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"Dragging" kids into madness...

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The point at which one slips into madness happens with little fanfare, a whisper in the mind, and it is done. ~Ghost


Use your common sense when watching this video, not every person who chooses to become a Drag Queen is involved in this sexualization of our children or any other activity portrayed in this video. These are personal choices made by individuals.

Drag Queen story hour is simply the edge of the proverbial "slippery slope", and it is only going to get worse the longer we allow it to continue, more and more depravity will be demanded.

Think people, there is only one outcome to this. Beyond the Drag Queen story crap there is another purpose at work here, just open your damn eyes and see it already, do it for your children, for OUR children.


Gay RIGHTS movement (scenes from the first gay rights parade as compared to today's PRIDE movement.)

It isn't about rights anymore. footage from the First Gay Rights Parade in 1970

Footage of today's Pride Parades randomly pulled from the internet.


Here is the song that the blond-haired dancer with the "Cat Ears" on was dancing and singing along with in front of those children (WARNING this song is disgusting and highly offensive in my opinion, listen at your own risk.)

“My p—y good / p—y sweet /p—y good enough to eat,”

What the hell is wrong with you people?


Kitty Demure was not involved with the making of this video in any way. Their becoming a focal point of the video was purely circumstantial.

I liked what they had to say and added my own emphasis.

The full video used here is available on the Kitty Demure YouTube Channel.


Michael Alig


Desmond Napoles



Inspiration for this video, keep up the good work.




If you are feeling lost and feel like giving up, you are not alone. PLEASE, reach out, there are people waiting to help.

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