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(PL) "Intrusive Thoughts"


Every human being experiences these thoughts that come out of nowhere and at times can be extremely disturbing depending on their nature.

I personally believe that the last decade has greatly exacerbated this issue as well.

However, not every human being understands what they are and why we experience them, much less how to effectively analyze and deal with them.

For the most part we quickly push them out of our minds if they are negative, which is a lost opportunity to take a little time and determine why these thoughts are invading our serenity be it real or manufactured, the results are the same.

These intrusive thoughts most often do not even pertain to whatever the intrusive thought is because they come from our subconscious, and I would venture barring pathology are primarily helpful in nature.

Let me pause a moment to clarify what I mean by this.

As an example, you are going about your day as usual, in a decent mood, enjoying your day cooking a meal when you pick your knife to cut something and like a thin slice in your mind the image of stabbing someone flashes through your mind.

These intrusive thoughts are created within the same part of our minds that cause us to dream.

For most of us our dreams rarely make sense and are forgotten within a few minutes, far too little time for us to try and understand them.

Our subconscious is not any better at translating its messages to us in a way that we easily understand when we are awake than it does when we are asleep.

To truly understand this, we need to look at the roots of intrusive thoughts, anxiety, while also understanding the benefits of what I consider to be the most important of our internal warning systems.

Our dreams are in my opinion for all intents and purposes an internal safety valve for our sanity.

Our subconscious mind jumbles things together from our earliest lives to what we think is possible and everything in between unleashing it into our sleeping minds with no rhyme or reason to them.

Our dreams are chaos but not without meaning.

The same goes with (again, minus pathology in my opinion) intrusive thoughts come under the same classification as our dreams.

They are trying to tell us something, but it will not come with an earth-shattering epiphany.

We have to go looking for it.

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Now let's move right into the next video while this one is still fresh in our minds because this is key information for us.

The neurosis that we are observing today in so many of our fellow humans is the same neurosis Jung was observing in his day, only exponentially worse and far more destructive to the stability of every individual that makes up our society than it has ever been before.

I think no matter where we may stand, we can all agree on that.


Back to the stabbing scenario.

This intrusive thought does not automatically mean in any way that you are having a psychotic break and want to stab someone.

I believe that in most cases that little slice of anxiety that went through our mind is telling us that we are not right, we need to stop and think about things because we are making some decisions that are not in our best interest.

Call it "that little voice", instinct, our "conscience" or "Gut" our subconscious knows when we get out of balance, and it will start f*cking with us in a big way until we start doing something about it.

Intrusive thoughts are (barring pathology in my opinion) simply another way of our minds trying to warn us that things don't make sense, they don't add up, "PAY ATTENTION!"

Which makes one wonder why the very first thing todays big pharma controlled medical system wants to do is cram a few pills down someone's throat that are specifically designed to minimize intrusive thoughts by chemically preventing anxiety at its source.

You can suppress the anxiety with drugs, but the neurosis continues and inevitably becomes worse requiring higher doses of the SSRI or other drugs to keep the anxiety and intrusive thoughts at bay.

Since the reason for the anxiety is ignored and all focus is on treating the symptoms the only thing created in this process is a Permanant patient.

Pharmacology is the answer to all of our psychological problems in today's world while completely ignoring the fundamental basis of psychology itself.

Drugs are a tool, an aid in helping people become stable enough to recognize their own neuroses through guidance from the psychologist or trained therapist whose goal it is to eliminate the reason for the anxiety, not to perpetuate it.

There are of course two very dedicated camps as to whether this is an intentional act or not but for our purposes it is a simple foot note to ponder later.

I happen to belong in the former.


Let's take a few minutes and back up to look at dreams and how I see them as being in many cases the same internal warning system.

Many people do not believe in the value or the meaning of dreams, but I am not one of them.

How can anyone be who understands that since everything and I do mean everything that has to do with us comes from within our own minds, EVERYTHING!

And that being the case it is all connected by default and therefore controlled by us unless we hand that control over to someone else.

I spent years writing everything I could remember about my dreams when I woke up and I read Jungs books on dreams and dream interpretation.

I am not embarrassed to admit that it took me awhile before I started putting it all together but once I got through my own biases and ignorance, it just made sense on my favorite level.

Common sense.

All I am saying is that we should not be so eager to try and eliminate the anxiety in our lives through a process that masks the real problems.

That anxiety is there for a reason, and it only gets worse because we refuse to take a look at what it is trying to tell us instead of simply doing everything we can to shut it up.

It is easier and we have been programed to look for a pill to make it go away.

We are a society of drug addicts and big pharma is our supplier selling it all through the Doctors who are either taking kickbacks or simply do not care, they simply do what they are told or lose their careers.

We cannot trust anybody anymore and a big part of the mass anxiety we are all experiencing is because down inside, we know, our subconscious is screaming it at us every day, "STOP!" "Don't do it!" "Turn around and go back!" "DANGER! DANGER!"

The only question is whether or not one will listen to themselves, their instincts, or choose the comfort of a pill and denial.

Something to think about y'all, till next time.


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