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(PL) "Nihilism"

"Nihilism is the unspoken condition that animates the walking dead." ~Ghost



As a major horror movie fan (movie fan period), I have of course at one time, or another watched every zombie movie that I have ever known about.

Even the B and C rated ones that were God awful in every possible way.

These movies were so powerful though, that they planted a seed in many people's mind that grew into full blown paranoia over brain eating "zombies" suddenly descending on society and wiping us off of the face of the earth.

Hordes of blood thirsty half rotted corpses spreading the "zombie plague" across the globe.

Of course, I am adding dramatic effect to make a point.

That point is this.

The zombies are not coming people, the zombies are already here, and we helped create them because they are our own children and grandchildren.


These zombies were not created through a virus, or a comet, or any other natural or supernatural means.

They were created in our own public school system and the disease that infects them is "Nihilism".

The source of the infection?


Critical thinking and individuality have been plucked from these minds and tossed aside as a child would a random Dandelion.

In its place an oppressive system of collectivism and censorship makes sure that the individual cannot exist other than a simple cog in the great devouring machine that is collectivism.

The individual who has no self, no selfish goals, no purpose other than fulfilling the goals of the collective inevitably falls into despair, life has no meaning, the self has no purpose which always leads to the question of whether one's existence is necessary at all.

Nihilism. They shuffle through life with no direction, no purpose, except to exist for the benefit of the collective seeking every manner of physical pleasure trying to fill the growing emptiness that is devouring them from the inside, prisoners of their own mind that is not their own, no free will.

Simply the never-ending drive to keep moving wherever they are guided destroying their own lives and the lives of everyone else around them as they go.

Now. I know some of you may think that video is anti-God, or anti-religion but it is in reality neither because we are looking at those who have not found their peace yet.

If they had, they would not still be going through this psychological hell, would they?

The people spoke of in this video are still lost and unless we understand that ourselves, we cannot help them find themselves, let alone a higher purpose.

It is easy to forget that there must be a journey before we reach our destination.

That journey is ours and ours alone and none of us walk the exact same path.

How can we possibly find and understand a higher power or purpose unless we first find and understand ourselves?

Religions are but one part of a much larger tapestry that tells the story of our lives and they serve a very important function for us as human beings trying to practice humanity.

So, what would be the reasons that a government would intentionally infect the masses minds with ignorance leading to a subculture of nihilistic, mindless drones?

Why destroy God and the religions that worship him leaving these manufactured zombies no choice but to search for meaning elsewhere?

Ask yourself this question and see what you come up with.

Then listen to the answer.

Same story, different century.

The names and methodology may change but the outcome is the same.

Public schools indoctrinate children to hate their country, hate their parents, and hate society because it was founded on evil deeds (according to the powers that be that is.)

The public schools also indoctrinate children to see the state as a protector against the child's parents who "just don't understand", or " are unsupportive parents.

(Child focused transgenderism, or its true name, Munchausen Syndrome by proxy)

Never mind that the state created this scenario itself and instructs children to lie to their parents about it.

This completely undermines the parent child relationship with the state usurping that role.

Children are being sexualized at the earliest age possible.

Why? What possible reason would there be for doing this sinister thing?

How about the oldest reason in the world, greed, and the goal is to create a sexually promiscuous nihilistic culture that sees no value in human life which results in staggering numbers of unplanned pregnancies with the conveyor belt all set up straight to the abortion clinic.

These unborn children are butchered up and sold to medical research facilities for profit.

The older and more developed the child, the more value it possesses as a commodity.

Let that sink in and make note of who is calling for abortion up to and even after birth.

I will give you a hint, it ain't us!

More pregnancies, more abortions, more money, more kickbacks going up the ladder to the top.

This is not my opinion by the way, it is happening, and has been happening right under our noses for decades.

Just look at the statistics since Roe v Wade was illegally made into law.

Another reason is of course creating an endless supply of children groomed to willingly serve the perverted needs of pedophiles and child abusers, child rapists who are according to the numbers of arrests and charges encompasses a growing section of our government at every level.

Why are parents and society as a whole allowing this diabolical attack on not only our children, but our culture, our morality and ethics, our very lives, to not only happen but in far too many cases act as participants in the initiation and perpetuation of that abuse and corruption by supporting those behind it?

Something to think about, till next time.


The videos I use from Academy of Ideas are placed in ways to emphasize my points, not necessarily in the order they are originally linked.

Expand your understanding by researching the people and subjects mentioned in the videos themselves.

I left a LOT of room for questions and discussion.

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