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Democrats Turn on Their Own for Common Sense Thinking.

If you wish to create understanding, simplify. If you wish to create confusion, overcomplicate. ~Ghost


What Fetterman is saying here is a very common sense-based process of peacefully ending this conflict between Hamas and the IDF.

It is not possible of course and he does acknowledge that, but I think what he is saying, is that the primary pressure point that needs to be removed RIGHT NOW, to create a cease fire is Hamas.

I agree with him 100% on that but this is not the point I want to make here with this scribble.

Take a minute to watch the video or read the Newsweek Article before we move on.

As always you can make up your own mind what he is saying after reading the article for THEIR context of course.

Personally, I could care less about anyone else's context which is usually biased one way or the other so we must examine both.

In that examination through a quick process of elimination we get to the facts.

The thing about absolute truth (cold hard facts) is that they do not need context, they simply are what they are.

Context is a means to sway personal opinion, it does nothing to change the facts. It is also used at times to confuse the issue, muddy the waters so to speak in order to hide those cold hard facts even deeper.

So, what is the cold hard facts in this situation.

It is found within our process of elimination that revealed the one thing preventing a cease fire, Hamas.

Fetterman says as much in his speech that they and only they are the common denominator in all of this suffering the innocent Palestinians AND innocent Israelis are experiencing.

Neither of these groups started this current conflict, Hamas did.

It is a fact that if Hamas was removed from the equation a two-state solution may, and I do mean may be possible.

All of that hatred will not simply disappear, it will take generations of peace to suppress it, for a while anyway.

Remember, the innocent Palestinians are the ones who VOTED Hamas into power.

And only they can purge Hamas from power. This is also a simple fact that needs no context.

If they asked the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) to drive Hamas out of Gaza, go and hide so as not to be used as human shields and it could be over with in 1, maybe 2 days I would guess.

"Evil" is never defeated though; it simply retreats back into its shadows slithering around whispering venomous words into nihilistic minds until it has regained enough power to try it all again.

This is the cycle of the universe, a never-ending struggle between positive and negative forces creating a tiny realm where we humans can safely exist in the middle of absolute chaos.

So. Hamas is without a doubt the common denominator in this situation. As I mentioned a minute ago if we remove Hamas from the equation the cease fire would be immediate.

Aid would immediately be sent into Gaza from Israel, from the world and it would actually make it to innocent Palestinians instead of being hijacked by Hamas.

the dying would stop, the horrors would stop, the starvation would stop, all of this would STOP!

That is the primary cold hard fact that needs no context. This is an absolute truth that cannot be denied.

That being said my question to you is this.

Why would the Democrats be against this solution? Why the need to overcomplicate this simple truth with meaningless "context".

Not another child on either side would have to die but they, the Democrats resist this commonsense solution that would save who knows how many lives?

Even to the point of turning on their own over it.

I know what it tells me.

Something to think about folks, till next time. ~Ghost


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