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A Deeper Look into the Manipulation of the Masses (How Did We Get Here)

“If a person wants to be cured it is necessary to find a way in which his conscious personality and his shadow can live together”. ~Carl Jung


I was asked if I could delve a little deeper into my thoughts behind this FB post. This was going into my book but if it will help someone now I would be remiss in my mission to withhold it for personal reasons.

So, here they are, my thoughts on how we got to this point.

I know that it can be extremely vexing and defeating at times to find things that we ourselves are not capable of currently doing but others are. I say currently because the situation can always be changed with some effort and work.

At the point of this realization that other people can do things that we are incapable of doing, there's a storm of psychological processes happening.

Some are beneficial because they try to pull us towards calm and reason. This is so that we can assess our situation quickly and respond accordingly, no matter what the scenario is.

This is a fundamental part of our fight, flight, or freeze response to threats.

Which path we follow is greatly determined by which psychological processes we choose or do not choose to follow.

Now some people may think they have caught me in a contradiction here but just keep reading.

It's true that our (FFF) response is an instinct that we have no control over on a conscious level.

However, that only applies to the actual response itself. There is a subconscious decision that drives that response.

That subconscious decision is directly influenced by our conscious mind, more specifically our knowledge and understanding of our own psychology.

Our psyche, because it is our own creation, and consists of what we put into it.

Please remember that this as with all of my scribbles is based on my own experiences. I drug my own dumbass out of the ignorance prison I had locked myself in.

I never made any sense to myself in my younger days. I was a walking contradiction who could be caring and loving but also brutally violent when provoked.

I never hit a woman or child in anger though. That was one of those humanity shreds I held onto that gave me enough self-worth to keep me motivated. It proved that I could control my anger if I chose to and that by default, I could control it more effectively.

It was/is my anger and no one else could/can control it but me.

Once we take that all-encompassing responsibility for our own behavior the only way someone can piss us off (offend us) is if we allow it to happen.

No one to blame anymore, it's on you. Once you retake that power and responsibility for yourself, no one can manipulate you again, ever. You will see them coming from a mile away.

As I so often say, "It all begins and ends with you."

I was all over the place emotionally back then and that perpetual confusion found its outlet through anger that eventually reached DEFCON 5. This made me a dangerous man to be around at times.

I was prone to violent outbursts that I could not remember when provoked, especially when drinking. This was pretty much always towards the end.

I was done. I had nowhere to escape, no one to blame, nothing but the clothes on my back. I had no one to turn to without putting them in danger.

I either found a way to change or I would self-destruct, period, I was at the end of my road, and that is where I found myself in all of my pathetic glory.

Note: I had spent five years living in a bottle before this moment.

Two things happened. I shuffled my way back to God with my hat in my hand, an utter failure at running things my way.

The second thing that happened was that I got sober. It's not like we have a choice, you can't drink in prison after all. (5 DUIs = 2 years)

My head was clear for the first time in years.

So, with my decision written in stone I decided the first thing I needed to do was understand my own pathology, PTSD.

I needed to know everything there was about the disorder because keep in mind this was a relatively new diagnosis at the time and was first discovered in combat veterans.

Later the same symptoms were discovered in patients who had suffered any type of overly traumatic experience. Molestation, car accidents, victims of muggings and robberies were presenting with the same psychological symptoms as the combat veterans.

That started it and I have studied psychology and human behavior for decades now.

I do not have an alphabet after my name but that is my primary point.

You do not need one to understand basic human behavior. Degrees are badges for academics to justify their title of "expert".

You do not even have to study psychology to the depths I have either, I do it now because I enjoy it.

90% (IMO) of understanding human behavior relies on something we all do every day of our lives.

Observation. Or in simpler terms we just have to start paying attention to something more than our own little realities. A lot of people seem to forget that their little bubbles of reality exist within a much larger reality that can have dire influences on their own lives.

Human behavior is predictable and once we understand those predictable patterns within our collective unconscious, we can seek those patterns out in ourselves and modify them through repetitive positive influence. 

We cannot change or modify something in our psyche until we realize and accept that it exists.

Listen to what people tell you without taking offense because if they really care about you, they are telling you the truth.

There is also a lot of truth in angry words so do not ignore them either. Anger often acts as a natural truth serum. We still must decide when that is though, which all depends on our individual level of emotional maturity.

That is the goal is it not, to develop that emotional maturity by taking responsibility for ourselves in every way?

I mean, we can't change or modify our behavior in the real world to eliminate a problem until we know it exists, right?

Same thing.

We all use these processes in our daily lives to fit in with society and its collective norms.

We obey the law and treat each other with common courtesy.

Otherwise known as conformity which in itself is not an evil thing. It is what makes civilization possible after all.

We all conform to an agreed upon system of laws and punishments designed to protect civilized people (us) from barbarians.

Which will always be there as long as civilization exists.

We simply can't have one without the other. The laws of nature simply will not allow it.

For every "good" there must be "evil" to oppose it. Positive cannot exist without negative. It is that simple.

"Good" will never prevail, nor will "evil" as it exists within the human spectrum because if one defeated the other it would nullify its own existence.

This is not my theory. The laws of physics prove it on a universal scale.

For every action there must be an equal and opposite response, and as I have said many times.

Contrary to popular belief we human beings are not exempt from the laws of nature, and we are born with the nature of being contrary.

I mean think about it. No matter what it is, how positive it is for people there will be others who hate it.

We know from our own life experiences that this is a fact.

So, the question is why do we do that?

Why do we ignore something we know is true and allow others to use it as a tool to manipulate us?

This is the tip of the spear that opened a wound deep enough for all Marxist manipulations to infect our society.

If we did not succumb to this contrary tendency, these manipulations would be impossible to accomplish would they not?

The only way to prevent manipulation is to understand how manipulation works.

Unfortunately, most people don't these days and that is not entirely their own fault.

Which should at least raise an eyebrow and a "why not?" from people.

They have been taught the definition of manipulation but not how to recognize or avoid it.

In their minds the manipulation people like us see is the norm. It just is what it is to them through lifelong conditioning to accept without question.

Remember the old saying and I paraphrase "When people live under corruption long enough any efforts to end corruption are seen as corruption itself."

No, this is not a Joe Biden quote. It predates him and even your AI will tell you that if you ask it.

This is where we are.

And this is how we got here.

Human beings will literally fight about anything. This is common knowledge and I think we can all agree it is true.

Human behavior is predictable and anything predictable can and will be manipulated.

History has proven this time and time again has it not?

The same tactics used then are used today. The Marxists simply rely on better technology now.

The reason people like me know these things is not because we are smarter than anyone else. I personally have made way too many monumentally bad decisions in my life to consider myself smart, and that's a fact.

What I am is very knowledgeable about certain things just like everyone else is.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, expertise and natural talents.

Unfortunately, one of my natural talent and expertise is in exposing flaws in other people's belief systems, or more specifically, the foundations those belief systems are based on.

If the patterns are off then the patterns are off, period and people like me see those twisted patterns and want to fix them often meeting strong resistance from those negatively impacted by those twisted patterns.

This makes me a rather unpopular fellow amongst the narcissistic and arrogant crowd.

You know who you are, I did when I was counted among your ranks.

The last thing they want to hear or see is proof that they might be wrong about something. They are absolutely convinced that what they are doing is the right thing. Even if they in the back of their minds know better, group think will hold them captive.

These people are the "useful idiots". Their unshakable belief or programming in their own self-righteousness makes them the perfect facilitators of the processes needed to accomplish their part of the end goal. Chaos and civil unrest.

Then we have the "useful innocents" or "Misled Masses" as I call them because they are not innocent, just ignorant of the facts.

Their guilt lies in their conformity to group think, they made a decision to do that, and they continue to make that decision every day.

They may know it is wrong and they may disagree personally, but they have a powerful tool being used to keep them in the collective, fear based primarily in lies and political propaganda that repeat endlessly through the social media echo chambers they live within.

We must also remember that as with the useful idiots the misled masses inhabit every political party, not just one.

The Marxist/progressives of all parties form a third party, you have probably heard it called the 'Uni-party".

The useful idiots in every party use the misled masses on both sides to keep the conflict between "Republican" and "Democrat" going so no one realizes that this "Uni-party" is actively using our own money to enslave us under worldwide authoritarianism.

If that happens it would be the end of them, and they know it.

And then of course we have all of us who see the corruption, who see the manipulation, the distractions, the lies etc. because we know history and we see the world and people as a system of different patterns.

Right now, those patterns are all fucked up, we see it, we know it and most of all if the misled masses would listen, we can also prove it.

Which makes us a major threat to the Marxist/progressives, the "Uni-party" AKA the real enemy of us all not just today but throughout human history.

Social media calls it getting "Red Pilled" which begs the question why an entire process has been assigned by millions of people to an "awakening" that supposedly does not exist, right?

Those who do get "Red Pilled" are immediately labeled as the people who have been misled.

With no evidence to the contrary within the echo chamber this becomes the truth.

It does not make these people stupid it makes them ignorant which is a very simple word weaponized to create instant offense if one is called it.

That feeling of "being offended" can and most often does shut down any further dialogue when all it means is that we don't know something.

If you find being called this word offensive ask yourself why, what is there about saying someone does not know something that is offensive?


That's the answer, so why would you react to it with anger or embarrassment?

Because it is part of the overall manipulation to create and perpetrate division.

Allow me to elaborate on that for a few minutes for clarity.

I am on the cusp of "Boomer" and "Gen X", I can claim status in either, but I identify more with Gen X and one thing about my generation is that we tend to use words by their actual definitions and meanings while the younger generations tend to use words as they understand them.

As a perfect example of this we can use the word 'Racism'.

To my generation in general, Gen X, Racism means treating people differently based on their skin color, it is that simple because that is the definition of the word. And I am confident in saying that the majority of my generation agreed that this is wrong.

My generation had all but ended racism in this country until Barrack Obama dug it back up from the grave and put it on steroids with his identity politics, and that is a fact, I was there and saw it happen with my own eyes.

Racism means a very different thing to many people in the younger generations.

It has been bastardized by the left to further entrench the false narrative of the "White Oppressor" and the non-white oppressed.

We can easily destroy this narrative with a simple look at countries who do not have a "white" majority". We see the same thing happening except the target is simply whoever the majority is be it religious, race, etc.

Because that has always been the target throughout history. You cannot fundamentally change a socioeconomic system without first destroying the existing system always held by the majority, no matter what race, religion, or anything else they are the target.

We can absolutely and inarguably prove this.

But only if we can get the younger generations to listen to us.

Therein lies the problem because the younger generations have been programmed to automatically dismiss what we Gen X and prior say because for one, we do not use words the same way that they do.

If we call them ignorant which simply means they do not know something they take offense and dismiss us immediately.

After a while they dismiss us simply because we are not them and that was the entire purpose of the exercise.

To keep them from learning from us which would expose them, the Marxists/progressives lies and manipulations which again would be the end for them, they would be powerless if the misled masses turned against them.

The misled masses are their power.

Now there are of course a lot of psychological processes involved but one thing becomes crystal clear.

The younger generations have been programmed to view the generations before them as racist bigots, evil people who are too stupid to understand what is going on as they see it.

If you think I am wrong then you have not been paying attention to what is going on around you, at all.

Whether that is caused by true ignorance or willful ignorance is something only you know, and only you can change.

We can help but you have to do it.

Something to think about folks, till next time. ~Ghost


Connective Tissue

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