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Mind Games... Fascist! (SCRIPT)


I always find it interesting when people say "History Repeats Itself"

In my mind this is no different than claiming "The Devil Made Me Do It"

People create history and only people can repeat it, either by will, ignorance, or stupidity.

From what I have read as far back as written records have been kept it is historically a combination of all of them.

I find the phrase to be quite dismissive, even as far as its being used as a "cop out."

A cop out that has aided in the distortion of, or exclusion of factual history by those most trusted to teach our children.

This betrayal of trust has led to all of the things I talked about in the last episode titled "Input/Output"

Which brings us to today's disquisition.


More specifically, who is a fascist in America today.

No exclusions, I just happen to live in the U.S.A.

However, you can apply what I have to say to pretty much any country in the world because contrary to popular belief, we are not actually talking about not an ideology.

That is simply a distraction to create division and animosity between the targeted parties.

What we are talking about, is a mentality that has been around for as long as there have been modern human beings.


The powerful enslave the weak, or on an even deeper level,

one mentality enslaves the weaker mentalities through force at first and physical or economic slavery once they are subdued.

From the strongest and most brutal of a tribe becoming the leader and taking the lion share of the food, through the Monarchies and Manorialism,

the murderous tyrants of the 19th and 20th centuries to the big corporations allied with a corrupt government that robs the very people they swore to protect blind while stripping us of our constitutional rights.

To the benefit of those same corporations and everyone except the people it is meant for.

Is there anything more diabolical than forcing through law and policy, a population to finance their own enslavement while becoming obscenely rich in the process?

This is the mentality of the people we are dealing with, and the population had best start paying attention to it and stop denying its existence.

The thing I am continuously baffled by is the fact that what I am talking about is in no way some big secret that only a chosen few of us know.

It is probably the most documented aspect of human behavior that there has ever been.

Tyranny has been the system from our tribal days until the founding of the United States with its foundation in personal freedoms and liberties given to them by God,

not the state.

Those who make up the state from the head to the lowest useful idiot venomously hate the U.S. and everything she stands for.

And since 1933 there has been an all-out assault on that system by the people who want the old ways back,

The tyrants who we have established are tyrants because of a mentality, not a belief system.

The belief system stems from the individual's and then the group mentality as they become absorbed into the collectivist hive mind.

It is very important where we start our analysis from is it not?

Everything before and after this point is irrelevant for our purposes so thinking about it serves only as a distraction.

As it was designed to be specifically because an ignorant, enraged mob enjoying a sense of self-righteousness in their actions

will never stop and ask the questions that would expose the truth to them and that makes it very easy to convince them that any opposing viewpoint is not only wrong...but evil.

And by that metric so must the person saying it must be evil.


Chapter 1 Who are the fascists.

Before we move on to our analysis, we need to make note that what we are focused on is authoritarian personality/mentality.

It includes all authoritarian/totalitarian systems. Socialism, Communism, Fascism etc. all stem from the same poison root, Marxism.

In truth there are only two systems, freedom, and slavery.

Though created by the twisted minds of different people with slight variations of methodology they all sought the same goal.

The goal of controlling other people's lives to bring about a violent revolution in which THEY would rise from the ashes as God on earth, and everyone bows to their will.

This is the very reason for Marxism's failure to ever reach true Communism, meaning no government, no monetary system, and no private ownership.

Once the Socialists take power, they are never going to be giving it up, and people are naturally resistant to slavery,

they WILL eventually revolt and that leads to violence which gives the authoritarian their favorite thing in the world, a reason to punish people.

This is where the fatal flaw of Marx's dream utopia reveals itself.

You cannot change human nature. Power corrupts weak minds and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Different people, same goal, same results in the end, equals the same mentality, authoritarian or totalitarian, they are both peas in the same pod.

This all makes much more sense when we accept the fact that we are no longer dealing with just Socialism/Communism on one side and Fascism on the other.

What we are dealing with now due to the failures of both in the past is the unholy love child of both,

They named it Progressivism and it has one goal in life, to use Cultural Marxism and every proven tool of the tyrants before them as the hammer and sickle to destroy Western Culture (individual freedoms, and liberty) and re-enslave humanity under authoritarian/totalitarian rule.

In 2022, communism and fascism are two faces of the same coin.

So, let's look at some primary traits that are considered to be known aspects of the authoritarian mentality or personality.

Personality after all springs from one's overall mentality.

All authoritarian personalities possess most if not all of the following ten traits.

Everyone possesses some of these qualities, it is part of our nature after all.

The difference is that some people embrace the "good" side of our nature, while others embrace the "bad"

Human beings are in no way excluded from the laws of nature; we must obey because this is nature's way of trying to maintain balance.

Do not confuse this with manifest destiny or fate, we all choose our path in life.

So, let's compare.

1. Hatred

The core truth about all authoritarians is that they are coming from a place of pure, unadulterated hatred.

(Now we could waste mountains of time analyzing what drives that hatred on an individual basis, but we won't because knowing that information changes nothing.)

It is for our purposes irrelevant and therefore a distraction.

2. Punishment and Cruelty

Because they are full of hatred, authoritarians need to punish others, likely as a perceived punishment of those responsible for the deep seated hatred to begin with.

Even if that someone is themselves.

3. Violence, Aggression, and Assaultive Behavior

Authoritarians are regularly assaultive and violent and even more often—sometimes constantly—in a state of barely suppressed near-violence.

2 and 3 mostly present themselves after power has been seized but as power is being consolidated you will see more and more of this trait coming out.

It is usually channeled through their minions in the form of riots, violent protests and crime because for the mob violence, aggression, and assaultive behavior is their collective mentality.

4. Threats and Scare Tactics

Authoritarians want their victims to fear them, they feed on it like some kind of emotional vampire as a means to avoid facing their own flaws and failings.

5. Quixotic, Unclear Rules

Rules are loved by authoritarians, even when they do not have any personal interest in adhering to them.

Since quixotic, unclear rules are the least possible to follow, the more quixotic and unclear the rules, the better.

Inevitably, such rules will be broken, leading to punishment for the offender.

In the mind of an authoritarian, rules exist to be broken, so punishment can be meted out.

A rule being followed can irritate an authoritarian to the point of violence, since they were waiting for a violation and an opportunity to punish.

Likewise, this helps explain why you can never get the praise you were hoping to receive for following the authoritarian’s rules: following them doesn’t please them, it upsets them!

6. Paranoia and Enemies’ Lists

Authoritarians, in part to explain to themselves their bottomless reservoir of hate, act as if they’re being continually threatened and endangered. They see enemies everywhere, including (and often especially) in former friends.

7. Truth Held as Enemy

Authoritarians have little regard for the truth. If your agenda is to punish others because you are filled with hatred and anger, the truth of any particular matter is a mere inconvenience.

every lie comes from the same place: the place of making themselves look better and others look worse.

Then they can pat themselves on the back and feel smug and superior.”

8. Shaming Efforts, Derision, and Ridicule

The hatred-and-punishment authoritarian agenda produces a person who takes pleasure in cruelty and who regularly shames, derides, and ridicules their current targets.

To control is not enough; to win is not enough; to dominate is not enough: none of that is experienced as enough.

The authoritarian wants you harmed and diminished. Since nothing feels quite as bad as shame, it is shame especially that the authoritarian wants you to feel.

9. Rigidity and Obsession with Control

The authoritarian’s need to control is regularly the first attribute

10. Intrusiveness

When you combine a need to control with a desire to shame and humiliate, you land on another authoritarian trait:


Authoritarians are regularly “into your personal business” (especially your sexual business and your bathroom business) in terrible and unacceptable ways.

What we are seeing today with the progressives' "mobs"

They call themselves cancel culture, BLM, ANTIFA and every other radical and extremist groups out there.

On both sides of the political divide. This is why we need to focus on this stemming from a mentality, not a political party or ideology.

if they have this mentality then they are being controlled by the Progressives period through never ending corrupt media propaganda and brainwashing tactics)

This should be sending a massive chill down the spines of every American.

Because we know how this story ends.

The boycotting of businesses who do not fly the progressives leftist banner is a familiar tactic that anyone who has studied the Holocaust can clearly see, and that is the source of the chill for those who know.

This is the exact same tactic that Hitler and the Nazis used to drive the Jews out of business, make them unable to pay their bills, feed their families, leading to massive ghettos filled with Jews simply existing in survival mode.

If you wish to know who a fascist is, you don't check off some biased medias list, or trust other misled people's opinion.

If you want to know if someone is a fascist, you compare them to the most well-known fascist of them all.

Adolf Hitler.

Because if you use the tactics/methods of a fascist... YOU are a fascist.

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