric in its nature, unless you remove the barbarians.

That is what happened with the founding of the United States (Western Civilization).

Through a fair and equal justice system we were able to remove the barbarians from our society, we pushed them to the fringes and left them powerless.

Now, the barbarians are in control because we opened the gates for them again expecting a different result and all of the laws we used to push them to the fringes are now being used to do the same to us.

I guess my main point in this scribble is that we cannot get complacent in our victory (if we do indeed achieve victory next year) or let our guard down because it is more likely as not that our victory will be the trigger that officially declares a second Civil War in this country.

I have mentioned before that we are currently in the war of attrition that always precedes civil war.

Everything that the left has been doing in our country has been to drive us into a full-blown civil war.

That is the final gate to their utopia, so they have been pushing, and pushing, and pushing and pushing us, the sane humans, to the brink of madness by corrupting, mocking, and destroying everything we hold sacred and good as a nation.

All the while just waiting for us to reach our end and really push back hard, so hard it hurts, maybe even kills.

Think about it like a subduction zone, we have been pushing and grinding against each other for so long that something has to give, and when it does, it can be catastrophic with far reaching impacts. (IE the 19th and 20th centuries and its tyrants.)

Humans have been witnessing and writing about this buildup of pressure in our society as if it is a natural part of the universe, it is not.

No humans, no human problems and the universe goes right on expanding into whatever space it occupies whether we are here or not.

And that applies to every living thing on this planet.

Our impact on the universe as a whole only exists within our own arrogance as a species.

This is objective reality, and it scares the hell out of most humans which is why it was so easy to manipulate the misled masses into believing that objective reality does not exist.

Despite the fact I might add that one must use objective reality in order to determine that something does not exist.

Nonexistence as with death is after all an objective reality is it not?


The After

I really cannot speculate on the long term right now because our balance is so far off it has become far too volatile to predict using the known parameters.

What I am confident in saying though is that no matter which side of the coin lands up come next year this country is going to very likely experience civil unrest like nothing we have ever had before, 2020 will be like a warm summer breeze by comparison.

Especially if we, the sane humans, take back control of the government.

There will be no peaceful exchange of power, the lefts minions will be flooding our streets to create fear and chaos trying to force us to accept their enslavement.

Removal of the manipulators from our government could very well need to happen through military force.

Remember, the left's battle cry is "By any means necessary" and in case anyone has not been keeping up with current events, they mean it!

Lie, cheat, steal, kill, nothing is off the table and they are not bashful about telling us that either.

I mean don't listen to me, I do not want anyone taking my word for anything.

Just look around you man, no matter what your political BS is, we are all headed the same place.

This country is a tinder box and all it needs to go up is a spark.

Next year's Presidential elections will in my prediction be that spark no matter who comes out the victor, we are on a head on collision course with an inevitability of our own making.

So, keep preparing for everything between now and then but we must also prepare for what comes after.

Something to think about, till next time.


For more clarity.

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