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Multiculturalism. Social Justice or Tool for Conquest?


I have my own opinion of what this word/term means but let's start at the beginning with the common definition.

Multiculturalism, the view that cultures, races, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups, deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture. (Encyclopia Britannica)

This is a road map as to how to create division in a society is it not? Think about that wording for a while because that is a major shield used by the progressives.

Note: Sharia Law is by all definition's fascism in disguise, not Islam itself, Sharia law so it is also tied directly to Marxism through it having the same goals and tactics.



As always, my scribbles are for educational/entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinions and beliefs based on my own research.

It's just something to think about folks. Agreeing with me is not a requirement to listen. ~Ghost


At face value it all sounds quite benign and altruistic, does it not?

My thoughts on 'Altruism' HERE

It is so much more though when viewed in the context of political philosophy, psychology, and sociology for example.

In reality, few of us think beyond that definition though, which reveals an alarming pattern of ignorance we are experiencing in real time, right now!

What does ignorance breed? Hatred and Bigotry which why it is a tool of tyrants, always has been, always will be.

We can call this intentional ignorance our 'CAUSE' for this scenario and there is no lack of evidence in news reports that shows us the 'EFFECT'.

First off though, we need to dissect the Encyclopedia Britannica definition a little because it is rather ridiculously vague and open to interpretation in my opinion and intentionally so.

"...the view that cultures, races, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups..."

What are we really talking about here?

We are talking about the left's favorite self-contradicting terms 'diversity' and 'inclusion'.

To those on the right this is simply the status quo, especially here in the United States. Which has always been the most diverse country in the world for a very long time.

Our Declaration of Independence was founded on diversity and inclusion as was our Constitution.

The problem here in the states is not with white or non-white people, it never has been.

For the most part, we get along with each other relatively well all things considered, by respecting each other's cultures and boundaries. 

The problem is bickering politicians projecting their own bigotry onto each other and using we the people as pieces on their racism/bigotry game board.

The next sentence is where we really need to analyze because it is the Cause' of our next series of 'Effects'.

"...deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture."

Why? What exactly makes them "deserve" this "special acknowledgement"?

I do not agree with this belief at all, nope, NADA!

Because not only does it spit in the very face of equality (Not Equity), but it also becomes an instant tool for creating division, hatred, and civil unrest on a massive scale.

Just take a look around you every western country in the world is tearing itself apart right now and on the verge of civil war, the world is on the verge of WW3.

It wasn't We the People who caused all of this division, hatred, and war we are experiencing in our communities and nations. We are the target of it.

No. It was the same people who have historically ALWAYS been the cause of this social decay, the 'Marxists' AKA Progressives in today's world.

This is what they do people and history proves it, they destroy and enslave. Why would anyone think that after more than a hundred failures and over 100 million dead that THIS TIME it will work. (Recommended Reading- The Black Book of Communism)

What arrogance! What narcissism! To believe that YOU will be the one who can make it all work right after so many have failed leaving nothing but corpses and nightmares behind them.

Malignant narcissism is the very foundation of a tyrannical totalitarian mentality is it not? And who has this mentality in spades? You guessed it, 'Marxists' but we are not talking about the 'useful idiots, the misled masses or the militant minions they hide behind.

True Marxists, socialists, fascists, "Communists" or Progressives have no conscience, they are sociopaths through and through with no empathy for anyone outside of their elite circles and even that is very limited.

They lack the smallest shred of humanity towards others because they care for nothing but themselves which inevitably leads to them forming a superior group of elites and those who serve them. Masters and slaves just as it always was before the founding of the United States.

Everything they may do for the 'peasants' is not done out of altruism, it is done to make themselves feel good and receive praise from the other elites.

We are not going forward people, they are dragging us kicking and screaming backwards into an era where the elites controlled everything and everyone else served the elites.


It is critical before moving on that we fully understand that equality and equity are NOT the same thing.

Take the time to watch this as many times as you need to, I'll wait.

Best in-depth explanation ever in my opinion because it is all based in historical fact and the visual aids really hammer that point home.

Just in case anyone does not know Thomas Sowell was at one point in his life a socialist, and then he came to actually understand economics.

What is that old saying?

I guess it's true.



 So, we need two things for 'multiculturalism' to even be an issue, a majority population and one or more minority groups.

In the natural world when this blending happens there is a period of adjustment as the different cultures establish their place within the culture and societal norms of the majority population.

This adjustment can happen smoothly, or not so smoothly but eventually the minority groups are integrated into the majority population without losing their own culture in the process.

We end up with places like "China Town", for instance where they build a community within a community and establish rules for that community that outsiders need to obey just as they obey the laws of the general majority.

As I said before, relatively speaking and all things considered, we humans get along with each other quite well by respecting those rules and boundaries we each set.

This is the true definition of diversity and inclusion is it not?

And we do it all naturally over time because we have generations of 'settling in' behind us.

Each community has its own culture, but all communities come together in defense of the whole when needed.

Is this not the United States' foundation?

Each state has its own constitution, its own flag and governing body but when needed we all unite under one flag THE AMERICAN FLAG and defend our country.

Every state had to agree to this before joining the United States.

Downsize this concept to a population that, unless it's isolationists, will have a majority population and minority groups within it.

People move around, it's what we do, so this is inevitable.

It is also the reason we end up with a divided community because the character and intentions of those migrating here are known only to them until We the People find out the hard way in far too many cases.

Not the government, but US!


We need to understand what a Marxist is and does because they are the ones behind all of this.

During a psych project at the time, we discussed "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx and Engels, and specifically 'Conflict Theory' and the overall mentality of the Marxists.

I am paraphrasing here but this was the best description I had ever heard then or since of the dangers Marxists represent to a stable society.

"Say you have the most ideal community on an island somewhere with every religion, every race, every ethnicity etc. All living peacefully with each other for generations in a peaceful and prosperous society.
Now let's say we take one dedicated Marxist and drop them into this utopia and wait to see what happens.
A couple of decades later we return to this utopia to find a very different society than the one we left.
This society is at war with itself, religion against religion, race against race, male against female, parent against child, friend against friend and is on the verge of economic collapse.

That is what 'Marxists' do no matter what face or name they hide behind; it is a cancer that consumes everything healthy and leaves only misery and pain behind it.

Would that not make it a tool of evil since everything it does results in evil?

Sounds damn familiar and accurate does it not?

Any ideology that requires us to HATE our fellow humans who disagree with us is not truly an ideology.

It is manipulation.

Which means SOMONE is manipulating, does it not?


I want to take a minute to clarify this since it has been mentioned to me before. My scribbles all seem to fall within very similar even overlapping threads of thought because all of those threads lead to the same place.

We can only untangle one thread at a time. However, that means we have to interact with every thread surrounding, touching or impacted by its removal as well do we not?

Cause and effect.


So, here is my theory about Marx's 'conflict theory'.

At its core it is 100% correct. When it comes to human nature, we are a warring species. This means we have been, are, and always will be in conflict with each other.

As long as there are two humans on this earth conflict will exist. It is our nature and again, all things considered we usually find a way to straighten it out on our own, in our own ways.

Getting along with people of another culture takes time, patience, and mutual respect.

That cannot happen when one culture's entire existence is focused on the utter destruction and dominance of the other culture, can it?

So, ask yourself, what would be the goal of forcing these incompatible cultures together as is being done by governments across the globe?

There really is only one logical answer, terrifying as it may be.

The problem as I see it is that this conflict Marx saw does not actually exist at the levels that he imagined it did.

I think I should mention here that I do not believe Marx was an evil genius looking to enslave humanity.

He was a philosopher telling the world how HE saw things. His ultimate goal of 'Communism' was a worldwide communal egalitarian society with no monetary system, no government, no private ownership.

Even though Marx's vision was misguided, it represents a true utopia. That in itself is where Marx's fatal flaw lies in my humble opinion.

It is simply not possible because of one simple fact.

Marx assumes that human nature can change or be forced to change. This would end all conflict which is the only way utopia is possible.

Human nature cannot be changed. The only way to end conflict among human beings is to eliminate human beings from the equation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will come to that same conclusion eventually but that is another scribble still rolling around in my mind as yet, Transhumanism.

I know many people who have read Marx and Engels who have reached the same conclusion as me about that.

This brings us to the true evil geniuses whose twisted interpretations of Marx's vision led to some of the darkest days humanity will hopefully never see again.

Marxists, or as they call themselves today, progressives have been behind every historical atrocity committed against their fellow humans and that is a fact.

Not necessarily the title itself but the mentality behind it.

Since that conflict they need to implement socialism (their ultimate goal) does not really exist at the level they need it to be, they really only have one option, they must create it themselves.

This brings us to the dark side of 'multiculturalism' being just one of many tools used to manipulate us into fighting each other.

It is used to create civil unrest and destabilize communities. This leads to the destabilization of the country itself as civil unrest is driven into a frenzy by state-controlled media propaganda.

Keep in mind here that this has all happened before multiple times. I am simply talking about it. Since I know what to look for these tactics stand out like a sore thumb to me as they are being used right now in our own countries.

We will speak in general terms using the overall scenario instead of individual countries. This is because one, it will take too damn long and two we don't have to, so why do it?

I am sure everyone remembers the massive Muslim "Migration" a few years back, right?

I have to be very careful how I word things here or the fascists will censor me.

The air quotes are because I refuse to call what happened a "migration" and if you wish to know my thoughts more on that you can read my scribble on "The Great Replacement Theory (Myth or Master Plan.)

So, during this "migration" as in Europe for example the government (we are not using exact numbers, simply examples to make a point) often with no warning to the primarily white European community drops 2000 middle eastern "migrants" into their town square.

I seem to remember one story that disappeared from the web as did so many others exposing the horrifying results of this action. (I cannot verify this story anymore, so it is an example only)

(One of my own pieces I wrote a long time ago about multiculturalism's impact in Europe using YouTube videos is useless now. All of the video reports I used exposing the rape, murders, assaults etc. being committed by 'migrants' from another country have all just gone BYE-BYE!)

One witness explained that the number of "migrants" they dropped off in one community equaled a third of the indigenous population.

The "migrants" had no place to live, no jobs, and did not speak the native language.

Do you actually believe that those government officials did not know what would happen by doing this, really?

Long story short, the community was torn apart. The story claims that eventually the indigenous population left, turning the town of their ancestry over to the ever-growing influx of "migrants".

If nothing else one would have to admit that the plausibility factor here is more than satisfactory.

If you have read my scribble on The Great Replacement Theory, remember the black and white marbles?

That is one aspect of this subject, and we will look at the other, manipulation.


So those are examples to back up my theories on how multiculturalism is simply being used as another tool to accomplish two goals.

It creates civil unrest which is the primary goal but it also in many places accomplishes replacing the indigenous population with a more controllable one because they are used to being controlled.

Think about it y'all, forcing everyone under the brutal yolk of Sharia Law would be one hell of an effective way to control that population.

Do what we tell you to do, shut up about it or you will be executed in the public square or "disappeared'.

If you think that does not happen today, you need to do a little research into China and Iran to name a couple. Just saying.


Here is how it works as a tool for division and civil unrest as I saw it happen through numerous news reports, videos and articles from around the globe.

Many of which are as I said no longer there. Why would that be, do you think?

The minute that the government places a group of "migrants" into one of these long-established communities they have themselves instantly created a minority population.

Here is when that benign, altruistic sounding definition of multiculturalism gets twisted into a tool to create division and more importantly civil unrest.

Keep in mind that the progressives/Marxist's goal is to implement socialism, but they cannot do that unless the population is divided and at war with each other. This inevitably creates more and more civil unrest.

The very thing the progressives need to seize power by offering their "solution" to it all which is of course socialism.

I am not one who believes in coincidence other than the rare inevitable anomalies, I believe in cause and effect.

Out of empathy, the indigenous population may welcome the migrants and do everything they can to help them.

However, according to stories I read from those same citizens sometime later about the "migrants" it did not take very long before it shifted from helping to supporting which of course drains the community's resources because the "migrants" have no jobs to contribute back to that community.

If they do work the money they earn is usually (by their own admission) sent back to their country of origin, not put back into the community that took them in and tried to help them, under duress no less!

Once those resources become unsustainable the "migrants" demands keep on coming often reaching a point of violence.

So, citizens turn to their government officials for help.

Denied! Due to the twisted version of multiculturalism, I mentioned earlier.

It is interpreted to mean that any minority group must automatically be protected from the indigenous majority at all costs.

The indigenous population turns to the government (who caused this problem in the first place) for help and walks away as the bad guys facing criminal prosecution if they retaliate against the "migrant" minority forced upon them by the government.

The part no one wants to talk about comes from Islamism's clash with non-Muslims, particularly women.

Let's put our thinking caps on now. What is the most likely scenario that we can come up with when we combine a massive influx of Islamist men who believe they have the god given right to rape any non-Muslim woman they choose into a community of non-Muslim people including women of course.

I would say those results were predictable. How about you?

Rape cases have exploded in many places (Sweden became the rape capital of the world) which is all documented so you would expect the government (especially since they are responsible for the rapists being there to commit the rape in the first place) would be all over that doing whatever is necessary to protect their citizens.

Nope! Governments protected "migrants" under the banner of multiculturalism, screaming "Islamophobia" as the cause of the growing hatred and conflict.

Not the rapes, assaults, vandalism and other crimes committed by the "migrants" against the indigenous population, destroying their communities.

That couldn't possibly be what enraged indigenous people against the "migrants".

Nope, it had to be bigotry according to the government who originally caused this problem.

This shit really happened people! It IS happening right now while we are all (not me of course) worried about misgendering someone.

It's beyond ridiculous!

All I can say is start paying attention people. It needs to happen yesterday.


To close this scribble, I want to talk a bit more about that one line in the multiculturalism definition we used.

 ...deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture.

A while back I wrote about my thoughts on "Firsts".

You know, "First woman to become mayor", "First black astronaut", "First gay...", etc. Etc. And everyone claps and celebrates while a few million people not in these minorities do the same thing every day.

No praise, just a paycheck.

Why? This has never made sense to me when everyone is supposed to be treated equal, especially here in the United States.

I mean think about it and let's apply some good old fashioned common sense to it, not only is this putting one group of people's importance over that of another (favoritism in its simplest term), which is the opposite of equality meaning equity.

In my opinion it should also be considered quite insulting to the minority in question!

Are you surprised that these people accomplished these things based solely on their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation?

Because if you are surprised by that would that not make you a racist or a bigot by definition?

Think about that y'all!

Which if we keep moving leads us to the conclusion that multiculturalism as a concept is itself racist but here again, this would be a false conclusion. More on that later.

Let's even go a little further while we are at it, why not?

Telling or even convincing a group of people that you have already stereotyped and labeled by race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation etc., that they cannot succeed in their life without the help and protection of those in power is as racist and bigoted as it gets in my opinion.

Let's break it down before I really overstay my welcome in your mind.

"You are not smart enough, or strong enough to make it in the world of the majority population without our help and protection."

That is essentially what the left has taken generations to burn into minorities' minds (here in the U.S. it was focused on black Americans and gets passed down through those generations as a fact.

"The majority holds us back" becomes the reason for everything wrong in their lives.

It is all quite diabolical if we think about it. Using one generation to brainwash the next, their own children into the lie, believing what the ubiquitous "they" want them to believe. 

Key Point:

The enemy is always the majority which in this case right now is white people here in the United States, 60-70% of the population, but we can see by looking at non majority white countries the target of the Marxists attacks simply use religion, labor, whatever the majority is for the Marxists will be against. That is how we identify them.

It is as simple as that because the end goal is the overthrow of the majority and replacing that with their own ideology and everything that comes with it.

The majority is always to blame for everything at first until power is seized and then other groups and individuals and so on, and so on!

Hatred never ends, it simply gets redirected.

This is what the democrat party has done to many black Americans since reconstruction, and I am far from the only person who believes that.

As I have heard it said, "all that reconstruction did was put black Americans on a different kind of plantation" and I believe that is true.

Many black Americans see the same thing, Malcolm X, he saw it, MLK Jr., he saw it and many more prominent and average everyday day Janes and Joes who refuse to line up on the road to victimhood.

These people who show incredible bravery by stepping out of the box and taking control of their own lives are ostracized, ridiculed and even attacked by their own communities.

Why? They should be inspirations but that only happens if they get famous in some way as a rule. Everyday breakaways are very different stories according to many personal accounts I have read.

Anyway, we are venturing into a whole scribble of its own because we are talking about generational brainwashing. This is a can of worms being used to play hot potato by a barrel of monkeys let me tell ya!

The emotional barriers to clear communication are all but insurmountable.

In a nutshell I am suggesting that if we just take some time to actually think about this stuff, we will realize what I always say.

Race only matters to racists. If you wish to know who the true racists are simply pay attention to who always makes everything about race. It's common sense.

This can be applied to any type of hatred because it all manifests through projection.

The next question should be why? What will the final outcome of these actions be down the road for our children and grandchildren?

So, what do you think? There is no lack of people out there demanding that you believe what they say, preaching the words of deceit and treachery.

The words of this scribble are a summary of my thoughts on things, and I am far from alone in them.

It's just something to think about y'all, till next time ~Ghost


Side note: Multiculturalism, like most everything else in our world is not positive or negative in itself. It simply is what it is, a definition of a concept.

Almost every Western country is multicultural. It is how people use the concept or twist it to fit an evil purpose that makes it evil.

The only way they can keep us arguing (which means arguing with each other) is to keep us arguing over the concept.

Nothing becomes good or bad until it comes into contact with a human being. It simply is what it is until we influence it.

Understanding that simple truth is the cornerstone of understanding this human created reality we live in as a whole.

Since this is a reality of our own making everything that happens within it good or bad barring natural disasters is our own damn fault. This is either as a society or an individual creating our own personal realities.

It all begins and ends with you (US). Until we accept that responsibility nothing will change. ~Ghost


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