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Personal logs... "Arrogant Pr*ck"

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The primary purpose of thought is not in finding a solution, it is to discover new things to think about. ~Ghost


Man, if I had a nickel for every time this word has been thrown at me, I would be the richest man in the world right now.

I said to my wife yesterday for example, "If everybody thought like (not the same as) I do 99% of our problems as a species would disappear."

She scoffs at me and says, "Thats pretty arrogant dear."

I don't see it that way, I am simply stating a fact.

Arrogance is driven by emotion and there are no emotions in facts, and that is a fact.

My thought process starts with the facts, critical thinking, I skip all of the emotional reactions and as I have stated many times, I am far from alone, millions of people do think like I do as a process. We are the problem solvers, the thinkers, and those who are paying attention to what is going on around them.

The problem by default then falls on those who do not think like we do as a process, those who fall into the trap of that time wasting emotional reaction which never fails to have negative impacts on the rest of us.

That is not an arrogant statement either because it is also provable through cause & effect.

What we do has positive results for humanity meaning freedom, liberty, individualism, and control of their own future and fortunes.

What they do accomplishes a process into slavery. This a historical fact proven time and time again at a horrific cost in human suffering and mass murder.

If you do not control your own life, then you are a slave, subhuman. And as soon as you no longer are of use, that is exactly how they will start treating you.

They are driven by emotion; this is another cold hard fact and decisions made as an emotional reaction rarely turn out to be good decisions and quite often other people must pay the price for them.

Arrogance is driven by emotional reward, meaning they get something out of it like a drug.

We know that people do things for a reason and when it comes to being as an example pedantic (arrogant) that reason is a chemical release in their brain of pleasure chemicals from being or appearing to be right or smarter than everyone around them. It is biological.

This ties directly into narcissism as well.

As far as myself, when it comes to what I see happening in the world around me, I pray to God every day that I am wrong.

The prospect of being right terrifies me beyond what I can accurately put into words, but I cannot ignore the (obvious) historical signs.

I would rather be remembered as a paranoid fool than for humanity to go down this dark path again.

I have also never considered myself a smart person, I am a very knowledgeable person in a vast number of topics because I made myself that way, I read, I study, I research, and I have a natural ability to comprehend and retain information.

In other words, aside from my pathological need to gather information, I have a very good understanding of and memory for the knowledge and information I do collect.

It is when I try to share that information that I run into problems.

I do not know how to sugar coat; I am blunt, and I am direct because I am coming from a position of fact that I have already verified, otherwise I would not be talking about it as a fact.

I am also quite aware of how abrasive I can be to people who do not know as much as they think they do and posers.

I don't care, if I know for a fact you are wrong, especially if you are misleading people, I will call you on it which is nothing more than I expect from other people.

You will have to prove it to me but if I am wrong, (and I may go grumbling) but I will admit it and defer to your knowledge.

We are all looking for truth are we not?

People who know me understand this about me. It is who I am, I don't care much for small talk because I suck at it, I like to get to the point verbally so the actual work can begin.

Unfortunately, since I (and of course those who use similar thought processes) start from the point of fact and absolute truth we are constantly waiting for the rest of them to catch up with us.

While they go through all of the time-wasting emotional jockeying for position to be the one who solves the problem and be the hero, no one is actually doing the work that needs to be done to actually solve the problem.

We want to do that work but we don't have control, all we can do is watch while they call us names like "arrogant pricks" or conspiracy theorists every time we say "HEY, we know what is going on and we know how to fix it!"

And of course, the longer they take to eventually admit that we were right all along, the problem has grown exponentially and is now much harder to fix as well as creating who knows how many perimeter problems spawning from the original.

Who would you say are the arrogant ones in this ubiquitous scenario?


A long time ago and after being called arrogant enough times I decided to find out if I am actually as arrogant as many people seem to think I am.

I wanted to know what primarily causes so many people to see me this way.

And as always, I started with the academics.




  1. having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities: "he's arrogant and opinionated" · "a typically arrogant assumption"

I still crack an amused grin every time I read this definition and examples.

See if it clicks in your mind after reading it a few times.

"Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of owns own importance or abilities."

So, who is making this determination of exaggeration into arrogance?

The person or persons that one may be speaking to is/are who makes that determination.

That is called a personal opinion is it not?

Unfortunately, though, these people like to gather confederates and before long that personal opinion becomes a campaign to destroy you.

All because you made them feel stupid. Narcissism does the rest.

Add to that the known human reaction of being offended and this becomes a predictable human behavior.

Many people get offended when someone knows more than they do, this is a natural reaction, no one likes to feel stupid.

Immediately after being offended however people have a choice to make.

They either choose to stay offended and deny themselves important information by simply dismissing the person as an "arrogant prick".

Which I personally find to be VERY arrogant as well as narcissistic as hell myself.

Or they choose to get over themselves and learn something from the person or persons that are talking to them.

The former choice is driven by Narcissism (emotion). "No way this person knows more than I do." just for an example.

Especially when that someone looks like I do, talk about bias and stereotyping, am I right?

The latter is driven by critical thinking (logic and fact as well as emotional maturity. (If you think like an adult, you will act like an adult)

"Well hell, I guess I was wrong, so I better listen so that I know the truth." (Humility, which also is an opposing force to arrogance.

There is even a word in psychology for the people who are opposite of those considered arrogant, it is called "affiliation". Or the desire to get along with others.

Spend a little time thinking about that.

Now, we must also consider and look at the primary personality trait that is so often mistaken for arrogance.





a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities:

"she's brimming with confidence" · "he would walk up those steps with a confidence he didn't feel"

This is the definition we are concerned with; the others are irrelevant for our purposes.




  1. having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities: "he's arrogant and opinionated" · "a typically arrogant assumption"

So, basically, other than the term "exaggerated sense" replacing "self-assurance" these definitions mean the same thing.

Now this brings me back to why this definition always amuses me.

The example ""he's arrogant and opinionated"

Well excuse me but- Is that not being rather arrogant and opinionated to say that?

Because remember, we have already established that calling someone "arrogant" is based entirely on the opinion of the person hearing or observing them.

And that opinion is based entirely on an emotional reaction to feeling stupid, jealous, or a host of other triggers that the person is incapable of or unwilling to get over and move on from. (If you think like a child you will act like a child)

That is a choice.

Now, I am going to make what many may see as a very arrogant statement.

I am very rarely wrong about what I say...

...because as a general life rule, I do not open my mouth unless I know what I am talking about.

To a number, every time I have been wrong it was because I did not follow my own advice, I let my emotions get the best of me, distract me.

That part of my self-discovery during which I ate a lot of crow, taught me some hard lessons.

So yeah, I learned my lesson the hard way to keep my mouth shut until I have all of the facts and can back up what I say.

Because of this I am considered arrogant by nature by most people who do not actually know me.

As an example of this. Twitter.

I get called arrogant (among many other things) on this platform more than any that I use and the process of getting there never changes.

Long story short someone challenges what I say, and I bury them in facts that they are clueless about because they do not exist in the echo chamber, they live in.

Then we play the game of them continuously moving the goal posts and changing the subject which I again bury them with facts on until I back them into a corner where they can't "Talking point" or "Rhetoric" their way out of.

Then predictably the name calling, and personal attacks start with "arrogant prick" being but one of people's favorite pet names for me.

Good thing I learned the "sticks and stones" rhyme when I was a kid.

I do not care what they call me.

As for the why so many people seem to see me this way, it has nothing to do with WHAT I am saying in most cases, and everything to do with HOW I say it.

That is definitely a problem, but it isn't my problem, it is their problem.

If they are so hypersensitive that they would deny themselves sometimes critical information just because they do not like someone's personality, then they are clearly not mature enough to understand the information anyway.

They are also very dangerous, look at what happened with Donald Trump. The official story is that he lost, and that loss would most assuredly have come at the hands of the useful idiots and misled masses.

Look back over all of that and there was one word that kept being pushed on him by his opponents, and that weaponized word was "arrogant".

You heard the same word being repeated over and over again by the misled masses as a reason they did not vote for him.

Basically, they did not vote for him and voted against their own best interests because they thought he was an "arrogant prick".

Now look where we are. The method of manipulation here is so obvious that it confounds me how so many still cannot or even refuse to see it.

When even words and believe me, this is just one of an alarming number of our vocabulary that has been bastardized into tools to manipulate, we are in serious trouble.



I do not think I am arrogant any more than anyone else is. I can however understand the psychology behind why so many people think that I am.

I do not and never have fit into any of the molds that so many people throughout my life have tried so hard to cram me into.

I exist on a different level than most people do which offers me opportunities to see things these people cannot. Even more, I have learned how to be mobile through all levels of consciousness and how to compartmentalize them.

Is this an arrogant statement?

Because here as well as with my wife I am simply stating a fact.

If one does not have the same knowledge and information that I have, do not know how to move freely among the levels and compartmentalize them for clinical analysis, then these people do not exist on the same level that I do.

Just as I do not exist on the same level as Terence Chi-Shen Tao (the smartest man in the world).

There are no higher or lower levels because every human presents their own value. The levels are only different, no level is any better or any worse than any other.

People, make them that way.

The best way to keep your flock from getting unwanted information though is to train them to automatically disregard and dismiss anything anyone outside of the collective says.

As we saw with Trump, the term "Arrogant Prick" has been turned into a powerful tool to accomplish that very thing.

I usually go back over my scribbles to knock off the sharper edges before publishing, but I am going to leave this as is. I speak the way I write as anyone watching my videos can attest to.

So, is this scribble me being an arrogant prick, or am I simply stating fact in the only way I know how?

Well, I guess that is a matter of personal opinion now, isn't it?


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