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Personal Logs... "Traps"


I never fell into the same traps I saw so many of my friends and family fall into and this had to have been a very significant factor of why I am the way I am on the psychological side of things, how I think, reason and analyze information.

It was of course many years into my adult life and self-analysis before I started to connect the dots, but once I did the threads began to reveal themselves like tight vibrations through the fabric of the universe.

One of the main traps I witnessed my fellow humans fell into is what I call the "Celebrity Trap" but first I need to reiterate a couple of points for anyone who has not read my prior scribbles before.

I have posited that through the use of psychological manipulation the "powers that be" (I call them the manipulators) have convinced us that we are not smart enough to understand a whole host of subjects and skill sets, such as psychology itself, primarily the psychology of human behavior.

"Don't worry about learning that stuff, we have experts for that, just listen to them."

And over time of everyone in our lives including the people we trust most, our parents, telling us this, we stopped thinking about it entirely.

Most of the people telling us this held no malice in their intent, it was simply what they had been told all of their lives as well, it was the implementation of generational ignorance that continues today.

It is most observable in the generational manipulations within the black community that the Marxists/Progressives have used to control them practically since they were freed from slavery.

The only thing that really changed was the type of plantation.

Just take an hour or so with some unplugged silence and list all of the things you have blindly trusted to "The Experts".

So, I believe that this manipulation of our sub conscience thoughts is as old as modern humans themselves.

They have simply gotten far better and more efficient at it over that time, and just like the ignorance is generationally handed down among the peasants, how to manipulate them is generationally handed down by the manipulators who see themselves as superior to the rest of us.

In other words, the totalitarian mentalities who wish to rule over us today as their ancestors did in the past.

This is why the haves and the have nots demographics have changed very little over the centuries in the big picture.

They want their slaves back.


The Celebrity Trap

I chose this "trap" for my example because it is the one that I have observed for the longest and is also in my opinion one of the most destructive to one's psyche and emotional maturity.

Remember, the manipulation I see happens on a sub-conscience level, most people are unaware of it because they have been programmed to not learn what they would need in order to so.

The "traps" I talk about are there to suck us in and reinforce the manipulation being used on us because it places us into an echo chamber of collectivism and that results in the devastating loss of our individual self, we become just another drone in the hive.

Adding our voice to the chorus of regurgitated propaganda and false rhetoric.

Fortunately, there are still millions of other humans just like me who the manipulation failed with especially in the public school system.

We were (generally) the "disrupters" "the 'hyperactive' kids" the "troublemakers" and "daydreamers". Even back then we were not buying their BS despite the fact that we didn't understand it at the time, somewhere, our common sense did.

So, think about the celebrity trap which can also be boiled down a little farther to "hero worship". (This article is a good read)

Hero worship is not really about the hero. The same people who worship you one day will discard you the next, moving on to a new entity that does a better job filling the role. If you had not been the chosen one someone else would have been. This idea applies whether we are thinking in the metaphysical context of deities, the social context of fame, or the intimate context of personal relationships. For example, if you have ever had a romantic partner who began treating you as all-knowing, powerful, and more talented than everybody else, he or she likely followed this same pattern in previous relationships too before they inevitably soured, just like yours did. Or think about the religionist who loves and worships his god until tragedy strikes, at which point adoration is replaced by cursing this god’s name.

Now, we of course need to keep in mind that all of psychology is based on known and predictable human behavior.

Anything that is predictable can and will be manipulated.

We are also speaking in generalities and averages as this is how psychological diagnosis is made, correlation of known repetitive symptoms across a pre-determined percentage of the population that exhibit them is considered causation.

There is pre-determined symptomology for every mental illness known to us humans at present time.

I enjoyed going to concerts, I had my favorite bands, actors, political figures, sports figures, a similar list to pretty much everyone else I hung out with when I was younger.

I have never in my life experienced "Hero Worship" though as defined in most people's mind.

How I thought about celebrities' talents whatever they may be, has absolutely NOTHING to do with how I view them as a human being.

Those are two very different things in my mind. I have never seen or considered anyone walking around on this rock as being superior, or better than anyone else.

In 1906, Alfred Henry Lewis stated, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”

From my own life experiences the more well off someone is in their life, the quicker this process of reversion to their base nature happens.

Nine meals would be about right in my opinion for the average person who is used to living paycheck to paycheck.

It does not discriminate, it poisons everyone's mind with paranoia and fear, at that point whatever we were before is gone, we are in survival mode.

So, as a stated, I have never experienced the phenomena of "Hero Worship" or the celebrity trap.

The main difference that I quickly began to see in those around me back then, some friends included, was a staggering amount of devotion to these rock stars, actors, etc. even to the level of that devotion becoming self- destructive in their real time lives.

I even heard female humans talking about trying to sleep with them after concerts to put the language in the G range.

Why would these humans willingly allow these other humans who they do not even know have so much control over their lives, to manipulate them like pieces on some reality bending board game?

Only to toss them aside like yesterday's trash when the game is done. AND THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVED THEY HAD ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING TO BE PRAISED FOR.

And of course the followers do exactly that.

It blew my mind then and it still blows my mind that women and young girls are still doing it today.


They (the manipulators "useful idiots", celebrities) tell them what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what music to listen to, what feminine hygiene products or condoms to use, what car we should drive, what water we should drink, what true love is, who the perfect mate is, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

For verification of this happening just think about all of the "Fads" you have seen or even participated in through your life and what or more specifically WHO started them, just saying.

All through analogue and then digital screens, magazines and books, ads, ads everywhere they look and now they can carry all of that around in their pocket.

Americans now check their phones 96 times a day – that’s once every 10 minutes, according to new research by global tech care company Asurion¹. That’s a 20 percent daily increase from a similar survey conducted by Asurion two years ago¹.

That is a whole lot of selectively edited information (in the echo chamber of Mainstream Media) with a main line straight to our subconscious minds.

The results, whether done intentionally or through ignorance are the same.

People caught in this trap have been conditioned to view these "celebrities" as being superior to themselves, just as they have been conditioned to view "the experts" as being superior to themselves.

Why does some humans' deaths garner so much more importance than the other 332,648 humans who die on that same day for example?

Because they have been elevated to and we have been conditioned to see them, as superior to ourselves.

Once we accept this conditioning on one level, we will accept it on any level.

On the current timeline when the misled masses wake up it will be too late; the trap is sprung, and they have no escape.

The manipulators no longer have to use force to dehumanize and then subjugate vast parts of the population when they can use psychological manipulation to trick those humans into dehumanizing and subjugating themselves.

For all intents and purposes, slaves.

Not slaves to the elites, the manipulators, that is not the cause but an effect they have been manipulated into through "Hero Worship".

They are slaves of their own minds through ignorance. The saddest thing of all is just how easily that ignorance could be eliminated if they would just shut the hell up for five minutes and actually listen.

It truly is as simple as that but unfortunately another area of manipulation has conditioned them to see anyone who disagrees with them as a mortal 'evil' enemy that must be destroyed.

Sound familiar? That is because it is the same language used by every totalitarian monster in human history, including the ones in our own world governments today.

Celebrities of all kinds no longer use subliminal suggestions simply to try and sell products they get kickbacks from.

They are telling us who to vote for, what we have to believe in, what we can say and cannot say, what we can and cannot think.

And if we do not agree with them, they start dehumanizing and attempting to destroy our lives.

The Nazis and communists locked people away and killed them for disagreeing with them.

Today's fascists try to ruin your life, destroy your family, drive you into poverty, homelessness and effectively drive you into obscurity hopefully resulting in your death.

Those who I call the "misled masses" only support these manipulators because they have been conditioned to see their "useful idiots" as heroes and therefore superior to them.

So, that is my opinion based on what I see.

It is also based entirely in psychology.

I know, this seems like a paradox, using psychology to validate my seemingly negative opinions on psychology but we must keep in mind that psychology itself is neither good nor bad, it simply is what it is, known quantities based on repeatable data that proves a hypothesis.

How it gets used by human beings against or in the aid of other human beings is where the focus needs to be, not with the science itself and that goes for just about everything you can think of.

In a nutshell, pay attention, anything that requires us to relinquish our individuality by placing another human being as superior to ourselves (IN ANY WAY), is a trap that makes us extremely susceptible to the empty promises of collectivism.

Something to think about, till next time.


Some connective tissue.

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