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To Listen or Not to Listen.

When there is no one left to blame, that is when we truly find ourselves. ~Ghost

(Opinion) For educational/entertainment purposes only

I get asked a lot why I post so much political content.

The answer is that I don't, not really.

If you view my opinions and thought exercises as being political then you have clearly missed the point. That could also be a very good reason you may not understand them because the political aspects of my posts are not the point of the post in itself.

Politics, as with every other aspect of human existence, conscious or otherwise is ruled by human psychology. No human minds, no human psychology to develop the simple idea of politics to begin with, correct?

Politics is simply a tool created by us to accomplish certain goals, that is it! As a stand-alone subject there is nothing 'good' nor 'evil' about it. It simply is what it is until acted upon and used by people to accomplish those goals I mentioned earlier.

This is the moment that human beings use politics for 'good' or 'evil' intentions and those intentions are driven by the psychology of those who stand on both sides of the scales.

If we simply focus on the politics itself, we are simply chasing our own tails because we already know WHAT these people are doing, the politics, we see it every day.

The purpose of my posts is to get people to start looking past the politics, the "what" and start asking themselves WHY they (the Marxist/progressives AKA The Left) are doing what they are doing.

More importantly asking ourselves; "What will be the end results for us all if they succeed?"

I always say to people; I understand that the things I say are terrifying, they were just as terrifying to the people who heard them and chose not to listen when Hitler, Mao, Stalin and every other tyrant of the 19th and 20th centuries rose to power using these exact same methods and tactics.

Then as with now there were people like me trying to warn the people like them, you, but they chose not to listen resulting in over 100 million dead and still counting.

The same kind of people who did it then are rising to power once more, right now as I pen this scribble.

Given that fact it seems to me that one should worry a whole lot less about us being wrong and put some serious time into considering the consequences of us being right.

We already know what those consequences will be, the only question is how many more millions will die this time?

These people inhabit every political party and institution we have so if you are still in the mentality of Republican v Democrat you need to do some serious catching up on current events and I am not being a smart ass by saying that. Ask me, I will put you on the path.

Remember, I am not someone who gives the answers to people. I will however show you where to find them for yourself, and that is what my posts are meant to do.

I, and those like me give you all of the information you need to start connecting the dots and seeing the psychology (manipulation) behind the politics for yourself.

You can either choose to focus on the politics (the distraction) and waste your time chasing your own tail. Or you can choose to understand the truth and you will believe it because you found that truth yourself. All I did was point you in the right direction, and there are millions of 'ME's' out there doing the same thing for millions of 'You's'.

And it is working, look around you. More and more people are waking up to the grift, they are seeing through it and getting very pissed off about it.

There is a reason we chose our mission statement; "Our mission is not to change your mind; it is to change the way you think."

No one has the power to change someone else's mind on anything. Only the person themselves can do that which is why you can pile a mountain of evidence at one's feet and they will still refuse to see it.

They do not want to see it, so they don't. It is that simple and it is called "willful ignorance". It means knowing the truth but refusing to accept it for any one of a myriad of reasons on a personal level, but the most common reason is fear, followed closely by malignant narcissism.

Regardless the cause the effect is cognitive dissonance.

I won't go down that road right now though. Anyone who reads my scribbles has made those connections already from past scribbles. If not, you can always choose to read them.

And that brings me to my point.

Choice. It always comes down to a choice, our choices.

I love the saying; "In the age of information ignorance is a choice" because it is 100% true.

The information we choose to believe is most often far less important than who we chose to get that information from. It is a very simple concept.

If you choose to listen to people with a history of being liars, then you should not be surprised when they lie to you.

If you choose to trust people who are honest then you can trust them to be honest with you. This is not complicated; it is called common sense guys but here again, we must choose to listen to it. If you don't, at least ask yourself and understand why.

All I am saying is maybe it's time to make some different choices folks, you can always go back to making the old ones any time you choose to but rest assured, that cognitive dissonance and everything that comes with it will be right there waiting for you if that is your choice.

What have you got to lose man? Well, except for that raging cognitive dissonance, despair, nihilism, being lied to, used and manipulated by other people and then thrown away...JS!

I will end with this.

My scribbles are directed at the masses as I have stated before, not individual people so if my posts somehow offend you don't get mad at me, it is your own mind causing you to be offended because down deep it knows, you know, whatever it is.

Something I learned a long time ago the hard way; we cannot hide from ourselves, ever.

All of the stuff I scribble about is my simplification of a very complicated subject that I study by the greatest minds in psychology. I am a Jungian by the way and the things I ponder in my scribbles come directly from his writings and others who were far more knowledgeable than I will ever be in my lifetime.

Even though I have spent a lifetime so far studying their works.

If you want to know the things, I know it is all available and costs nothing but time. I recommend starting with the You Tube Channel 'Academy of Ideas' just go there and start watching videos while comparing what is being said to what is going on in the world around you right now, it won't take long folks, trust me.

But, here again as always, you must choose to do it, to start truly paying attention to everything around you, not just what you want to see and hear.

That is all that people such as me do differently, we pay attention to everything that other people don't, and we are simple purveyors of that information. What, if anything, people choose to do with that information is entirely up to them.

To listen or not to listen.

Something to think about y'all, till next time.


Connective tissue.

What have you got to lose?

For those who like to jump off into the weeds.

These are the people I listen to. Who are you listening to?

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