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Episode 4- My Thoughts on Ukraine/Russia Conflict (Semi-Political)

NOTE: What do I mean by semi-political? The subject is political, the results of the subject are political, but my analysis of the subject is NOT political.

(The text below does not exactly match the video)

So, what are your opinions on the issue in Ukraine?

Mine is not very popular because I am looking at it from a purely factual viewpoint while many other people are too lost in their emotions to do that.

So hear me out.

I fully support all possible humanitarian aid to Ukraine as I would with any country whose citizens are suffering due to the actions of tyrants.

If I let my emotions get the best of me I even start agreeing with military aid but fortunately, I am not in the habit of letting my emotions get the best of me. Not anymore anyway.

The emotional side of this I completely understand, my heart and prayers go out to anyone who is having their lives turned upside down and destroyed by the actions of tyrants, including myself and my fellow Americans.

But here is the thing that lies hidden behind all of the emotional noise and propaganda. Step away from that noise and let's look at some facts.

Those who can do that, let's go. Those who can't, no worries man, stay with us and listen anyway, it may help you get there.

NOTE: The way you remove the emotion is to remove the citizens from the equation, focus only on the actions of the people in power, not the impact on the citizens, we can think about that part of it all at another time.

So here is the deal the way I see it (MY OPINION) after getting away from the noise and looking at the facts.

The Ukraine/Russia conflict is none of our business except on a humanitarian level, and that conflict is most certainly not any business of NATO, because Ukraine is NOT a member nation of NATO.

They are also not officially a U.S. ally because being a member of the Russian Federation prevents that.

First, a little backstory is needed, and I do mean "a little".

Ukraine filed for membership in NATO in 2008 but with the election of Viktor Yanukovych in 2010, that effort was officially shelved by Ukraine. Yanukovych wanted to keep Ukraine independent.

Ukraine has shown interest in becoming a NATO member dating back as far as 1992 but as one would expect Russia has had the goal of preventing Ukraine from joining NATO since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many hardliners like Putin want to rebuild the former Soviet Union and they need Ukraine to do it for many different reasons I don't have time to go through right now, too many.

Let's just say resources are at top of the list.

So that is not even scratching the surface of the history between Ukraine and Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I put a link at the end that is a good starting point if you want to dig deeper into that. I hope you do.

But here are the bare facts.

1) Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO and therefore is not entitled to NATO protection, period.

2) Ukraine IS a member of the Russian Federation, something they applied for and willingly accepted. This puts them to whatever extent the contract is specified under the control of Russia.

Again NATO exists to protect other member nations from Russian aggression, that is all NATO is for.

You can not use NATO forces to liberate a country from a contractual agreement WITH Russia so that the other country (Ukraine) can then try and join NATO.

Ukraine can not join the Russian Federation and then simply wait until after Russia actually attacks them and THEN expect NATO forces to help them.

This conflict is none of NATO's business except and unless this conflict spills over into a NATO member country, that is it period.

As for the U.S., our president is as much responsible for this conflict as is Russia and Ukraine.

He helped instigate it through his empty threats and sanctions and all the while he was playing both sides. He was sending aid to Ukraine while at the same time funding Russia's war machine by buying millions of o dollars of Russian oil and that is documented.

I have posted about this, which is called a war profiteer.

And then there is this Zelinsky guy, president of Ukraine. I liked him at first but now he has sent my flags up big time.

He keeps calling for a no-fly zone over his country.

He knows good and damn well what that means but he is really pushing it.

Why? Why is this guy so determined to take actions that will start a 3rd world war? Is he simply ignorant of this fact?

I don't buy that because even if he is, he has military advisers who do know what it means to pit NATO against Russia and its allies.

This really makes no logical sense if you think about it unless of course they actually WANT to start WW3, then it all makes perfect sense for him to be pushing it.

This leads one to start thinking that there is more going on here than we have information to figure out.

As for myself. Nothing is ever settled for me until there are no more questions to ask. I still have all kinds of questions.

We know the disinformation is horrendous so that is why I am looking at it through the lens of logic and not through the noise of emotion.

There are enough people doing that already.

I am out y'all, have a good one.

Think About This.

So Biden since being in office has already made us all complicit in human trafficking, including child sex trafficking by using our taxes to finance the last leg of the route sending them all over our country.

He made us all complicit in financing terrorism by his action in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries by sending OUR tax dollars to known terrorist organizations and leaving tens of millions of military equipment behind for the terrorists to take control of.

Now he makes us all complicit in war profiteering by using OUR tax dollars to play both sides in the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

I don't know about you but I am NOT ok with that.


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