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Personal logs... The Law of Inevitability

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

As someone who has spent the latter part of my adult life really observing the world around me, I have intimate knowledge of the Law of Inevitability and its power to destroy.

For over 30 years now I have watched a process that I recognize unfolding in this world and through all of that time I have been impotent to stop it.

It has been like watching a child play with a loaded handgun and being incapable of reaching them to take it away.

No matter how much I yell, no matter how much evidence I put in front of people far too many have chosen not to listen.

Now, that child has just figured out how to cock that loaded handgun, and I still cannot reach them.

I will confess that this has tested my sanity as well as my dedication to preserving the truth on more than one occasion.

It's hard to keep at something that so often seems an exercise in futility.

It would be so easy to do as so many people do and say, "Well, it is inevitable so why worry about it?"

That got me thinking and I started learning everything I could about the Law of Inevitability.

So, what is the Law of Inevitability?

First off it is but one law that makes up the Improbability Principle. I will post a link below for the book with the same name by Professor David J. Hand.

I recommend reading this book even though in some ways I think it goes off track a little and not far enough on some points Hand makes some excellent points and does it in a way that pretty much anyone can understand.

A link will be posted bellow with the website that supports the book itself as well. If you use Audio Books you can get the book for free.


One of my first conclusions I reached very quickly is that like most everything else in this world, there is not simply one Inevitability, there are two.

One is of course the modern accepted inevitability and the other one that I call "The Created Inevitability."

Before going more into this theory let's make sure we understand what Inevitability is.




  1. the quality of being certain to happen: "there was an air of inevitability about the outcome" · "the inevitability of death" · "one of the inevitabilities of life"

Pretty simple.

Death is most certainly an absolute truth; you are either dead or alive and we will all face death one day.

Take climate change as another perfect example of inevitability. It is going to happen no matter what we humans do.

Our ancestors with nothing but common sense figured this out a long time ago and they did the only thing they could do, the only thing we should be doing is learning to adapt to those changes we know are coming.

The geniuses now days though think that if they give up their money, liberty and freedoms (and ours along with them) to the government that the government can stop climate change.

Nothing can stop climate change.

This is the perfect segway into my theory on "created inevitability".

And of course, I mean created by us, humans.

Right now, humanity is on a course of inevitability we have visited many times before.

An inevitable path towards repeating the most horrific moments of human history.

No outside force such as the unchangeable universal law caused this inevitability, however.

It is 100% created and perpetuated by the actions and thoughts of human beings.

In this case it is the "useful idiots" who are driving this inevitability that was constructed, implemented and coordinated by Marxists.

In case you do not know what, a Marxist is they are the Communists, Socialists, and Fascists of this world who are today all blended together under the same flag of Progressivism, they joined forces and are more dangerous today than all of the tyrants of the 19th and 20th centuries combined.

They are not after a nation; they want the world as their oyster and an endless class of slaves to serve them.

This is the inevitable future of mankind, just like it was the inevitable future for every nation that suffered under tyranny in the past.

The thing that makes me metaphorically bang my head against the wall in frustration is that none of those events were truly inevitable, they were made inevitable by the thoughts and then actions of the people involved with and supportive of the tyrant, the "useful Idiots".

Those who stood by and did nothing opened the door for them.

Just as it is happening right now, today in nations across the globe.

The easily manipulated that I call the "misled masses", these are not the "useful idiots" per se because these people have no idea what they are doing and most of them truly believe that they are doing the right thing.

They make up the shield that the Marxists and the "useful idiots" hide behind to accomplish their work.

Each person in the misled masses believes that they are fighting for their own cause which has of course been hijacked by the Marxists so that if you attack them, millions of the misled masses rise up thinking you are attacking their personal causes.

Which of course shields the Marxist and their work through the conflict it causes and manipulated, biased media reports.

Quite EnGenius I have to admit even though it is also diabolical as hell.

Just as it unfolded every time in the past, just as it is unfolding today it could all stop right now, humanity does not have to repeat this inevitable future that we are currently constructing through our thoughts and actions as a society.

An asteroid hitting the Earth and possibly destroying life is inevitable, it has happened before, it will happen again.

The Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands collapsing is an inevitability and if it does so all at once (which there is debate about) we can say goodbye to the East coast of the United States, the Bahamas and maybe Islands in the Caribbean.

As well as the millions who live there.

And the biggest inevitable threat to Earth is not inevitable climate change, it is a coronal mass ejection from the Sun.

It is only a matter of time before one strips the Earth's atmosphere away killing everything, even bacteria would not survive it.

These are true inevitabilities, humanity repeating the horrors of past tyrants in today's world is not.

We make it inevitable but as I said, that could change in an instant.

The root problem is arrogance based on ignorance and that is a dangerous combination making it very difficult to break through to the people shielding the Marxists and their useful idiots.

The misled masses are the key, they are the bees that sting the crap out of you to protect the hive by driving you away and they are in turn protected by the Marxists hive through policy and law, or lack thereof.

That is why I keep going no matter how much it seems futile at times.

There are signs people are waking up and if we can get enough people within the misled masses asking questions it will eventually begin to spread and once it does that hive is going to be exposed.

And God help them if and when it does become exposed to attack.


Over two centuries humanity failed to stop the inevitability created by the many Tyrants and their collective of ignorant minds and useful idiots.

All people have to do is change the way they think, and it can all come to an end practically overnight.

No more inevitable future, it evaporates.

So, let's hope and pray that we, today, are a whole lot smarter than they were, yes?


Common sense dictates that if the Sun is getting bigger and hotter than those coronal mass ejections and solar storms are going to get more and more powerful which means by default a greater threat to life on Earth.

Canary Islands

A little clarification on those I call the misled masses. We must understand them before we can reach them. Joost Meerloo is definitely recommended reading.

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