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The Ten Commandments


Ok, world, if you will bear with me a moment I would like to start off on a personal note.

I know that I can be a tad wordy in my scribbles but believe it or not what you are seeing is actually a tremendous improvement for me. Believe me when I say that having this brought to my attention is in no way offensive to me, in fact it makes me grin because I know it is true.

My background in writing has always been more on the clinical side (meaning as much information as possible) rather than communicating in a pithy, efficient manner for people who are not accustomed to sitting down and reading research papers, studies and lectures that can take hours or even days to read through.

That is just an everyday thing in my life so I will work on it folks. Keep it coming by the way and thanks. It is critiques like this that help me become a better writer in this genre. ~Ghost



As always, my scribbles are for educational/entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinions and beliefs based on my own research.

It's just something to think about folks. Agreeing with me is not a requirement to listen. ~Ghost


The Ten Commandments have always fascinated me in more ways than simply being laws that God handed down to us to follow so this is no way a critique of the validity or authority of the commandments themselves.

However, let's make sure we understand the Ten Commandments and for that I will use one of my favorites, Prager U.

Now, let's take a few steps backwards for a minute so that we move away from the religious aspects of the ten commandments.

By doing that we can begin to understand that every single one of the ten commandments coalesces into the very definition of basic human nature does it not?

Humans kill, humans cheat, humans steal, humans lie etc. etc...

What Christianity calls "sin" in this case from the very commandments themselves are all of the things' we humans would do if we were not taught early on in our lives the difference between right and wrong.

Just look around us, our entire justice system here in the United States is founded on these ten commandments and anyone who does not follow or breaks the rules is punished for it.

That is the very thing that makes civilization possible so anyone who is working against that is working to destabilize civil society itself are they not?

I mean come on guys, no more rhetoric, no more mainstream media talking points blah, blah freaking BLAH!

Let's be honest here; this is common sense shite we are talking about man!

This brings us to one of the greatest fallacies societies as a whole seem to believe.

"Human beings are inherently good by nature". Are we?

I think not!

We do not need to wonder either because we have real life examples that the opposite is true if we go by all of our standard definitions concerning right and wrong.

Feral Children! Let's take a look.

These cases are thankfully quite rare, but they are also invaluable when it comes to understanding human behavior.

Now, "academics" like to overcomplicate this with a whole bunch of useless words to justify their title of an "expert" but it really is quite simple.

Left to their own devices these children were forced into survival mode which means their base nature, they adapted and improvised miraculously surviving with the help of the only other living creatures around them, lesser animals.

Being that they lacked even rudimental language skills they most certainly did not know about or understand our societal definitions of right and wrong, how could they?

All of these children fit every definition of anti-social behavior that exists in our collective civilization.

Children must be taught how to be a "good" adult, it is not in our nature to be one because our nature is inherently self-serving driven by the same thing as the 10th commandment warns us about.

Coveting. Our base nature is to covet anything someone else has that we do not and since we have no understanding of right and wrong, we simply take it and if the owner resists, we may even beat or kill them with no remorse because we don't even know the meaning of the word unless it is taught to us.

The ten commandments either taken as religious law or simple common sense are telling us to resist all of those things in our human nature that makes us a bad person.

God never promises to change human nature because that would be to deny us free will.

We must choose between following our base nature which is antithetical to our conceptions of what makes a "good" person as a society, or we resist that nature and become that "good" person.

That of course makes anyone not resisting that primal human nature "evil" or most commonly referred to be society as "criminals" that we used to lock up.

Every human being walking this earth is capable of both good and evil because we are the very incarnation of both.

I may not know what existed or how things were before we humans arrived but one thing, I do know in this dimension according to all laws of physics there must be a cause and an effect.

Without us humans to commit ACTS of good and evil how can either exist as we know them?

Everything we know to be good, or evil is based on our own understanding of what good and evil are.

Humans simply cannot learn beyond our own understanding and for many such as myself, that is where the ten commandments come in.

The bible, especially my favorite book, Proverbs, tells me exactly how to be a good man for example but I must choose to those things and those things mean sacrifice as well which many people are just not willing to do.

We all must make that choice of which road we are going to travel and my point with this scribble is to say that no matter if you are a religious person or an Atheist you are going to have to make this same choice eventually.

The ten commandments in my humble opinion are a warning from God to resist our base nature as human beings because that nature will lead us down a path of "evil" and in its own way science is telling us about the same thing with these feral children.

If this was not true, we would still be living as warring tribes, barbarians because we would never have evolved beyond that point.

Resisting our base nature, (following the ten commandments) is the only way we achieved civilization in the first place and since then we have been at constant war with those who choose not to.

Something to think about y'all, till next time.


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