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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The only thing that limits our knowledge is our willingness to learn which is a choice.

We can always make a different one. ~Ghost


I found an author back in my 30s that really captured my imagination, and this authors imagination gave my mind endless threads to pull on during my time of self-realignment.

The Author's name was Carlos Casteneda, a rather controversial writer of Peruvian and American decent.

Much of what the man wrote about was in my opinion his personal ramblings, but I was not nearly as interested in Casteneda for what he said as I was in how the man thought and the fact that he also used hallucinogens to reach a higher state of consciousness without going into a full-blown trip.

He (according to his own words) used peyote primarily, but that stuff really messes with my stomach which is why I used psilocybin.

It was Casteneda that really lured me into the habit of watching and analyzing my fellow humans, especially when I was micro-dosing.

The airports and bus stations were a favorite place to dose, and spend the day watching all of the people from all of the different places and the results of these experiments were astounding, eye opening.

I have some stories to tell...


So, you might be wondering where I am going with this, and that destination was a profound Epiphone among many in my life.

That moment of clarity came when my Casteneda inspired people watching collided head on with Carl Jung and his theory of the collective unconscious,

I guess collide would be an inaccurate description, it was more like a hand slipping into its favorite glove, it fit perfectly.

Through my own years of observation and verification of my own research, this was proof that Jung was right, we human beings do possess a collective unconscious, an unchangeable set of basic instinctual reactions to certain stimuli that can be repeated over and over again in many different individuals.

This pattern of behavior is well documented even though the fascistic nature of academia keeps it hidden away as best as they can.

To validate the existence of a collective unconscious, would expose the very thing they are so desperately trying to keep people from knowing.

That collective unconscious, is exactly what makes us human beings so easy to manipulate so it is most certainly in the manipulators best interests to keep that knowledge from the manipulated.

It is the use of psychology to enslave mankind instead of chains and whips, however, the outcome will be the same in the end.


Ask yourself, are you part of the herd, or are you a higher human being!

This difference is what I came to see and understand and once I did understand it my overall understanding of human behavior increased dramatically.

What I understood was that when it comes to us human beings every action, we do with our physical beings all starts in our minds through our reasoning skills and how we choose to implement them, or not as the case may be.

In short, every aspect of our lives is driven by psychology, all the way down to the most insignificant thought we may ever have.

Our physical beings are controlled by our minds which are controlled through psychological processes we may or may not be aware of and generally speaking have no understanding of.

That awareness level depends entirely on our understanding of human behavior as a whole, the collective unconscious, as well as the conscious mind.

Just think about that for a minute.

We know for a fact that human beings exhibit herd mentality when faced with a threat, are caught up in the emotional chaos of a mob etc.

We revert to our base nature, which is primitive, driven by emotion, and therefore bereft of logical or critical thinking.

But being in that state of mind makes people very unpredictable and dangerous, right?

Incorrect. That is what the media and powers that be tell everyone so that they simply keep their distance and never make an effort to understand what is really happening.

Dangerous yes, but anything but unpredictable, it is well documented in psychological texts exactly how these people are going to react and act in these certain circumstances.

We know exactly what they are going to do.

Human behavior is predictable and anything that is predictable can and will be manipulated.

This is also a historical and well documented fact, if people can take advantage of something to benefit themselves, they are as a general rule, going to do it.

We humans are meant by nature to be a balanced combination of our conscious and unconscious mind.

This was the goal of my entire years spent making myself the person I wanted to be, to regain that balance that has been lost to the majority of mankind.

As Nietzsche says (paraphrase) that balance has been stripped away from us and all of those instincts are now being used against us to push us into and keep us in a herd mentality needing someone to lead us.

This is exactly what I have been saying except phycologists have known all of this for centuries while the population was programmed to leave that knowledge to "the experts", you don't need to learn that stuff.

What logical reasons can you come up with for academia which is as I have said many times fascistic by nature and the government which is undoubtedly corrupt to join forces in keeping this knowledge from the population?

For generations which means the lack of interest in understanding human behavior also gets passed down generationally.

Now, almost no one has a basic understanding of why human beings do the things we do.

They simply follow the herd and the master's that made them, they simply do not know anything else anymore.

Nietzsche is correct, we humans are the most pathetic species of animal on this planet because we no longer understand who we are and what our purpose is.

The best description I can think of for the misled masses is as follows.

If you have ever had to go through the stages of a toddler growing up, you have a perfect understanding of what the misled masses mentalities are like.

They are still children mentally and emotionally no matter how old they are.

They are all puppets for the same master.

I have had people tell me, "You are just too far out there, man."

Am I?

That is interesting because it proves my point.

Everything I say is based in and well documented through text in the vast libraries of psychological history and evolution from a quack theory to becoming the most effective way to control large parts of the population, the masses, that there has ever been.

You think it's "out there" because you have not spent the time that I have perusing that vast library of psychological history and evolution.

If you had, you would understand it and it would not be "out there" to you.

It is as simple as that.

As I said, you prove my point when you say that to me.

So, let's move on to a video talking about where this manipulation starts and how.

And we will finish off with a look at why.

Ask yourself why the progressives/Marxists want to stop teaching the great minds of our history in public schools because they do not meet the hypersensitive pathologically narcissistic mentality of the masses today?

Could it be because most of those great minds call what the progressives/Marxists are trying to do today tyranny?

Something to think about guys, till next time.


Some connective tissue.

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