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Personal Logs... Altruism

Updated: Apr 12, 2023



I thought I would give another example of how I see the psychological manipulation I have talked about in my last couple of scribbles.

Besides, it will just keep rattling around in my lobby until I write it down so I might as well share.

Altruism definition: Altruism is acting or behaving in a way that helps or benefits someone else, even if it involves some cost or risk to oneself.

That is our definition we will work with minus all of the overcomplicating academic bullshit added in.

Simple, and to the point.

I think we can all agree that altruism is a good thing, a necessary thing for a civilized society, it would tie directly into as I have mentioned before the need for cooperation, compromise, and unity through open dialogue.

Without those 3 things a civilized society will fall into chaos as we are all witnessing around us every day right now.

Helping each other even if we ourselves get nothing out of it, or even if it costs us personally, being altruistic with our fellow humans brings us personal pleasure (reward) and has a significant impact on our self-image which of course ties into innumerable other aspects of our overall nature (as individuals).

Being altruistic in our actions also identifies us to other humans who are like us, and we form communities base on those 3 aspects of civilization.

In this environment innovation and invention thrive because we are motivated by both personal gain and our altruistic participation in the community as a whole.

Notice what is missing from that equation?

Extremism and Radicalism.

These are the arch enemy of civilization because it is the humans who seek peace and just want to live their lives who build, create, and evolve into better humans.

It is always the extremists and the radicals who create the chaos in the name of manufactured wrongs that they can seek "Justice" for.

All they do is destroy societies with hatred and use evil acts of inhumanity to control and enslave.

This is not my opinion; it is easily verifiable historical fact that I am talking about.

But there is a dark side to altruism because as the saying goes "too much of anything is a bad thing".

Not the concept itself but how it can be used to manipulate the masses onto a certain path to destruction and the masses are completely unaware of it due in large part to altruism.

Let's go!


As usual- all of my scribbles are my opinion, they are how I see things in the world based on my own research and pathologically clinical mind.

I present them as thought exercises only, just something to think about and agreeing with me is not a requirement to simply listen.


In my opinion the best possible subject I can use to make my point here is "Climate Change".

This is in my opinion today, altruism twisted into a path to enslavement.

Remember, words are just words, and they have no more meaning than what we humans choose to give them. The same goes with the ideologies created in their name.

They only mean something if we humans agree that they mean something which also means that it would be a simple matter of tweaking the meaning of this word to weaponize it and use it to manipulate other humans who are ignorant to its actual meaning, either by design or naturally.

Climate change is as I said a prime example.

So, we set aside the emotional distraction of whether the climate is changing or not because we know that it is, has been and will be long after we humans time ends unless we take the world with us or vice versa as the case may be.

The question we want to answer is why so many people are willing to live in slavery and misery right now so that people ten thousand years (or whatever) from now can live a safe comfortable life.

This goes against human nature because we are inherently selfish due to our instincts for self-preservation.

We can't help but think about ourselves first, it is in our DNA and can be applied to either a collective or individual basis. (As always this is a generalization excluding anomalies.)

That means that this instinct towards self-preservation has been overridden by some outside influence.

That also explains us as well, the influence didn't take, we know the truth and we are very much in a heightened state of self-preservation right now would you not agree?

I posit that that the tool behind this incredibly effective brainwashing is a twisted and manipulated sense of altruism.

They, the misled masses are getting pleasure response now, for what they believe they are doing for people in the future even though they will never be around to see it.

All based on a manufactured crisis just as it always has been, a lie.

This is not only going against our nature it is also a thinking trap, or Cognitive Distortion

We have humans right now willing to give up their own lives and families lives (and everyone elses by the way) so that humans in the far future will not suffer a threat that the rest of us know, we humans have no control over.

Now, this is where I can connect to my shady past experience for clarification and state that one of the best emotional reactions to use when grifting someone is altruism.

You appeal to their humanity which YOU as the grifter know has a very pleasurable release of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine for the mark.

In a sense, once you are in, you have just become the marks drug dealer because a shot of cocaine pretty much does the same thing in the human brain.

All you have to do is find the way to tap into it and milk it for all it is worth before you hang the mark out to dry, holding the bag for everything.

That is how the grift works and it should sound very familiar.

In the case of 'climate change" it is a grift that has been going on for as long as we humans have been here. I go into this with a lot more depth in this video series.

In the video series I linked above I go through at least 70 years of climate predictions that of course never came true, none of them but we humans are still handing over our money, freedom and liberties in the name of "climate change" or whatever else they may call it in the future to fit their narrative.

So, why? Well, that connects back into another of our old friends, cognitive dissonance.

Altruism, or a bastardized version of it may be the tool, but it is psychology in the hands of the manipulators that controls it.

Let's take a look at that manipulation in action on an individual level.

The first thing that we need to recognize is that the humans caught up in the climate change grift are by all definitions a Doomsday Cult where the climate is the just out of sight collective enemy (the fear) and the manipulators, government, globalists, whatever you call them have replaced the savior/deity, God.

This is a religion where the practitioners believe that their inaction (not doing what they are told to do without argument) will bring about the end of the world.

And the only way to stop it of course is to sacrifice our own comfort and wealth now to our almighty savior, the government or "leaders."

It is the very definition of a doomsday cult.

I mean come on guys, this is the same con used by the Aztecs, the Inca, and civilizations all through recorded history, pick up a book for Pete's sake.

Stop taking other people's word for shit and think for yourself. I know, it requires effort but anything worth doing does, right?

Along the way though the manipulators have stepped up their game by combining the fear that has always worked in the past with a newly understood concept in psychology called "Altruism".

Now, they figured out that if they primarily focused on our humanity (this "altruism") as the reason for giving up our lives while using the same old bogeyman as not a threat to ourselves now, but a threat to future humans.

That manipulating was the outside influence that accomplished overriding our natural instincts and the corrupt academia pushed it through a corrupt media until it became "truth".

This accomplished multiple goals once it took.

1) It is known and understood that we humans are far more willing to help other humans when we choose or at least have the illusion of choosing to do so.

Now, through manipulating our natural inclination to help each other, we humans get that fix in our minds and physiologically as well and people can become addicted to that reward just like a gambler, a drug user, or any other type of human with an addictive personality.

Especially if they do not understand how addiction works and sadly enough, I would venture that a majority of people today do not which is why they cannot recognize that it is being used to manipulate them.

No more than they understand the psychology of human behavior because they programmed not to study it because we had/have "experts" for that.

If more humans had studied our human behavior we would not be in this situation because we would all be able to recognize the psychology being used against us.

Kinda like it was planned is it not?

This makes many of us humans far more easily manipulated because we no longer need to be forced, freeing up all kinds of time and resources for the manipulators to pursue other endeavors, all because we have been manipulated into believing that we are doing it willingly.

2) They eliminated that pesky issue with their predictions not coming true because now the misled masses are focused on an enemy and saving other humans they will never live to see or meet.

It is a simple matter to remove all of their failures in the past from the strictly censored media allowed into the echo chamber and boom.

Just like that the lie becomes the truth.

3) This in turn accomplished the goal of creating a compliant unaware citizenry who are for all intents and purposes selling themselves into slavery in the name of their own misguided understanding of altruism, and how like any other known human behavior it can be used to manipulate us.

I guess we could say they have been turned into a self-sustaining grift that only needs propaganda to keep it going now.

The mark, humans, just keep funding their own destruction thinking they are saving the world.

Am I the only one who finds all of this diabolical as hell, I mean come on?

This is all based in psychological warfare developed over decades under many programs once thought to be "conspiracy theories" but once declassified are proven to be true.

I remember this and some of you will as well, I am sure. This is an example of how this manipulation has worked in the past.

Now, think Ukraine. Think gun control. Think socialism, transgenderism, etc. etc. because they are all created and connected to divide and conquer being pushed as political propaganda by the manipulators.

They are doing the exact same thing right now and if you do not see this it can only be because you don't want to see it.

That is unfortunately a problem I cannot help you with.

Now we can use some good ole common sense.


When humans of a certain mentality get ahold of power like that, they do not just stop using it and forget it because they are being rewarded with the ability to project their flaws, failings, and insecurities onto others, they have something they may have never experienced before.

The ability to control something, anything in their often-nihilistic lives and due to a known pathology, these certain mentalities break with reality and become dedicated crusaders.

Political parties, ideologies and other manufactured distractions have nothing to do with it because as I have stated many times, we find this mentality among all of them.

Once someone crosses that line they are in the grip of a psychotic break, they believe a delusion to be true which means they are by all definitions mentally ill.

They need extensive psychotherapy and stabilizing medications in a safe environment as we used to back when we actually cared about the mentally ill and didn't just use them as a political weapon like today.

What they do not need is someone telling them that their mental illness is some kind of fucking human right and anyone who tries to treat them is violating that right and therefore an enemy.

Now what reasons can we come up with for the powers that be to do this? This is not quantum physics here guy's it is simple 2+2 connect the fucking dots.

Excuse me. 12345678910

So, in these delusional minds their actions are not only justified, but righteous and necessary which absolves them from guilt for any means they may use in their crusade.

Today the battle cry is "By any means necessary", and they damn well mean it.

We have only begun to witness the lengths the manipulators are willing to go to in order to rule over us and keep that power.

But we do know what those lengths are because we have seen it before.

We know this mentality well because we know it was behind the actions of every tyrant in our history.

Their power only existed because of the mass mind control over this very mentality.

Centuries, faces, and definitions may change but this mentality has not and will not ever change.

Once this power trip on steroids grips someone by gaining some form of power the next immediate pathology that sets in is paranoia and everything that comes with it.

All they can think about is keeping that power and authority (real or perceived) and eventually everyone becomes the enemy trying to take it away from them.

Again, this is a known and well documented process of mental deterioration in authoritarian/totalitarian mentalities.

This paranoia quickly bleeds down into the psyche of the misled masses, infecting them with a form of paranoia driven mass hysteria.

They see the manipulators as their saviors and their saviors as the manipulators.

This is a common pathology among humans who have been slaves their entire lives.

In a heightened and prolonged state of paranoia we humans cannot process things critically any longer and our mental stability begins to decay at a progressive rate.

The manipulators understand this known human condition as well, and exactly how to use it to their advantage.

Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal. - FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

In common human's terms we call it "power tripping" but for humans of this certain mentality it is a pathologically driven behavior pattern tied directly to our old friend 'narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Funny how so many roads lead to that particular mental disorder is it not?

Almost as if it was by design.

Well, I just meant this scribble to be an addition to my last couple, a little more to think about so I will leave you to it.

Till next time.


A little more to ponder.

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