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False Gods and Fireflies

"One must choose to be misled by others and they make that choice by not verifying the truth of what they are told for themselves. ~Ghost


As a species we are quite easily distracted, I don't think anyone can deny that.

The average attention span of observed millennials and Gen Z participants is reported to be shrinking rapidly.

According to estimates (not verified), attention spans can be as short as 8 seconds, with the average being around 15 seconds.

Being a realist, I understand that keeping up with today's hypersensitive, hyper fast cycling internet world is essential.

I'm amazed at how fast these young people can produce information.

In order to support their beliefs, they know precisely where to look.

However, I also find it very concerning since it poses some questions with answers I find frightening.

This scribble revolves around those questions and the only answers I see. 



As always, my scribbles are for educational/entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinions and beliefs based on my own research.

It's just something to think about folks. Agreeing with me is not a requirement to listen. ~Ghost


You may find my scribble on Environmental Enrichment helpful

It also acts as connective tissue for this scribble and will be referred to.

We need to be clear on one point before we move forward. This scribble refers to a very specific group of people.

In simple terms, if you are capable of researching or studying something without building a belief system around it, this scribble does not apply to you.

It applies to our counterparts who are currently unable to do that.


The most obvious questions are of course is; "Is it true?".

"Where did the individual get the information that is the basis for their belief?".

"Who is behind this information and most of all what is their motivation for spreading it?".

We already know the answers to those questions, so our goal is to make our counterparts aware of them as well.

As we know that is proving to be a tough nut to crack.

In fact, that nut is proving to be far tougher to crack than it should be in this writer's opinion.

Without spending an hour or two explaining my thought process from beginning to end I concluded that there is a much darker, more sinister shadow behind all of this, so I began to look into it deeper myself and believe we have found a pattern.

I say we because it is a team effort always, you learn this, I learn that, and they learn something else that may not make a lick of sense until we put what we each know together.

That was the whole goal of destroying our ability to have civil dialogue with each other after all.

If we do not talk to each other, we can never make that connection. It's that simple.

Fact: If you are not in control of your mind, someone else is and that is what we are going to look at in this scribble.

I call this tactic "False Gods and Fireflies."


The following video clips are and remain the sole property of their creators and are used under the Fair Use Act.


In my personal opinion one of the greatest examples of this tactic is happening right now in the music industry using another favorite tactic of grifters and liars alike.

The good old fashioned "Bait and Switch".

Let's look at some examples through some other people's eyes that I found on social media. They see what we see.

The few artists shown in the clip above are just the tip of the iceberg folks, they are the most out front and open about the "Bait and Switch" (Grift/Con) they are involved with.

Now of course we have "fact checks" on the media darling Taylor Swift so don't forget to look at that as well. I only posted one because they all basically just regurgitate the same talking points.

The only fact here is that nobody really knows that woman's intent but her, it is her actions that have exposed her and the rest of them.

I have heard the talking heads on the mainstream propaganda machine talking about Ice Spice with her upside down cross and "Devil Horns". More about the artist here.

"It is the cross of St. Peter." This is true but it is a well-known fact that this also is one of the reasons Luciferians use the symbol. To mock and disrespect Christianity.

What better way than to appropriate one of Catholicism's (Christianity) most holy symbols and defile it publicly?

Let's put those thinking caps on y'all, common sense time.

As I just mentioned with the Cross of St. Peter, it is a very strong symbol of Christianity, this is absolutely true.

It is prevalent in many Catholic rituals and ceremonies including those presided over by the Pope.

So, ask yourself a simple question. Does it make sense for someone who is devout enough to wear a cross of St. Peter to be at the same time throwing up "Devil Horns" a known satanic salute for lack of a better word.

After working that out what seems more likely? She is a devout practicing Catholic who would not be throwing up satanic symbols and wears a cross of St. Peter to announce her devotion to God.

Or she wears the cross to mock God and Christianity which a Luciferian would certainly use satanic symbols to identify themselves to others of their ilk.

Do your research and you decide. That was just to get our minds warmed up and slid into common sense mode because we have a bit of a chore ahead of us.


Time to strip away the emotional distractions and focus on the facts, meaning the "Bait and Switch" grift I keep mentioning.

Unless you do not believe your own eyes and ears this "Bait and Switch" happened, is happening right now and the targets of this con game are OUR FUCKING CHILDREN!!


My God, have you never heard the story of the "Pied Piper" for crying out loud.

(OK, sorry, I needed a tiny vent there for a second because this shit infuriates me beyond my ability to control it quite often. The absurdity of this apathy from parents, people in general, has reached evil proportions.

Our children are right now being stolen away from us by modern day Pied Pipers and far too many people are not only allowing it through apathy but participating in the corruption and enslavement of their own children.

It is sickening to me; it makes me want to vomit the things I see happening all due to the venomous combination of arrogance and ignorance.

A person too arrogant to admit their ignorance is incapable of learning as long as they remain in that mentality.

I know this to be true through my own experiences. At one time I was myself a member of the misled masses until I stopped letting my own pride and arrogance prevent me from accepting and more importantly admitting that I was wrong.

This is the key that opens the cell door people, but we must choose to use it.

Then and only then was I able to shut my mouth long enough to start listening, learning, and understanding.

Everything I scribble about comes from my own experiences, observations, and repeatable experimentation using my fellow humans as unwitting lab rats.

Unethical? Oh yeah, but I am not an academic. My mind games were extremely informative and never actually hurt anyone. Left a lot of confused people in my wake but the DATA was invaluable to me.

Anyway, I digress.


Let's take a second to make sure we all understand what we are talking about here, a "Faustian Bargain". More on Faust's Bargain HERE.

In the music industry the concept seems to have begun with a man named Robert Johnson, a rather untalented wannabe blues man who is said to have sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads and in just 1 years' time (impossible) became a legendary blues man influencing musicians for generations to come until his sudden and mysterious death at age 27. He even outshined his idols. You can check out his story HERE. It is quite interesting.

Now that we understand what we are talking about let's listen to some artists themselves.

There is only one God and any other that presents themselves as a God are false gods.

This is one of the few times in life that truly is black and white. We cannot serve two masters.

If you are not on the side of "good" then you are by default on the side of "evil" to try and do both simply makes you a traitor to both and a person with no loyalty other than to themselves is very easily manipulated.

They are for all intents and purposes political mercenaries who will by their nature be drawn to politics and the power it can provide. they sell their vote "OUR VOTES" because they are OUR representatives, to whoever offers them the best advantages for themselves be it money or power.

People say, "well, that's politics." Nope, that's called corruption disguised as politics as usual and the masses buy it because that is what they have been conditioned to believe and accept.

Otherwise, why would they all say the exact same thing about the exact same subject?


Remember this from the first video?

This is actually a very common phenomena in rituals that involve "demon or spirit" possession.

Voodoo is a very good reference for this but let's use documentation. You can read the full document HERE

The notion that a person’s ordinary identity may be replaced by a different one, usually that of a spiritual entity, is commonly referred to as spirit possession. Spirit possession typically results in noticeable changes in consciousness and behavior followed by reported amnesia for the event.

It is called "Somatoform Dissociation" and I am very familiar with it not from being possessed but due to it also being strongly connected to my own PTSD. If interested, you can read more on that on that connection HERE.

I recommend doing so because in my own opinion I would think being possessed by an evil spirit and then having no memory of the event would be quite traumatizing to any normal person.

I will leave you to ponder all of this further on your own, but I warn you, it goes deep.

It gets dark, and it gets scary.

If the songs are written as incantations to invite spirits or demons, then those singing along with those lyrics are also inviting them in whether they know it or not.

I think I mentioned earlier that what I show in this scribble is just the very tippy tip of the iceberg, but it should be enough to at least get some people thinking and asking questions.

More importantly demanding answers to those questions.

I am going to leave you with one more video to watch and you can decide for yourself what this videos message is, and you might just want to hit the pause button on life for a minute and start looking at more because this IS happening folks.

The fireflies are leading our children away to worship their own false gods who are in reality demons using the artists to mislead them.

Unless of course you do not believe your own eyes and ears.

Something to think about folks, till next time. ~Ghost


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