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My eyes have been on that sky for 57 years and I have never seen anything that I cannot explain.

To think though that out of millions of galaxies, trillions of planets many of which will be in the "Goldilocks Zone".

And that does not only apply for humans. Who knows what type of gases or radiation make up a GZ for other forms of life on other planets with differing gravity and environments.

Humans think in terms of human beings after all.

Believing that we Earth locked human beings are the only intelligent life is not only in my opinion the paramount of arrogance.

It is extremely unlikely that this is the only rock that life found purchase on as its earliest form hurdled through the expanse of the universe.

The laws of physics do not support that in anything but theory.

On the flip side, if I was the creator and had all of this raw material to work with, would I be satisfied with only one planet infected with the most destructive lifeform to ever enter this ecosystem?


But that's me. Something to ponder and stretch your mind with though.


I have been seeing a lot of buzz on social media lately with people talking about the UFO stuff in the news.

'Government whistle blower claims government covering up UFO encounters' or some sensationalized BS like that.

As a realist the possibility of there being other intelligent life in the universe based on the laws of physics is very high, high enough so that I cannot discount it.

But until I see something myself, I highly doubt they are visiting us.

I do not believe in "little green or grey aliens" abducting and experimenting on human beings.

I mean think about it, if they are advanced enough to travel light years to our little rock, we would be nothing but insignificant ants to them both physically and intellectually.

Why the hell would they want to study us? They would just throw gas on our mound and get rid of us just like we do ants we find insignificant.

It is my opinion that as with some schizophrenics many of these people are being tormented by malignant spirits which gains validity when we consider those who no matter what treatment they are given they do not improve at all.

If for example, all things being equal 98% of patients that present are able to go and live normal lives on the treatment then common sense would dictate that the remaining 2% have something else going on would it not?

The problem is that when anomalies arise that do not fit any known treatment they are quite often classified as the disorder that has the closest resemblance to the symptoms presented by the patient.

They do not have a book that tells them what to do so they basically scribble a diagnosis followed by a prescription list and move on.

From that point forward the staff will follow that diagnosis to the letter even if they know it is wrong or risk losing their jobs.

I guess the only silver lining to be found is that with these patients that "cannot be helped" are so drugged up they barely know what is going on.

But anyway, I digress.


I see it as just another tactic that this administration and others elsewhere are using to create fear and panic among the population while so many of us are still shell shocked from the C-bug tactics.

The media is of course right there to push it deep into those minds that are connected straight to the collectives never ending echo chamber of propaganda.

The rest of us can only stand here impotent shaking our heads as we witness the blind marching towards their own enslavement praising the slave masters for "saving" them.

It is similar to the climate change scam. Scare the hell of skittish humans by promising doom and suffering from an invisible future threat that never materializes.

Placing themselves as the only possible salvation, and many humans will follow them because it is their nature.

This battle between the two sides of human nature is never ending. As long as there are two human beings on this planet, they will eventually come into conflict with each other.

This understanding of human behavior is the tip of the spear that made all of the manipulations yet to come possible.

We are a warring and destructive species by nature, our own history proves this to be true.

Someone else builds it and eventually another comes along and tears it down.

It is all written down in our archeological and anthropological records.

You cannot change human nature.

Those are my thoughts on the UFO stuff.

I believe in the probability of intelligent life throughout the universe, but I think what people are seeing around our world come from right here on Earth.

One thing I am most definitely convinced of is that this can and is being used as a manipulation tactic.

Back when "Project Bluebook" was being conducted by the US government the CIA was also reported to be doing an investigation of their own. (See Below for links)

The purpose was to develop a method of using UFOs as a tool in psychological warfare against our enemies.

Our current administration sees us (all of us who are not them) as the enemy and to think they would not use these methods on us is in my opinion quite naive.

As I mentioned we have so many minds still reeling from the C-Bug tactics that they are highly susceptible to fear inducing tactics that would be implemented now.

Just saying, the timing is too convenient for my taste, especially knowing the level these Marxists will stoop to in order to get what they want I would call it a good bet that I am correct.

We will see will we not? Till next time.


Some connective tissue.

Project Bluebook

Interesting stuff!

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