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Biden's 1.7 Trillion Dollar Lie, and He is Still repeating It.


Some people I have talked to do not understand why this is so important because they do not really understand what actually happened, because they only know one side of the story.

This is how I explain it to them so I hope it helps anyone else who might be having trouble connecting the dots on their own.

Now before I get the usual

I am only using the graph in this short video as a visual aid, nothing more.

This tactic is nothing new from the corrupt progressives, they lie! It is what they do.

Remember back when Obama claimed that he created more jobs than blah blah blah?

Just as with Joe Biden's deficit/debt claim (he incorrectly uses those two words interchangeably), when you dig into the actual numbers the lie begins to unravel very quickly,

Viewers would need to pay close attention to the on-screen graphic to know that the ad refers only to employment gains starting in March 2010, omitting the 4.3 million jobs that were lost in the first year of Obama’s term.
And there’s no way a viewer would know that the total counts only private-sector jobs, omitting continuing losses in government employment.
According to the most recent employment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy has eked out a net gain of 325,000 jobs since January 2009, when Obama took office. And that’s giving credit for roughly 386,000 jobs that the BLS has announced, on a preliminary basis, that it will be adding to this year’s employment totals next year, as a result of its routine annual “benchmarking” analysis.
Looking only at private-sector jobs, it’s true that the total has risen just under 5.2 million since February 2010 — provided that credit is given for roughly 453,000 private-sector jobs to be added next year through the BLS benchmarking process. But over Obama’s entire term, those private-sector jobs have gone up only 967,000, even counting benchmarking additions.

Again, they lie, it is what they do.


A little more meat on the bone.

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