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Why suppressing depression and anxiety with drugs is not always the answer

Our monsters always live in those dark places we refuse to shine an inqusitive light into. ~Ghost




Depression and anxiety are not always portents of doom that must be pushed aside and suppressed. Instead, they are most often our built-in warning systems that we should listen to rather than ignore.

Ignoring them is what brought us to the point of pathology to begin with after all, is it not?

Depression and anxiety are our minds and bodies' way of telling us that we are out of balance. We need to address and change something in our lives that causes depression and anxiety.

In plain English, we are screwed up somehow in our life and we need to fix it, then the depression and anxiety disappear on their own.

Now, I have heard the same old reply to this statement a million times and it always has the same fatal flaw as a critical thinking process.

"Anxiety and depression are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and the drugs balance it out. We can't control it"

This reply is unfailingly accompanied with such smugginess and lack of self-awareness that I usually smile a bit before asking a very simple question that never fails to result in a blank stare from my counterpart in these discussions.

"What causes the chemical imbalance?"

We know that these chemical imbalances are generally temporary.

Otherwise no one would ever recover from them and revert back to a normal life again, right?

But they do, all of the time, so something is amiss here.

The reason for this is in my opinion, the two types of treatments used to treat depression and anxiety.

In addition, and in my mind more importantly is the character of the person treating them.

You basically, in my opinion, have two types of people in the mental health field in today's world.

I call them the "Drug Dealers" and the "Mind Menders".

The latter (mending the mind) is the way we have always addressed psychological problems up to around 2 decades ago when psychology was infiltrated by the Cultural Marxist movement.

This resulted in us having far more "Drug Dealers" than 'Mind Menders" for our "experts" now.

The focus is on medication which translates into big money for everyone involved, except the patient/customer of course. They are the source of all that money.

Here is a breakdown of that here in the United States, and it breaks down to around 1 in every 6 Americans treated with phycotropic medications.

This translates into an estimated global value of almost $60 billion by the year 2031.

As a global industry that is how we must view it.

I would say that at the moment big pharma, especially psycotropic drugs would be a pretty good investment, just saying.

You can get a little better understanding of the money side if you want by using the following links.


Those of you who follow my scribbles have heard me say many times;

"Where we start our thinking process determines our conclusions."

In this case the majority of people when it comes to this particular topic are obligated to start their thinking process exactly where they have been programmed to through repetition.

"It is an uncontrollable chemical imbalance in the brain and there are drugs that correct it."

This is true.

However, that starting point brings us to an incorrect conclusion.

"We just need drugs to escape the often crippling effects of that chemical imbalance."


Another issue that is a great example of where we start our thinking determining our conclusions is abortion.

Pro-choice people tend to begin their thinking at the point of pregnancy and this inevitably leads to the dehumanization of the unborn child which in their minds justifies killing that unborn child.

It is a problem to be eliminated, not a gift of life.

Pro-life people almost to a person begin their thinking at the point before conception, in other words 'keep it in your pants" if you do not have protection.

If one is reponsible with their sexual behavior an abortion will likely never be needed.

Abstinance is the only sure fire birth control and it is free.

There in lies the problem though because taking responsibility for their own words and actions is not what Marxist progressives or their minions do.

Abortion is not about ones personal choice, it is all about escaping the consequences and responsibilities that come from ones choices.

Not to mentions it is also a billion dollar a year industry for Planned Parenthood alone.

The Money:


Real Time Numbers: (More details here.)


Don't misunderstand me here.

When our behavior triggered us to seek help, drugs can alleviate symptoms that have manifested through that behavior.

These are acute cases that need psychotropic drugs to bring them back to a level that is stable enough for the next phase of the process to begin. This takes us to the second category the 'Mind Menders' but not quite yet.

I want to spend a few lines talking about myself because it is imperative for anyone reading this to understand that I am talking from experience.

Due to PTSD I have dealt with psychological issues most of my adult life.

Since I am kicking 60 in the arse right now, it means that I have experienced the mental health system both before and after the institution was infiltrated to become another propaganda arm of the Marxist progressives in our government.

No one can tell me that I am wrong about this because I lived it, I saw the changes happen first hand.

This was very easy for me I might add because I have studied psychology most of my life in my attempts to understand my own pathology.

Plus, human behavior fascinates me to no end, it always has.

I saw it because I knew what to look for, unfortunately by design most people don't, and I see that as very problematic for our society. 

My attention was immediately drawn to the grind between the established mental health treatments (healing the mind) and the drug focused Neo-Psychology of the Marxist progressive "enlightenment".

The treatment process became less and less about mending the mind (the cause) and more and more about using drugs to control the symptoms.

As we take the "feel good" drug, which rarely makes us feel good, we expect it to immediately relieve our symptoms.

Unfortunately it rarely if ever works that way, which tends to add to our symptoms, not deter them.

We must go through a period of time where the dosage/drugs is increased or changed until it finally stabilizes the chemical imbalance.

By then we are most likely psychologically addicted to the drugs and there can be serious physical side effects if we discontinue taking them.

This would at least "mimic" physical addiction.

Take my word for it, you DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!

The one time I did foolishly do that the "withdrawals" literally became debilitating and I ended up in the ER freaking out because I didn't know what the hell was happening to me.

It took about a week for the drugs to clear my system and that is when the withdrawals started and compounded daily.

Anyone has ever been shocked by electricity?

It is like that minus the physical reaction, it is all internal and it comes in wave after wave until you simply cannot function properly.

That is the most accurate way I can explain what I experienced. It truly is an indescribable sensation I am okay with never experiencing again.


So this is what is most likely to exist today in the mental health field in 2023 in my opinion.

Say you are depressed or anxious to a medical professional (of any kind) today the first thing they are likely to do is shove a prescription at you.

No matter whether your symptoms are acute to the point of harming oneself or others (institutionalised) or you just have an unusually long period of the blues, the treatment is the same.

"Here, take these pills."

You can't really blame them either because they are simply doing what THEY have been programmed to do and how to do it.

These are the "Drug Dealers" who create permanent customers for the big Pharma companies that produce these drugs.

(NOTE: Most of these medical professionals do not even realize that they are in this category because as I mentioned earlier this is what they have been programmed to do through their training.)

The patient/customer may suffer for years or even for the rest of their lives in some cases.

This is because for whatever reason the process never progresses to phase 2 where the 'Mind Menders' step in and the process of healing the mind and therefore the "cause" of the chemical imbalance can begin.

They just use the drugs to control the symptoms in a never ending cycle of mental instability for the patient/customer while the medical field and Big Pharma rake in millions off that suffering.

In a nutshell, I witnessed first hand the weaponization of the mental health system.

Far too often today in my opinion it is being used to manipulate the masses as a means to fascilitate other peoples social engineering agendas.

Always remember.

Human behavior is predictable and anything predictable can and will be used to manipulate us by those in power.


In the case of one seeking professional help, determining whether we have a drug dealer or a mind-mender is an easy task.

The drug dealers of course immediately shove over a prescription for psychotropic drugs.

They do not always suggest a followup with a therapist etc. and once the drugs artificially balance out the chemicals causing the symptoms many people do not follow up anyway.

They just run the treadmill of dosage and drugs until nothing helps anymore and it is off to zombie land they go.

The 'mind menders' will talk to you, then, maybe, hand you a prescription depending on how acute your symptoms are.

They will be more intrested in what is going on in your life that could be causing the anxiety/depression rather than simply using artificial means to alieve the symptoms.

This means WE are the ones turning our mental health over to someone else so it would behove us to choose a 'mind mender' over a 'drug dealer' in my opinion, just saying.

What the mind menders understand that the drug dealers don't is that this chemical imbalance is created by something, it does not "just happen".

Nothing does, everything has a cause and effect.

Now, this is where I insert the following; I speak in generalities and averages, not individual cases, I also exclude physical pathology such as disease, malignancy, or injury because they are not relevant to our discussion.

They require an entirely different approach to diagnosis and treatment while we are dealing strictly with psychology.

Also, not everyone involved in mental health are bad actors, the vast majority are not.

However, an increasing number of the people above them in the fascist world of academia have them by the balls.

"You say and do what WE tell you to do and say or we will destroy your career, and your reputation which in academia means your life."

This is how it is in academia and anyone who has paid attention and is honest with themselves knows it.

To prove my point I would direct you to the transgender madness happening right now in the U.S. and look at how the APA (AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION) is caving to their demands and pushing their agenda instead of helping people deal with a known mental disorder(s).

Basic psychology has been abandoned when it comes to this issue.

If someone believes something that is factually not true and refuses to accept evidence to the contrary, that person is delusional.

Being delusional is a well-known, documented, and easily treatable mental disorder.

Transgenderism fits perfectly into the Somatic category does it not?

Since transgender people as a movement believe that the entire world needs to change how they think, speak, live and believe to accomodate them I would certainly say the Grandiose category would also apply making transgender people as a whole suffering from "Mixed Delusional Disorder", it is right there in black and white.

So, we must ask ourselves why the opposite is happening?

This particular delusional disorder is being reinforced and even validated by many voices in academia and psychology which tell us which category those people belong in. 

The drug dealers.

Transgenderism is creating a population of lifetime customers for big pharma and the medical field.

Those involved also provide valuable data as lab rats for science and the government.

Don't take my word for any of this, just look around and use some common sense folks.


The Mind Menders

Throughout my studies of the great minds behind psychology and philosophy I gravitated towards Carl Jung and have remained in that orbit ever since.

I believe in the "collective unconscious" that Jung posited and I believe that this collective unconscious is how we are currently being manipulated into thinking and behaving in a manner that is counterintuitive to what is in our most beneficial interests as individuals.

I will not go into more detail on that right now because I have covered it more in other scribbles. (LINKS)

Whereas the drug dealers of course focus on drug therapy, the mind menders focus on psychotherapy.

Now, with a better understanding of how psychotherapy works one should also see the ease in which it can be used to manipulate those among us who are hurting, desperate for answers which means we are clearly not in a rational state of mind.

If we were, we would not be talking to these "professionals" in the first place would we?

Just as we have "mind menders" we have another category in today's world that I call the "mind benders", a relative newcomer to the game since they began asserting their will within the mental health field around the same time millinials begin to leave university and bringing the "Neo-psychology" of the Marxist progressives with them.

Their interests lie soley in controlling the mind, not in healing it, in otherwords brainwashing.

Make sure you understand what this really is, how it works,and how to recognize it by taking some time to watch this.

Soon after as I stated earlier basic psychology was in my opinion abandoned by far too many in academia who then began to work their version of psychology (brainwashing) into the curriculum of every university that would accept it.

Then gradually down through every grade level to pre-school.

The first step in that process was to convince us that we did not need to know these things, meaning understand human behavior.

We have "experts" for that so don't worry about it.

They convinced us that we did not need to understand ourselves.

Not only what we do in certain situations but also why we do it.


Back to that 'collective unconscious' I mentioned earlier.

Note: Academy of Ideas is great learning channel if you want to explore more.

When it comes to that 'chemical imbalance' you very rarely hear any of the "experts" explain anything further than "it is just genetics".

I don't accept that dismissive overly simplistic explanation and neither should anyone else.

That is like saying, "Oh, it's just the universe." because that is what genetics is, a whole other universe full of cause and effect that takes place before it ever reaches the level of us even being aware of it.

The Manipulation Point

It is I believe part of that 'collective unconscious' we all share which makes us all react to certain stimuli in very similar ways.

We are talking below our conscious thought, down to the level of instinct within our herd mentality.

That means chemicals, lots and lots of chemicals and how do we control lots and lots of chemicals?

With lots and lots of man made chemicals, drugs.

We are after all animated by electrical impulses triggered by our hypothalimus and other glands releasing certain chemicals into our brains at specific times.

The central nervous system does the rest, right?

I mean if you want to go to the kitchen for a sandwich you just get up and go, you do not have to tell your body to stand up, then walk, stop, do this, do that, it just happens automatically through learned behavior and muscle memory all triggered by a tiny splash of chemicals into our brain at just the right time happening billions of times a second and we are completely unaware of it.

It is quite fascinating once you gain a basic understanding of the processes.

However, and this is the kicker in my mind for connecting the dots.

If we all had that basic understanding of ourselves and our psychology which is exactly what we have been programmed to ignore.

No one on this planet would be able to manipulate us, no one, because we would see it immediately.

It is the lack of that understanding which makes us so easily manipulated in the first place and that my friends is a cold hard fact so, something to ponder.


We humans love to believe that we control things but in the big picture we are just another blip on the radar screen and then we are forgotten.

We have no control over that fundamental reality called our existence.

Death is the price we pay for the precious gift of life we can enjoy for however long it lasts.

Whether we squander or optimize that gift is a conscious decision we all make through a lifetime of decisions.

Make smart decisions and our life will prosper.

Make unwise decisions... our lives will be filled with problems and stagnation.

It really is that simple.

It is our own egos that complicate and then overcomplicate this simple truth and then we wonder why it does'nt make sense.


Using transgenderism as my example again, I think we need to stop talking, and more importantly stop listening to other people and ask ourselves a very simple question.

What is more realistic and likely to be true of the following options?

Option (A)

Practically overnight large swaths of our population suddenly turned or were "born" homosexual leading to almost 30% of Gen Z claiming to be part of the "alphabet" community.

Does this look like a natural occurance to you? Be honest.

Or, option (B)

It was orhestrated through the public school system by the Marxist progressives in our own government.

So, let's take a trip back to 2012 to see what was happening in our education system at the time this rise and then unnatural spike in claims to be in the alphabet community started.

What else was happening in 2012

Jump to 2015 under this same Prsident and see what was starting to be introduced into our schools at the youngest ages possible.


And as I said this is being validated by many in the field of psychology.

Now on to 2022 and the Biden administration who are openly and antagonistically pushing this trans agenda by policy.

Biden threatens to defund school lunch programs that target low income children if schools do not adopt trans ideology.

They are trying to use the law to punish parents and others in the community who do not want this being taught to their children.

They (Marxist progressives) compared them (parents) to domestic terrorists and are even forcably removing children from their homes if their parents do not submit.

You decide but keep this in mind, it is all about the wording, that is what they hide behind.

Especially to the transgender cult, this is really happening people.

"Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill last night empowering state courts to remove out-of-state children from their parent’s custody if those children come to California because they can’t get sterilizing transgender drugs and mutilating surgeries in their home states or because their parents object to these experimental treatments for gender dysphoria."


It is amazing to me that these "DOTS" are practically overlapping each other and people still cannot or more likely will not connect them!

This is manipulation, this is indoctrination, this is (the cause).

The chart from above shows the (effect) clearly through an obviously unnatural increase in interest in this area by younger and younger children.

Contrary to what the Marxist progressives tell us, correlation does indeed equal causation 99% of the time.


In this part I wanted to show the methodology of the manipulation which in it's entirety is designed to in my opinion do nothing more than create drug addicts addicted to phsychotropics that rake in millions every day.

And you can believe the Marxist progressives in our government are getting their piece of that pie as well.

Otherwise, why would they keep protecting them?

Something to think about folks.

In part 2 we move into our subconscious and understand why we need to stop suppressing anxiety and depression with drugs.

The drugs are a bandaid on a severed artery, we must repair the artery and find out why and how it became damaged to prevent it from happening again in the future.

See you there. ~Ghost


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