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Mind Games...Input/Output (SCRIPT)


Even when I was in my adolescence, I was incredibly fascinated with my fellow human beings.

After my fascination with the complexities of the physical being waned, I turned my attention to and have been focused on the even greater complexity of the human mind, particularly human behavior.

I spent my early adult years in serious real time observation of my fellow humans while reading the works of Freud, Jung, B. F. Skinner and more of the great minds that recognized the importance of understanding the human mind and created a science to do it amid much ridicule at the time.

During my last journey through higher education, I aced every psychology and philosophy course I signed up for as extra credits or where required for my major.

That experience was the equivalent of being sucker punched in the brain, not the head, they removed my brain beat the hell out of it until I finished the course.

Bruised and battered as it was from the liberal attacks my brain is still the same brain as when I stepped over the threshold on that first day.

I was now both a whole lot smarter and a whole lot more aware of what was really happening because of it.

Allow me to explain.


It always puzzles me when I see or here people argue about WHO has been indoctrinated.

The plane and simple truth is that we have all been indoctrinated.

Indoctrination is the process of repeating an idea or belief to someone until they accept it without criticism or question. The very act of instruction (teaching) would be a milder form of indoctrination.

On a side note- This is a great example of what I always say. Beyond a definition, words have no meaning except that which we ourselves give them.

Something to ponder.

We know 2+2 equals 4 because our teachers indoctrinated us in the commonly accepted mathematics.

It is the same for history, language, and everything else we have learned throughout our lives.

By the very definition of indoctrination every person on this earth has been indoctrinated.

Now that we have established this, we can leave all of the noise behind and start to examine what we should REALLY be focused on.

The what for now, and later the why.


Most people who are of my Generation, Gen X or earlier were indoctrinated to love our country,

that hard work and responsible behavior could make our dreams come true and the only limitation was in how hard we were willing to work for it.

We were taught to respect authority, to stand up for the weak, honor our fathers and mothers because nothing was more important than family

and to strive to be a good member of society.

Everything we were indoctrinated to believe was centered on those main principles.

Being a productive member of society, be ethical and moral in our behavior, love and defend our country with our lives if need be.

We were indoctrinated to be patriots, self-reliant and individuals who through choice, not coercion aided our fellow citizens when they were in need.

our mentality is simple. We will tell to hit the road if you beg us for a meal but ask us if you can do some work to earn a meal, we will sit you at our table.

God helps those who help themselves and so do we.

This was our input as we grew to adulthood and because of it our output was that for the most part we became independent, yet productive members of society.

There are of course exceptions to every rule.

And of course, that was the goal of our indoctrination in the first place.

We became exactly what we were indoctrinated to be.


The generations following my own, are an entirely different story, meaning Millennials and Gen Z.

They have to a great extent been indoctrinated to believe the exact opposite of what my generation was indoctrinated to believe.

They were indoctrinated to hate America and everything we stand for.

Where my generation saw people, they see gender, skin color, sexual preferences or any number of other dehumanizing categories they can lump people into.

All the while accusing everyone who does not think just like them of being the bigot.

They have been indoctrinated to believe that capitalism is bad and Socialism is good.

Even though the only true accomplish of Socialism has been the murder of well over 100 million people.

They have been indoctrinated to focus on their own beliefs instead the facts, their feelings instead of logic.

If you wonder what that means, it means the complete removal of critical thinking except on the most basic level.

Critical thinking and emotional chaos cannot exist in the same place at the same time.

One must give way to the other and it is only we who can choose which fork in the road to travel.

But more importantly, when to travel each fork because as I have stated many times, everything is balance.

The only real trick is knowing when to add or subtract weight.

That is of course unless someone puts their thumb on the scale.


Of course, I am not referring to every member of these two generations any more than I was referring to every member of my generation.

I know plenty of people from both who believe and feel the same way I do.

We are talking about the radicals and extremists from every generation, every race, every gender and every sexual preference, Marxism is an equal opportunity poisoner of weak minds.

That is not a dig at anyone, it is simply stating a known fact based on the people Marxists target.

They targeted my generation as well but having grown up during the cold war we told them go pound sand.

These new generations have no such memories to serve as a warning.

That is why they were specifically chosen to do the hard push with cultural Marxism.

For many, the only president they would remember is Barrack Obama who promised them everything in the world and started doing away with consequences.

Then came Donald Trump who by the will of the voters interrupted their plans,

it was a simple matter to turn all of the hate they had fostered through Obama's identity politics and put a target on Trump and anyone who supports him.

Human nature does the rest.

But remember always, human behavior is predictable, and anything that is predictable can be manipulated.

And a corrupt public school system was the perfect way to teach them just enough to be productive workers (slaves) and then teaching then nothing but hatred and victimhood from the earliest ages possible.

If you challenge the truth of what I say, simply visit any U.S. University and start talking to people.

Marxism is an ideology based on a conflict Marx could see, but he never really understood. The conflict he saw was the never-ending conflict of human nature itself.

His greatest folly was in his belief that through violent revolution you could change the unchangeable.

All this ever accomplishes is death, oppression, and misery.

And yet they still think they can make it work.

Talk about narcissistic arrogance.

As a general truth these two generations, millennials and Gen Z have been indoctrinated to lack empathy,

see no value in human life,

to be entitled and self-centered in every way

and to believe that violence is the way to deal with societies issues.

Hypocrisy and lies have no meaning to a Marxist because they have no capability to even consider that they may be wrong about something.

Instead, they lie, harm, kill, destroy and oppress every opposition until they get their way.

All the while claiming that THEY are the victims, not their actual victims.

This is what far too many people in these new generations have been indoctrinated to believe.

People best start waking up because just like my generation, they will become exactly what they have been indoctrinated to be.

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