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Mind Games... Hypocrisy and Lies

Updated: Apr 15


"Always accuse your opponent of what you are guilty as you are doing it to create confusion" ~Marxist Tactic

You will never understand until you accept the fact that the people doing the lying, are the same people doing the fact checking. ~Ghost


Election Deniers footage- Mind Games... Election Deniers (

Footage sources- 17 U.S. Code § 107 Fair Use

Nationwide Protests Lead To Unrest In Dozens Of Cities Across America | TODAY - YouTube

MAYHEM IN AMERICA: Riots and chaos engulf New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC - YouTube

Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump And MAGA Republicans In Fiery Speech - YouTube

New study shows BLM movement is linked to 91% riots over 3 months | Black Lives Matter - YouTube

Thinking Cap Image-President's Message: Thinking Caps On (Again) | Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill (

Some Extra Reading- “Accuse The Other Side Of That Which You Are Guilty” (

(Below is an excerpt) (Working on replacing this image)

Fact Checks

Quotes from US Democrats falsely characterized as calls for violence | Fact Check (

You Decide.

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