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Personal Logs... A Consequence of Freedom?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


It is impossible to exercise one's mind if all of the answers to all of the questions are predetermined. ~Ghost


I believe that we can all agree that the primary kick in the perineum we keep getting is the fact that the other side is far more organized than we are.

They move like murmuring birds, they are fast, nasty, and there is a hell of a lot of them.

This leaves me wondering what happened to turn us from the United States of America into the 'I don't give a shit unless it impacts me" States of America.

The more I think about it I come to believe that our apathy towards joining the fight to save our country may in itself be a negative consequence of the freedom we have enjoyed as a nation for almost 250 years.

We got lazy, we got complacent, and we forgot that freedom is never free, you have to be willing to risk everything to keep it, just as the founding fathers did when they created this country to be a free nation.

An experiment in self-governance.

They risked everything including their lives to give us the freedom we have with the understanding that as a united force we would all risk everything including our lives to keep it.

When asked what kind of government the founders had given us, Benjamin Franklin is reported to have replied, "A Republic, if we can keep it."

We are no longer keeping our end of the bargain because people just do not care anymore.

As long as it is happening to someone else, we are perfectly fine with turning our heads and ignoring what is right in front of us.

Not until the chaos comes knocking on OUR door do we start to care and then we expect everyone to come running to our assistance.

All the while shaking our heads and saying, "I had no idea..." ""why didn't someone tell us what was happening...?"

The problem is that this category includes most of the people who have the power and finances to make a difference and are the last ones to get the memo.

There won't be anyone left to come to their aid because they turned their head and showed no empathy for those below them on the ladder as their lives were destroyed, as they were being absorbed by the collective.

They watch and do nothing because they think the collective will never come for them if they just wait it out and stay quiet and submit.

They know who they are, they are the ones getting pissed off at me right now.

Unfortunately, and historically for them and everyone else trying to avoid being assimilated, their concern comes too late to do anything about it.

I have often said that these are the people who will cause the downfall of the greatest nation there has ever been, not the Marxists because they are simply doing what they do, it is their nature.


The greatest weapon being used against us is our own apathy and until that changes, NOW, not later, we are pretty much spinning our wheels don't you think?

On a deeper vein we humans can never seem to achieve a balance, because we do not truly understand why or, even that we are out of balance to begin with.

This is why we inevitably find so many of ourselves on such polar opposite sides of extremism.

We get put there by our own thought processes and mentality because that is what is used to send us one way or the other.

Most of us fill the space between them, we are the buffer, the solution to all of the problems that both extremists create.

This is not where the problem lies though, being on opposite sides is a natural and inevitable scenario because as I have stated before we humans are not exempted from the laws of nature.

Nature will try to balance us out just as it does everything else.

We humans have mythicized this simple truth into something we can more easily understand such as "wrong and right", good and evil, which has rooted itself into every aspect of our thought processes.

People see these forces seeking to control them rather than coming to the realization that it is us, we humans who create and control both by our very existence.

Simply put; If it were not for the existence of humans, there would be none of the problems we humans must deal with.

Some people even use it as a cop out; "the devil made me do it".

But what it is in reality is the process of keeping everything around us, the universe and beyond in balance because without that balance nothing exists.

You can call it what you will whether you follow science, faith, or both as I do, there is a simple truth that I believe gets overlooked through personal bias.

Maintaining balance depends on the constant manipulation of weight or pressure on opposing sides.

That can only be accomplished through an outside force's intervention.

Like piling rocks by a stream. You are the force that creates the balance while gravity and electromagnetism maintain it until acted on by a more powerful force like a strong gust of wind that knocks it over.

If you want to maintain that pile of rocks, then you must constantly guard it from and make adjustments for those outside forces or it will get knocked over.

Something to ponder for my atheist friends.


How does all this tie into the subject of this scribble?

The balance is being thrown off by those people who refuse to pick a side, who refuse to get involved until they have no other choice.

They are creating gaps in the buffer so that the extremism can bleed back into the middle more and more.

The problem is not the extreme right or the extreme left because those opposing forces have always existed, exist now, and will always exist even when we humans are no longer around, meaning by default neither are any of our labels or definitions for any of this stuff.


Right now, the way I see it, all of those people who need to grow a spine and get off their asses to join the fight are that strong gust of wind I mentioned earlier trying to take out your pile of balanced rocks.

They will not pick a side and it is fucking up the whole program, allowing chaos, fear, hatred, and madness to flourish in our society almost unchecked.

When we had balance and unity in this country, we pushed the radicals and extremists to the fringes of our society because we had had enough of their bullshit, the hatred, disorder and destruction that follows them everywhere they go.

You know, just like what is happening right now.

Now they control our lives, and no one seems to care. They are simply standing by and watching it happen because they are afraid of being called a name by a bunch of undereducated, mentally ill dumbasses hell bent on dragging us all to hell with them.

What happened to you people?

I just cannot help but wonder though, is this callousness, this disregard for the lives of others and the very nation that has given them everything... Is that a consequence of freedom?


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