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Personal logs... Racism is a social construct.

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

One mind and two hands can build a foundation, but it takes many minds and many hands to build all that shall stand upon it. ~Ghost


A lot of things in today's bassackwards world get this label attached to it so the very first thing we need to do is make sure we understand what this term actually means.

A social construct is a concept that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction. It exists because humans agree that it exists.

Now that is the no bullshit version before the academics get ahold of it and overcomplicate the hell out of it so only, they can understand it.

Simple, and to the point.

And it is upon this basic understanding of human behavior that we can build mountains of understanding on in so many different areas.

Almost with any of them in fact this theory plays a part in it somewhere down the line and it is my opinion that this is used to manipulate right from the beginning.

It is also based on this known human behavior that I posit that Racism, is simply a social construct created specifically to create hatred and division.

I warn you though, this is a rabbit hole that goes in a thousand directions and connects to a lot of scary stuff that I am not going to go through with you in this scribble because, those other directions are everything I already talk about anyway.

I leave it up to you to explore the tunnels that connect everything because well, been there done that and it all comes down to my Mantra.

"The only way to truly get a person to accept the truth is to point them in the right direction and let them find it for themselves."

I am a purveyor of information, what people choose to do with that information, if anything, is entirely up to them.


As usual- all of my scribbles are my opinion, they are how I see things in the world based on my own research and pathologically clinical mind.

I present them as thought exercises only, just something to think about and agreeing with me is not a requirement to simply listen.


We are going to jump right in here.

Racism is driven by two things, ignorance and fear which manifests themselves in irrational hatred.

That is the social construct of racism anyway and what I am about to lay out here can be applied to a whole host of other isms...phobias... and ists that I am fairly confident that I do not have to mention.

As usual we are going to take a step further and look at our base nature not as individuals this time but as a species, known human behavior that is predictable in ALL human beings and ripe for manipulation.

I drive that point home with a jackhammer for a reason, this is where the psychology gets turned against us and weaponized.

Now as much as I would like to say I thought this all out on my own, I can't.

This thread popped up while studying Carl Jung's theories on instinct and will. (This link is a synopsis)

I was not sure what it was at the time, I just knew it was important and put a marker on it so I could come back and start pulling on it later.

Anyway, I am going to lay out a scenario and then weave the psychology into it that leads to its being weaponized, so here we go.


Now, we are operating on instinct here, no social learning BS to it.

Pure instinct that we can no more control than we can our need to breath to live.

I like to explain it as follows.

Say you go walking in the woods one day, suddenly a snake jumps out of nowhere and bites your leg.

You do not see the snake; you just know it was one and it bit your leg.

Pretty soon the venom hits and you end up in hospital and almost die, but you survive.

When you get out of the hospital that traumatic experience is seared into your memory forever with a very definite association to fear of not only the snake that bit you, but all snakes.

You have no control over this instinctual fear and this example can be applied to dogs, cats, sharks... and people.

Anything that strikes fear into us on an instinctual level is beyond our control whether we fear it naturally, or if we were programmed to fear it by outside influence, the results are the same.

Ignorance, and fear and even hatred for whatever caused the trauma.

And this instinct is one of the most powerful we have because it is a survival instinct.

Plant, animal or person if it hurts us, we remember so that we stay away from it in the future and do not get hurt again.

It is this survival instinct that I posit has been weaponized in order to create and perpetuate division through ignorance and fear.

Racism only exists because people agree that it exists.

Like so many other things in our world some intellectual shielded by the fascistic world of Academia figured out that they could make a name for themselves by taking an uncontrollable survival instinct, tying it to the new at the time concept of race and claiming that it was an inherent trait among a specific race of people.

Since white people where the majority in western civilization (which the manipulators want to destroy and rebuild into their personal utopia ) it was a simple matter for the manipulators through constant propaganda to make white people the oppressor, even though it was white people primarily who died to free the slaves in the first place.

After all Marxism already has the game plan for making it happen.

The powers that be took no time at all to figure out that this new social issue could be used to both control the population by pitting them against each other and make a ton of money off of the conflict.

That may not be exactly how it happened, but "Racism" was born out of such a closed-minded environment and then programmed into the minds of everyone from then on as a psychological fact with a very definite agenda behind it.

It did not take long for other academics to jump on the band wagon because to oppose it could mean the end of their academic careers.

As I said, academia is inherently fascistic by nature, you either agree with the top egg heads or they will ostracize and destroy your life and reputation.

These are the people running the world right now because they control the definition of "Science" meaning it is or is not whatever they say it is or is not and it cannot be questioned.

Anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention knows this to be true, look at what happened with COVID.

They changed the science to fit their needs, they lied, and people died, this is a fact, or they would not be trying to get COVID Amnesty.

Innocent people do not seek amnesty, that is simple common sense.

That being the case why would it be hard to believe that they would socially engineer a population that hates each other because of one word in a whole list of words that have been weaponized against us?

"Racism" is this particular scribbles word.

Now we have to go a little deeper into the psychology, but I promise, you can understand it and follow along with me because I keep it basic.

I could go all academic with it but that would kinda defeat my purpose of simplification would it not?


The manipulators (my word for the bad guy's AKA Marxists) also understand that this human survival instinct can easily be overridden by non-traumatic exposure and interaction with the object of their fear.

This method has been used for decades to treat people with phobias and after all, is that not what we are talking about here with this survival instinct, does it not create a phobia against what traumatized us?

And that means any kind of trauma, physical, emotional, or psychological as it is applied here.

This was not really a major issue in the U.S. until after the 13th amendment abolished slavery because slavery itself was the glue that held everything together for the slave owning Democrats.

Slaves were seen as subhuman which made them an easy target of ignorance and fear that again manifests itself in irrational hatred.

Back then, those people had no clue about any of what I am talking about right now, collectivism among the slave owning Democrats was rampant so anyone involved with slavery would think the same exact way for the same reason they do today.

They did not want to be ostracized for going against the collective.

If one black slave was subhuman which translates in the mind as dangerous, then all black slaves will be viewed the same way.

Remember the snake?

This glue of hatred started to dissolve as more white people began to not only accept but intermarry with and see former slaves as equals in society during the reconstruction era.

This was intolerable to the slave owning Democrats of the south which resulted in the Jim Crow Laws that attempted to circumvent the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution.

This eventually failed leading to the civil rights movement and the manipulators adopted a new tactic.

If you can't own them anymore then create a way to control them on a different kind of plantation.

Now Snopes has a fact-check on this as "unproven" even though it is obviously secondhand information because it says it is when it says, "according to."

Makes one wonder why they bothered does it not?

Anyway, the manipulators through L.B.J. used the civil rights movement to change the narrative and throw all of the blame for slavery and whatever came from it onto the very people who freed the slaves from the manipulators in the first place.

The imaginary flip that somehow made the republicans of today responsible for everything that the Democrats did during slavery, the reconstruction, all the way up to today.

Sound familiar? Because they are doing the exact same thing today by trying to blame all white people for their parties crimes in the past.

This is their nature, create chaos and blame it on someone else. Test it for yourself and name one thing the Biden administration has taken responsibility for that hurts us and not blamed on the Republicans and Trump.

It is Joe Bidens signature that has caused all of this disruption and suffering in our lives, not Donald Trumps.

This manipulation is generational on all sides involved. I have touched on that in other scribbles and videos, but this is a reader's digest version.

Use all forms of media to constantly bombard the public with a narrative and it will eventually become truth because people agree that it is the truth, not because it actually is the truth.

Still with me?

In that media white people are portrayed (for the most part) as entitled oppressors.

Before the sitcom Roseanne how many movies, TV shows etc. that featured predominately white cast took place in a trailer park, a low-income apartment complex, or a poor white neighborhood?

They mostly live in expensive homes and drive nice cars experiencing problems that rich people go through. Give it some thought and see if you see it.

Minorities, primarily black people for the most part are portrayed as living in ghettos. living a life of crime and drug dealing which in the mind of those white people watching the Hollywood version of reality find absolutely terrifying.

The media is the snake that bit you, its version of reality is the venom that almost kills you (traumatizes you) and the ignorance and fear drive their opinion of all black people.

That natural survival instinct mentioned kicks in and makes note to stay away from black people because they are dangerous, all of them.

This is not based on their own interactions with black people, it is based entirely on a manufactured narrative, in other words a lie.

Every time they see a news report of black crime which plastered on our TV sets daily, every clip of a gangster movie or hear the violent phrases of some Rap song it reinforces that instinctual fear, and we are completely unaware of it happening.

It is instinctual and remember, the black (minority) community sees us the same way.

Dangerous, because that is how generational programming works within a collectivist community, meaning they as a whole believe the same thing because that is what their parents told them and so on and so on.

And this is very easy to sell because it is in fact white liberals who keep them on the new plantation so... "if one white person is dangerous than all white people are dangerous.

And now we have racism because due to this manipulation everything is seen through the lens of race by everyone. The individual is irrelevant, your skin color determines your status.

That in itself is racism defined. It was manufactured.

The manipulators actively created this narrative and propaganda to make sure whites and blacks, or any other minority never trust each other, never integrate with each other as the natural process would have brought us all together because our nature is also to be social which requires cooperation, compromise and dialogue.

This tactic has over generations taken away any possibility of that happening unless we change the face of our communities, take them back and get rid of the manipulators.

The manipulators even created a term to cover the fact that we are unaware and therefore not responsible for our fear by labeling this complication "unconscious bigotry".

There is another major problem however that reveals itself with just a tad more thinking.

Being that this concept of racism is based on an instinct present in every human being, no matter what color or any other label the manipulators have tagged us with pretty much in my opinion proves my position.

We all have this survival instinct so any form of attribution to a specific group based on race, is an obvious manipulation for either political or personal gain.

Racism does not actually exist, neither does any of the other social justice bullshit they are spoon feeding the misled masses.

They are all social constructs created for a specific purpose, we are living that purpose right now.

They took natural human instincts and weaponized them against us in order to create the chaos they need to implement their end game.

To sound cliché' we are all just pawns in their power struggle.

So, those are my thoughts on this and the reasoning behind my making this MEME.

Tell me what you think about my theory.


This is how it is applied to the transgender propaganda, the "experts" are nothing more than facilitators of the manipulation which is why we need to think for ourselves about everything because we can no longer trust anything we are told.

This is all by design and people need to wake up to it.

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