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Personal logs... 6 - 11 Religion and God

Updated: Apr 16


Speaking openly about my beliefs concerning religion and God is a pretty rare thing for me, but I have been asked about it numerous times now, so some people must think it is important.

I however do not.

I guess if it changes one's perceptions of me there is not much I can do about it. All I ask is that you read it until the end.

So here it goes, I decided the safest way to go through this would be to do it as a "thought exercise" so I shouldn't step on any toes. Unless of course you are sticking them under my feet.

This may make it seem a little choppy and it may be a little long winded because what I have to say (a blend of faith and psychology) can only be condensed so far before the meaning starts to get lost from both. You will also get a lot of clarification as to how my mind works. So, as I try my hardest to do with everything I do. It accomplishes multiple goals.


NOTE: This is a sensitive subject likely to evoke strong emotions for some readers.

You may have trouble with this one if you cannot be objective because I am writing from the standpoint of the philosophy behind religions in general, rather than the belief systems individual people follow within any particular religion. Meaning a non-emotional general analysis.

Right wrong or somewhere in between these are the conclusions I reached through my own clinical study (facts) that formed the way I believe (emotion).

Put simply, I believe that one can have a fulfilling relationship with God, without practicing a religion. And I am far from alone in this belief. I have met many people who think along the same lines but are afraid to talk about it, they do not want to be attacked or ostracized which far too often happens.


Let me start by saying; I personally do not have a problem with any religion itself, yet the practicers of many religions tend to have a problem with me because well, they just can't help it. I will go more into this later. (1)

All I ask is to be shown the same courtesy for my beliefs that I show others.

Unfortunately, the moment I let most people know my beliefs they immediately start trying to change them and convince me that I am wrong, that I am going to hell because I do not believe the same as they do.

Some of them get damn nasty about it too. This in itself carried a huge impact for me when it comes to my (feelings, not my thoughts) towards religion.

So, the golden rule, fair enough?


Many of you will hopefully realize that this log, all of my writings and videos in fact are not political (or religious) in nature at all, that is simply a topic I am using at the time, it is about psychology, the psychology of human behavior.

6) Religion is a subject people endlessly question me about.

"What religion am I?" And it always goes the same way.

I say, "I do not practice a religion". And they say, to a person, "oh, you don't believe in God?"

Religion and God are not synonymous, particularly when it comes to single deity religions, which have varying definitions of what "God" is.

I believe religion does not have to be practiced in order for one to have a relationship with God for the following reason primarily, even according to most religious texts I have read, there was a relationship between God and human beings before any of these religions were ever created by those human beings.

I have simply chosen that path for myself. Unsurprisingly the only thing telling me I am wrong is other people, not my heart, and not my soul where God lives within me.

Believe me, I understand how self-serving that sounds, but does it really sound anymore self-serving than anyone else's beliefs?

I believe this judgment is coming from people, not God.


Historical Stop.

Believing one must practice a certain religion to reach God was the flawed reasoning that led to some very dark days in the history of the Catholic Church and continues today within Islams "Sharia law" (as an example). Sharia Law (not Islam itself) is the very definition of a fascist system after all. It is the political Ideology hiding within the religion.

The "church" or religion did not and does not do these evil things. People, within the "church" did and are doing those things right now.

These people are simply now as always using the "church" or religion as a place to hide while they whisper in ears and sow discontent and paranoia that rots a society from the inside out. Traitors and liars.

Communism, fascism, and socialism, Marxism as a whole is tied directly to Atheism which usually seeks to replace God with the all-powerful "State" or "Party".


So, as far as my relationship with God is concerned, I simply choose not to allow other people through religious doctrine to dictate how I must conduct it.

I am an individual, I am neither a follower nor a leader, so I relinquish that control to no religion, and certainly not to any person because I have already given it to God.

That is MY choice, not anyone else's, and I do not judge other people for their choices. I believe in our God given free will.

The logical reasoning behind that has little to do with the subjects of God or religion however, it has entirely to do with the law of inevitability.



So, throughout my life, I have studied many religions, first from a spiritual viewpoint that became the process of choosing what foundations I would be building my moral and ethical framework on, and then a philosophical viewpoint to broaden my understanding from all other viewpoints.

Through necessity these were and remain separate journeys for me.

My emotions became an obstacle.

However, I can and did remove the emotions temporarily by tucking them away into their own drawer.

If you follow my scribbles or watch my videos you have heard me talk about this before in different contexts, different topics but it is all the same process no matter the topic.

Simplicity is the key. Call it the KISS method, "Keep It Simple Stupid"

Setting them (my emotions) aside (I do NOT dismiss them) allows me to focus on deeper critical thinking.

I can move from the emotional facets that belong with my faith and beliefs, into more clinical assessments of ALL of the evidence available for both philosophies.

Faith and Atheism, as my primary examples or more commonly referred to as Religion and Science for the sake of argument.

Atheism (Science) is a religion that worships itself. It inevitably leads to "Humanism" and "Transhumanism" People, through technology will and are to certain extent now, not only replacing God with themselves and their own philosophy of superiority, but ready and willing to improve on Gods design with technology. Cyborgs are not a distant future, neither is AI. It is happening now, and most people do not even know about it.

Are you starting to see why we need to do our best to take a minute and look at all of this from a purely objective viewpoint?

There is so much more going on than the emotional side of things, everything.

Simply put at their core, meaning removal of the emotional distractions, religions are simple philosophical systems, which is the viewpoint I am writing from now as well, so keep that in mind.

My character and spirituality now were not influenced by just one religion, they were influenced by every religion I have ever studied because as my mind does everything else.

I kept what I felt was important or could be useful to me, the base elements and left the rest behind, meaning the politics, the collectivism, the hypocrisy and emotional elements that are so often used to trap people and create cult members.

As an example of this partitioning.

My ethics and moral compass derive entirely from the faith of Christianity based on the King James version Bible; the book of Proverbs is a personal favorite.

I was raised in a Christian household, but I set all of that aside when I started my own journeys down this road and Yet I reached the same conclusions I had before.

I have found no better foundation for how to be a moral and ethical human being than the words written in the Christian bible and that is why I use it as my own foundation.

I am also fully aware that I am capable of brutal pragmatism which comes from the philosophies behind religions like Islam's (Sharia Law), early Christianity and Atheism as examples.

Note: I understand those who I see as my opponents because I am able to think like them, I know and understand their tactics and methodology, their mentality, so I am able to both predict their moves and see them manifesting within society through cause and effect, for no other reason than I have studied them. Just as I would an opponent in chess. I may know what moves they will make but the key is understanding why they make them.

From there it is a simple question of "what would I do if I were them?"


My endless self-reflection and deep thought were developed through my studies of Buddhism, which actually is not a religion, but most people believe that it is.

I do not practice this as a religion, I do not worship these Gods or teachers, I use the methods of becoming more self-aware, to be a better version of myself as a human being.

And I leave the rest.

For example. Studying Wicca, Druidism, demonology, numerology, and astrology wasn't for becoming a Wiccan, Druid, or Satanist, but for understanding what drives these beliefs and the people who believe them both ancient and modern. The predictability of the human behavior then and now as it pertains to these beliefs, religions, and gods is where my interest lies.

I have been condemned to hell according to many religious people simply for studying these subjects and that is again, a condemnation from people, not God.

WICCA for example is not evil by nature, but evil people can use it for evil intent, while other people can use it as a target to vent their fears and ignorance upon, just as they have every other religion in the world at one point or another.

In my "Realist Mind" I also understand that good and evil are the same thing depending on which perspective you are coming from. They are words nothing more, used to describe our darkest fears and prejudices, anything that is the opposite of what we ourselves believe in as "Good" is by default "Evil".

All the while so many are missing the opportunity to break through this barrier of understanding, too many people simply fail to see it. Not because they are less intelligent but because they are simply not paying attention to what is going on around them.

And as is our propensity for arrogance, many believe that if something were in fact true, they would already know about it. So, they dismiss it.

The greatest obstacle in our paths to a better way of thinking is ourselves. We just cannot seem to stay out of our own way with self-imposed obstacles.

People need to break that barrier of believing that things either have to be this or that, black or white, good or evil because they don't. We (people) make them that way and other people use it to keep us divided.

Which I must say is rather comical in my eyes given that is how most people think we hardcore realists are, black and white, this or that, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I am capable (everyone is) of studying a subject without building a belief system around it, too many people today have just forgotten or were never taught how to be truly objective, they are reactionary, emotional, which by default means vulnerable to manipulation.



So, I studied Angels and Demons, Gods and Devils, not to worship or to deny them, but to understand them, their lore, attraction, myths, legends and lies.

Of which there are many in every religion, people of God as a whole no matter by what name, are not without secrets and shame, politics and greed.

It is inevitable because we are human beings, and this is what we do, it is our nature.

Man (human beings) corrupts everything he touches and tries to control; we all know that this is true, even the Bible basically says as much.

We simply find it easier to ignore in others what we know we are hiding within ourselves, then we do not have to face it. They are more likely to project it onto others. We all carry the "original sin" of being human beings.

Humans, in trying to come to terms with what they could feel but not understand started forming groups who believe the same philosophy as themselves, then a cult forms, then a religion that in time becomes an entity of its own "The Church" now it has a doctrine, political power that is only limited by how much gold sat/sits in its coffers, and how many butts they could/can get sitting in the pews believing their philosophy.

The Vatican is a prime example of this in my opinion. It has massive political power, its own "King" (the Pope) its own government, country, corporations, land and a patriarchal ruling structure that dates back to before the days of Feudalism.

Christianity and Islam, the two most popular religions were once both thought of as cults, and the followers as lunatics.

Which is a big reason I believe and trust in God, not religion, because through my own research, well, let's just say I cannot unlearn what I've learned. It is a simple matter of logistics.

To clarify, my knowledge of the history, abuses and methodologies involved with their creation and evolution (facts) make it impossible for me to put my faith (emotion) into an organized religion.

7) Again, please do not misunderstand me, I am not against religions, I have seen with my own eyes how they can transform people's lives, bring them joy, and provide comfort.

Nothing that accomplishes that for people could ever be a bad thing, right? Unless...

Consider the simple fact that there are 5000 recognized religions in the world, and most of them claim to be the only ones who are right.

Of course, this is an impossibility (or is it?) and since we can only know for sure after dying, which can only happen once as a general rule, this could and has also been used as a ready-made framework for a lifetime-long con for the right people or person. We have seen it ourselves in the past through their downfalls.

Not the religion itself of course because we must always remember that more than one thing can be true at the same time, and there is also a fine line between religion and belief that we will not get into here.

I am talking about how the wrong people can and are and have been using religion for power and control.

Would it not be nice to be able to spot these grifters before they destroy your life? You can, just like I can, you just have to study their methodology, once you understand that, you will see through them every time. That is all people like me do, in its simplest terms we pay attention to what others do not.

It is astonishing how much people could know if they would just pay attention.


8) On a psychosocial level I also understand that by default, religion as an entity is a form of collectivism, and many people get overly caught up in it, which can lead to group think and eventually the possible removal of God altogether in favor of the group ideology or a charismatic leader, working in the name of said God creating a hive mind that suppresses individuals for the benefit of the group and its goals.

Unfortunately, by the time this truth is usually discovered it is far too late to do anything about it.

Note: Except under VERY specific circumstances, such as the military, or law enforcement where it is a necessity for examples, I despise collectivism. Over 100 million and still counting murdered souls agree with me.

An entire religion can be corrupted and remade from within with just the right person at the right time, just like any other corporation or organization.

One just has to infiltrate and seize control of the command structure by whatever means necessary so that you can control policy within that religion (organization). In the business world people call them "Corporate Raiders". The same thing happens in politics.

We know that this is fact, it has been happening almost as long as there have been modern human beings.

On a pertinent side note, it is quite interesting to see what is happening inside the Catholic church right now under this "progressive" Pope is it not? He has repeatedly violated "The Oath Against Modernism" Given by His Holiness St. Pius X September 1, 1910. As an example Pope Francis to change Catholic Canon 1398 law to allow forgiveness of abortion ( They understood the dangers of what this Pope is doing today a long time ago and wrote this oath to prevent it. An oath though is only as righteous as the person taking it.

Just like our Founding Fathers understood why The United States needed to be a Republic, and not a Democracy when writing our constitution as a means to protect us from a pure democracy which is what we are currently being turned into. You could label a Republic as Good, and a Democracy as evil (or vice versa). Same results, just different paths.

Cults are formed in this way, religious and political, and we see it all around us every day now due in large part to the influence of Marxism (Atheism) and all of its poison tendrils within our command structure, they control the policy now.

In the same way that most cults come to their end through death and madness, a death cult of radicals, fanatics, and psychopathic "Useful Idiots" have taken over and are leading us all to ruin, right now, in the name of their religion.

Democrats, Republicans, male, female (or somewhere in between or beyond), black, white, brown, crippled, whole, child, adult, sane and insane, the death cult is after us all, to eliminate anyone who is not exactly like them. The collective.