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Poisoning our Future

Updated: Jan 6


This is an emotional subject for me as a father, it cuts me right to my very soul so I must put a language warning on this video. Nothing too bad, but still.


Source article (Washington Examiner)

Teacher Defines ‘Fascist’: ‘Heterosexuals,’ ‘Christians’ – PJ Media (Secondary)

San Diego teacher defines 'fascist' to class as 'whites,' 'heterosexuals,' and 'Christians' (

Newsmax TV Explores the Most Notorious Tyrants of the 20th Century | (Image)



Yes, CRT is taught in K-12 schools. Here’s how. | The College Fix

Indiana school admin explains how schools teach CRT without using that term: 'We're lying' | Fox News

Iowa Parents Fighting Back Against PC Schools (

Education bureaucrats try to replace parents (

NYC School Directs Students to Stop Referring to Parents as ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ to be More ‘Inclusive’ | GOPUSA

Kansas teacher wins $95,000 after school pushed her to 'deceive' parents about students' gender identity | Fox News

Professor: Children Belong To The State, Not Parents (VIDEO) | The College Fix

Democrat Virginia Governor Candidate Says Parents Shouldn’t Have A Say In What Their Children Are Taught In School | The Daily Wire

Tracking parents' revolts against Marxist brainwashing from coast to coast - Washington Times

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Schools' Transgender Policy (

Children young as 10 at risk of radicalisation at school | Daily Mail Online

Radicalising Our Children - Henry Jackson Society

The 5 stages of online grooming – radicalising children – Internet Safe Education

Teachers unions are harming our children - Washington Times

Critical Race Theory, Public Schools, and Parental Rights | The Heritage Foundation

Critical Race Theory & Public School: Politico Finds Independent & Liberal Parents Have Complaints | National Review

Loudoun County parents spearheading ‘ERACED Rally’ to resist CRT | U.S. News (

Pornography in the Classroom? Sexually Explicit Material in Virginia Schools Sparks Outrage Among Parents - The New American

Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools - American Thinker

Howard Co. special education teacher faces child pornography charges: school officials (

Oregon school district books contain pornographic imagery of sex acts, according to portal | Fox News

Young kids being exposed to porn in school, parents shut down (

Parents Furious Over NYC School's 'Outrageous' Pornography Training (

I could keep adding websites, articles, and videos for the next month and I would not get them all in here. Primarily because there are many more being posted every day.

We hand our most precious parts of our life over to these people thinking and expecting that they are being protected from harm of any kind.

Does this sound like children are safe from predators in a system that protects and even knowing employs predators?

Coffee is on people...

This is the pretty package they are hiding it all within.

What Is Social-Emotional Learning? | Committee for Children (

A deeper look under the pretty paper:

Social and Emotional Indoctrination in Schools - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens

#514 – The Ugly Truth of SEL Indoctrination – Digging Deeper Media

'Social and emotional learning' is often cover for progressive indoctrination (

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is Occultism & Indoctrination - The New American


Public Schools are Trying to Replace Parents Using SEL - YouTube (Parent) (News Report) (School Bord meeting in California talking about parents.) (News Report)


VIDEO: We Can Keep Radical Politics Out of the Classroom with the Academic Transparency Act (

Website tracks where critical race theory taught at US schools (

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