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Why suppressing depression and anxiety with drugs is not always the answer. (Pt 2)

Part 2

Warning Signs


Our minds and bodies are incredibly complex systems, biological machines if you will.

They have millions of moving parts all controlled by electrical stimulation triggered by chemical releases into our brains.

All of these things must work in complete harmony or the system breaks down in a domino effect until the system no longer functions properly.

We will again take physical injury, malignancy/mutation etc., out of the equation.

In part one we agreed that those situations required a completely different methodology for diagnosis and treatment.

We focus on psychological aspects that are present in a normal functioning brain being subjected to both interior and exterior negative causes.

Our primary concerns are anxiety and depression.

These are the most common symptoms people are treated for and yes.

Anxiety and depression are symptoms, not the defect itself.

It is very critical that we do not repeat the flawed thinking that anxiety and depression are the problems that need to be dealt with.

They are not, and thinking they are will always lead to incorrect conclusions and ineffective/incorrect treatments.

This will leave the patient suffering unnecessarily, or intentionally due to a political agenda.

This is part of a plan to brainwash and enslave that we have seen throughout the world history of tyrants.

This is not novel by any stretch of the imagination so one of the first questions we should ask ourselves is "why don't I know about this stuff?"

It is because that information and much more has been and is being intentionally denied to you.

The next question should be 'Why?' Followed by "what else have they lied to me about?"

We will never find answers until we start asking questions.


In part 1 I walked through my theory of how our own minds are used against us.

Before we dive into our subconscious though, let's take some time to make sure we fully understand why all of this is happening because it is all connected and we have seen it all before.

It amounts to little more than the modern version of the same old tactics used by every murderous tyrant in history and their goal was the same goal as the Marxist progressives we are dealing with right now.

NOTE: The story of the band 'Plastic People of the Universe" mentioned in this video is pretty ineresting, read more about it HERE.

Just imagine what Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin would have done if they had todays technology.

I am here to tell you folks, we do not have to imagine it because we are living it right now.

The names are different, the faces are different and the methodology has been seriously upgraded but the mentality behind it remains the same.

(It is vital that we understand that when these 'elites' speak like this, they are speaking exclusively to each other, not to us lowly peasants. We are simply the workers supporting their utopia, AKA, slaves.)

Authoritarian/totalitarian mind sets and they are not even trying to hide their plans anymore.

A very powerful and wealthy minority thinks they have the right to control the lives of anyone not in their own elite circle.

A two-class system of elites and slaves which is exactly what we had in this world until the founding of the United States and its constitution based on individual rights instead of collectivism.

Can we not see that they are trying (and succeeding) in dragging us back into slavery (Manorialism/Fuedalism) and calling it progress?

THEY call it 're-balancing our world', not "balancing our world" which means going back to the way it was at their balancing point.

That means they control us again because remember, that is basically the way the world was before the United States.

What part of this is so unclear for so many people?

This short video is an example of how it is done in modern politics.

This next video explains Manorialism (the economic side of Feudalism) and what life was actually like for those involved back in medievil times. (It is important to make sure we fully understand what we are talking about. Details matter.)

Now think 15 minute cities, they are nothing new, it is a backwards step into poverty and slavery. This is modern day manorialism and this is what they are trying to drag us back into.

The other side-

You can make your own decisions.


One more video to drive the point home. After watching it, take a good look around you guys, see what all of the other people are trying so desperately to keep us from seeing.

Who is currently doing all of the things in this video? You are going to have to be honest with yourself. (Youtube link)

(Are we starting to understand why they do not want young people reading the works of these pioneers in psychology and mental health and why they are not taught in so many classrooms anymore?)

It is all right there in front of us, we just have to open our eyes and see it.


On a personal, as well as a collective level as a species that possesses a herd mentality we have to step outside of focusing on what is happening and even why it is happening.

We already understand this part of the equation.

This is the cause of the symptoms we call anxiety and depression (the effect).

This is also nothing new. It comes straight out of the Marxist playbook, well, one of them anyway. They have multiple. (Click Image)

The goal is to keep the population in a constant state of anxiety, depression, or both.


Humans cannot think rationally when we are in a state of high emotion, which is the basis of anxiety and depression, they are emotional events caused by physiological stimulation.

They are mental and often physical manifestations of or more simply stated reactions to that constant 'pressure' we are all subjected to.

In this state we will never take the time to really analyze and use critical thinking to understand what is happening to us externally.

This is because we are too busy worrying about what is happening inside ourselves.

We don't understand it because we must always remember, "we have experts for that" so we never learned what we need to understand it.

I firmly believe that feelings of anxiety and depression manifesting in a normally functioning brain is like our systems' glaxon alarm warning us that we are in the red.

We need to dial back the pressure before something fails, meaning pathology.

It is also my belief that unless symptomology requires it, drugs should be a last resort, not the primary method of treatment.

What I am talking about is also nothing novel as I mentioned in part 1.

It is how mental health was treated for centuries before the Millinial generation imported the Marxist progressives Neo-psychology through the last couple of decades.

We need to explore these feelings and other symptoms, not numb them with man-made chemicals.

They are there for a reason and we ought to not only discover that reason, but more importantly we need to understand it as well.

If we begin our thinking with the understanding that anxiety and depression are symptoms (reactions) and not the core problem, much of the noise disappears, and a new clarity forms.

We answer questions we did not even know we had because things just fall into place. This causes the previous belief system to quickly crumble.

This is of course the last thing the manipulators want so they (those "experts") simply dope everyone up to prevent that from happening.

We have been conditioned to "listen to the experts" so far too many of us simply comply with the treatment treadmill until it no longer works and then we must make a life-altering decision.

Do we allow ourselves to disappear into zombie land or do we finally get it through our thick skulls that this is not working and seek alternative treatments?

Which is what I personally chose to do.

It wasn't easy and I would not recommend people go it alone the way I did.

Keep in mind that people like me learn everything the hardest way possible, not by choice, but by nature.

I flirted heavily with full-blown insanity and crossed that line more than once during my own journey.

In short, I did not explore anxiety and depression caused by my PTSD. Instead, I had a head-on collision with it like a tackling dummy and kept moving forward inch by agonizing inch until I made it.

When I conquered my PTSD and the mind-shattering anxiety and depression that came with it, it was when I stepped off the psychotropic drug treadmill, stopped running, stopped hiding, turned around and stood my ground.

By that time of course there was so much negative energy following me around that it hit me like a pyroclastic cloud racing down a volcano.

I will go into more detail about that in other scribbles I call "Memoirs of Madness" (PTSD) a work still in progress.

Suffice it to say, it was rough and more than likely if it were not for my stubbornness (hard headed) and even my narcissism I probably would have failed. Off to zombie land I would shuffle.

I am Scots-Irish, giving up is not how I am made.

However, I learned a lot during that journey. Things that I have applied to every aspect of my life, especially my mental well being. This is because I now understand that is where it all starts for humans.

All aspects of our individual and collective lives begin with our decision-making process.

If we are in an unhealthy mental state we will make poor decisions because we are not using critical thinking to determine those decisions.

Those decisions are emotional reactions, not logical thought processes.


There is a lot to unpack here, and as I am still hone my writing skills, I may not be the most proficient at explaining it all. Let's do a quick recap of part 1 and the progress so far in part 2.

This is my opinion since this is what I believe, but not my theory since, as I already pointed out, none of this is new.

I only aim to bring people's attention to the fact that we are simply repeating history.

After seizing control of the public education system, Marxist Progressives in both political parties took control of the mental health system by indoctrinating students with their own Neo-psychology.


The manipulators put as many young people on drugs as they could, just look at the numbers yourself.

This created the need for therapy where children (and adults) were treated using this Neo psychology focused on drugs, money and lies, not healing the mind.

Enter the LGBTQ radicals all dressed up in bright colors, bright hair, all of the things children are naturally drawn to so children ask "why are you doing this?"

For the manipulators this is an open invitation to indoctrinate that child into the LGBTQ agenda and that is exactly what happened.

Children are absolutely surrounded by LGBTQ propaganda, except perhaps at home. This makes it very easy for their manipulators to turn them against themselves and their families and friends.

During this time, parents may be completely unaware of this because of the 'teachers' etc. Tell the child "Don't tell your parents".

Don't believe me? Listen to their own words.

Now, we are dealing with the effects of that cause because a growing number of young people deny biology. They claim a man can be a woman, men can have babies or there is no difference between men and women.

All the while telling those who know better that they deny science.

This new science they speak of started with the introduction of psychotropic drugs as a primary treatment and the Neo-psychology of the Marxist progressives.

It is called brainwashing and the transgender aspect is simply a test.

If you follow my scribbles you have heard me say this before.

It is not enough for communists or Marxists to force people to accept the lie. The people must repeat the lie as if it is the truth, then and only then does the communist/Marxist know the brainwashing is complete.

I cannot remember where I heard or read that but it is absolutely true. History proves it so.

Transgenderism is that lie and people repeat it as the truth because they have been brainwashed to do so.

How simple does this have to get before we open our eyes and get very pissed off?

Serious question.

History does not repeat itself, ignorant people repeat history. ~Ghost


There was a time not long ago after close to 20 years of no PTSD related issues with no psychotropic drugs I started to feel that familiar cold scratching at the back of my mind.

Anxiety and I know its sibling depression can't be far away.

But why? I am in the happiest and most stable time of my adult life.

The old me would get stressed out trying to push those feelings down inside me and ignore them.

This is after all what men of my generation were taught to do.

The updated me brought all unnecessary thought processes to a halt and I became laser focused on what caused this anxiety.

What was different in my life that could be responsible? It became clear pretty quick that if it is not being triggered by my own thoughts and actions then it must be triggered externally.

The process of elimination led me to understand that it was not one thing but a host of things that built up in my subconscious. These things built up until they tickled my conscious mind through anxiety.

The anxiety was caused by the growing pressure from the reality outside of my own personal reality.

Meaning of course the overthrow of my country by those within our own government.

And that always causes me to become quite angry at times. This is because I and others like me have warned people for decades that this is being carried on right under their noses.

Anger of course results in anxiety usually followed by depression because I do not like becoming that emotional.

So, what makes me so different from most people who get sucked into the trap of neo-psychology?

Knowledge, not intelligence, plain and simple.

I read everything I could about my own pathology, attended open lectures, took psychology classes and became fascinated with human behaviour psychology.

The point is as I have stated before we can never hope to spot deception and manipulation unless we understand what to look for.

Now don't get me wrong, no one has to dive into the acedemics of psychology as I did, I am an obsessively curious person by nature.

We only need a basic understanding.

Our entire existence relies on cause and effect which includes our physiological and psychological processes. This is a fact.

If we wish to rid ourselves of the effects we must deal with the cause. We simply can't do that if we numb the effects with man-made chemicals and ignore them now can we?

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing it for what it is. The only way we can do that is if we know what to look for, right?

What do you think? Does anything I say sound that far fetched? It is pretty common sense stuff.

Process of elimination, cause and effect, decisions and consequences and I always hear people say, "I don't understand that stuff and I don't have the time to learn it."

That in my mind again proves my point because what I am trying to get people to understand is that YES, YOU DO UNDERTAND IT.

Everything I am talking about are skills, tactics and processes we use every day in our lives.

We have simply never focused them in this direction because remember; "We have 'experts' for that, so don't worry about it."

Something to think about y'all, till next time.


Ignorance is the tool of tyrants. It has always been so, and always will be so. ~Ghost


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