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Personal logs... "Ego"

All you have to do my fellow humans is start asking all of those question you have been ignoring because it means admitting that you are wrong. ~Ghost


That is where the problem lies after all, not with the truth, or those who are telling it.

Understanding and admitting this to ourselves conquers our ego and allows us to eliminate the arrogance and narcissism that is keeping us from resolving our ignorance.

We will never learn anything as long as we think we know everything. This is a fundamental fact of our psychological makeup.

As is the fundamental fact of our psychology that we human beings are incapable of learning beyond our own abilities to understand.

As someone told me once, "If a scholar explains the intricacies of building a scientific study to a janitor and that janitor goes home and explains what he was told to his family, the family is not getting the same information that the janitor was told by the scholar. They are getting the janitors UNDERSTANDING of what he was told."

This is what has happened with many, many people over the last two generations.

The public school system fails to teach them HOW to think but instead indoctrinates them into WHAT to think.

In that vacuum created by the lack of critical thinking the manipulators pour carefully selected information on a level that these humans manufactured ignorance cannot actually understand.

So, inevitably the message that gets spread is not the truth, but a version of the truth based entirely on the ability to understand it among the socially engineered minds incapable of critical thinking.

Let's look at some examples of this.


A very common thing I hear is that a fetus is just a clump of cells and is therefore not life.

A mind incapable of critical thinking will simply accept this as the truth because it is what all off their friends say and so do their teachers and maybe even their parents.

Even if they did question it internally they would never go against what their circle says because thy fear being cast out.

Groupthink sets in and any questions they may have had are pushed aside by the group dynamics, collectivism.

A mind that that IS capable of critical thinking will immediately say, "wait a minute now...!"

"That is factually true but needs context, because every living thing on this planet is in its simplest form a clump of cells, we just got bigger."

Why did we get bigger? Because life is the only thing that grows. We all started out as a clump of cells and we grew because that is what life does, it grows.

So that argument ceases to make sense in the cold light of logic which is why those who use it will not debate the issue, they know perfectly well that they cannot back their position with fact because they were not given any facts to back up what they believe.

They are simply repeating what they were told to say and when you challenge them, they become belligerent, loud, maybe even violent towards you as a means to escape the cognitive dissonance you are causing them to experience.

But millions of young humans are running around using that blatantly flawed justification for murdering unborn children.

I still think @LilaGraceRose said it best when she asked Dr. Phil: 'If it's not a life why do you need to kill it?'

Only life needs to be killed and that is a fact.

The other example is Transgenderism.

All of these people know damn good and well that you cannot change your gender, it is determined on a cellular level.

Unless they figure out how to strip out that Y chromosome or replace an X chromosome with a Y you will until the day you die be a male or female respectively.

That is never going to happen so they will have to resort to our old friend Eugenics.

Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger were BIG fans of this type of social engineering.

Interfere with the natural process of development and create designer humans.

A "Master Race" just like Hitler wanted except now, we are developing the technology to actually do it.

Check a few boxes and your child's DNA is blended up in a test tube and the mother possibly does not even have to carry the child to term, it will be born in a lab, pre-programmed and most of all, property of the state with you as the child's care takers.

Refuse to raise the child in the state approved manner the child is taken away and you and your family are black balled by the social credit system.

Do you think I am bullshitting, do some research into China behind the propaganda.

They have been doing this for a while already and guess what country the progressives think is a model for the entire world?


All people need is a very special aspect of intelligence and emotional maturity that fortunately we all have but not so many of us use any more, common sense.

If it does not make sense, then it needs to be questioned, this is the fundamental rule of critical thinking and if people ignore asking these questions, then they are practicing "willful Ignorance" which is driven by ego which as we know is driven by unhealthy amounts of arrogance and narcissism.

They do not WANT to know and refuse to know because they know it means admitting that they are wrong if they do so.

I cannot help but get a tad enraged when I think about what future horrors are going to be repeated under these Marxist/Progressives tyranny and it could all be prevented if people would just admit that they are wrong and listen to the truth.

That is one hell of a price to pay that you are putting on your children and grandchildren etc. just because you were too arrogant to admit that you were wrong.

I would not be able to live with myself personally if I did that, I could never look at myself in a mirror again because the shame would be more than I could bear.

All because of something every one of us has complete control over if we use it, our ego.

And that brings us right back to the top of this scribble.

All you have to do my fellow humans is start asking all of those question you have been ignoring because it means admitting that you are wrong. ~Ghost


Stop focusing so much on what your fellow humans are doing and more time figuring out why they are doing it. ~Ghost

Some connective tissue.

The most important step in understanding others is to first understand yourself. ~Ghost

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