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Voter ID laws... "RACISM?"... "CRT" and More.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022


The harder an issue is to talk about, the more urgently it needs to be discussed.

My questions on this topic are based on several topics I cover and connect in this video.

To untangle a web, you must go strand by strand, and the spiders do not like it when we do that.

I am not here to prove or disprove anything, I simply offer people something to think about.

The real question is why so many people have a problem with that? ~Ghost

Be sure to check out the links and information below.



Source Material

Ami Horowitz video original source

Supreme Court Keeps Challenge to Voter ID Alive ( This was a good ruling IMO, it just got me to thinking deeper into what became this video.

I just want to be clear that I am not criticizing the ruling itself in any way.


Costs by state for DL and State ID

Your State ID Card Guide | State ID prices by state (price per year) length of time applicable

Think about it this way. ---------------------------------------------------->

Do these prices seem outrageous?

For a little clarity, the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. is $6.65 per pack. Americans who smoke two packs a week, therefore, spend about $688 a year.

A pack a day... $2,427.25 per year.

Anyone can get an ID in this country for the cost of a few packs of smokes, or a couple of trips to MacDonalds.

It is not how much money you have but how you use what you got that matters.

This is an issue of personal responsibility, not race, gender, etc.

So why are they making it about race, what does that accomplish, what is their end goal for these actions?

And most importantly, what are the inevitable consequences of what they are doing?


The Debate

YOU decide. By the way...

You know how I feel about polls but for some additional context. It would seem the voter, we the people, support these voter ID laws across the spectrum.

That means our representatives are NOT doing the will of their constituents since they are still pushing this racist theory of suppression and fighting voter ID laws.

Why are they doing that, what will they accomplish by this, what is their goal?

These are the questions we need to be asking, they are the spotlight that reaches into every dark corner.


Connecting the Dots (The Voter ID issue is directly linked to Multiculturalism and mass migration.

The whole plan has been available for anyone to read since 1963, people just have not been paying attention. Those of us who have been paying attention are dismissed as "conspiracy theorists"


Is it only racist when it is required in the United States? Does that REALLY make sense?


Marxism (the true enemy of us all, black, white, brown, Republican, Democrat, male, female, "liberal" or conservative.

Karl Marx's Theory of Class Conflict - Video & Lesson Transcript | (Must become a member to view full documents etc. It is worth having, tons of information at your fingertips.)



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