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The Blame Game, Joe Biden's Ever Pointing Finger.


I don't know about anyone else, but I am really getting quite fed up with the lack of critical thinking and absolute disregard for common sense of the average American today.

Now, I have heard the epitome of gaslighting coming out of Joe Biden's mouth again.

"Shrinkflation", give me a freaking break man!

What the man said is in fact true though about one thing and I think we have all probably noticed that we are paying more for less recently.

Biden claims this is because industry owners are cutting product amounts and in some cases quality in order to save money.

And of course, the ignorant mislead masses will immediately fall in line demonizing the industry owners and blaming them for their misery and anger.

But are they to blame? Let's look at that.



As always, my scribbles are for educational/entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinions and beliefs based on my own research.

It's just something to think about folks. Agreeing with me is not a requirement to listen. ~Ghost


Now before anyone gets their undies in a twist these are simple facts. If you are a person who has not taken the time to think past what you are told (critical thinking) and question the validity of what you are told, you are in fact a member of the "misled masses" otherwise known as the "useful innocent".

If you are a person who does use critical thinking put into perspective with common sense you are a member of the resistance.

I don't know which any of you are, but you do, so maybe since no one else knows what you are thinking this is a good opportunity to reevaluate your beliefs. Just saying.

So, we know that product size and as I said even quality is dropping dramatically over the past few years while prices just keep going up and up under Joes "build back better" delusion.

The question we need to ask ourselves as always is why?

People do things for a reason and according to Joe the usurper, it is all the industry owners' creed that is at fault because they only want more profit.

This could and in this writers' opinion is being rationalized by the misled masses to make perfect sense because they do not think any further than this point.

If Joe Biden says it, then it must be true, that is the mentality of the 'misled masses'.

So, let's do what we do guys.


I say that there is much more to this scenario and if we look into it more, under the emotional distractions, we see a more likely scenario manifest itself.

This is another Biden administration blame game meant to distract the misled masses from who is truly behind Bidens "Shrinkflation" claim that blames industry owners.

Biden himself is behind it just like he is every single other thing he uses the corrupt media to blame on Trump and anyone who disagrees with his Marxist ideology.

We just need to take a little time and be honest with ourselves man. Everything the Biden admin blames on conservatives/republicans (us) is exactly what they themselves are doing.

It is in their play book man. "Always accuse your opponent of what you are guilty as you are doing it to create confusion."

No one really knows who said it, but it is none the less true because every tyrant throughout history has used this tactic in their propaganda campaigns.

It is all documented, one just has to connect the dots and open their eyes.

People like me see the world around us as a series of patterns much like a spider web and as with a spider web when a thread in that pattern gets moved out of place, we sense it immediately.

Off we go to see what the matter is. (Click Image for link)

Somebody is lying and my bet is on the progressive/Marxists who have been proven to be liars over and over again, as well as blaming everything they do on us! But hey, maybe that's just me.

In this case Joe Bidens "Shrinkflation" comment caught my attention, especially after seeing the impact it had through social media.

People bought this very misleading proclamation hook, line, and sinker; the comments speak for themselves.

It is all the industry owners fault we are paying more for less, LET'S GET THEM!

There is a reason that the industry owners are doing this and yes, as with every business owner the whole idea is to make a profit.

For this reason, we look one place and one place only, Joe Biden and his socialist administration.

I can hear the breathless outraged voices now. "How dare you blame Joe Biden, how is he responsible for what these industry owners do?"

One-word squeakers, R-E-G-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!

Biden is crushing American industry under socialist and environmental regulations meaning every aspect of an industry owners operations costs them more and more money every year.

These industry owners only have two choices. Close the doors or find ways to recoup the ever-increasing losses to government regulations, fines, fees etc.

This means layoffs, price increases down the line all the way to our hands and since employees are covering more jobs for the same salary moral is in the toilet meaning quality suffers as well.

It is all a chain reaction, cause and effect.

Which of course means we suffer because we are the bottom of the food chain and as we know shite rolls downhill.

This should all sound very familiar because it is the exact same thing Barrack Obama did when he was in office. (click image for link)

He all but destroyed American industry with regulations and environmental horseshit.

People have some short memories man because Biden just picked up where Obama left off and they just can't or refuse to see it.

And then of course we have the four years of Trump where he deregulated our industry, and it shot back like a boomerang the economy was roaring back until the usurper took over and put all of those regulations back in place and we are seeing the results right now.

The economy is booming they say and to a degree they are exactly right. The problem is WHO the economy is booming for, and I am telling you folks what you should already know through your own experiences, it isn't We the People, our economy is in the toilet right now, we are all struggling just to survive while Biden uses our own money to finance his destruction of our lives.

And that doesn't piss you off?

Think about it from the place of the industry owner.

They are simply trying to keep their head above water meaning making a profit because there is no reason to own a business if profit is not your goal, right?

But the government decides to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour so now to recoup that sudden loss of profit you have to start laying off employees adding to the region's unemployment problems.

As I mentioned earlier this destroys moral because people are doing more work for the same amount of money, quality goes down which begins to affect your customer base, it shrinks meaning less income.

Now, you have to find a way to recoup those losses which means since you have laid off everyone that you can your only choice is to raise prices on an already inferior product causing you to lose even more customers.

Then just when you figure things out so that you can barely stay in business the government rolls out another minimum wage increase, more regulations, more taxes that eliminate even the possibility that you can make a profit anymore, you're done.

But fear not! The government backed mega-corporations are right there to take over your customer base and start monopolizing the products they can consume.

See where I am going with this?


Now let's shed a little brighter light for a moment on what this means.

If anyone would know...


Now let's think about the scenario I laid out above, what does that sound like to you?

Because it sure sounds like the marriage of corporation and state to me.

The state regulates the small business owners out of business and the government backed mega corporations move in to take over.

Thia would be an excellent time to apply that common sense I keep harping about don't you think?

Don't keep getting sucked into this cycle of misdirection, finger pointing and outright lies and manipulations my fellow humans!

The main thing the progressives/Marxists are telling you, meaning the misled masses NOT to use is the very thing that will us all to see the progressive/Marxists deceit, lies, and manipulations.

Cause and effect. The people signing the papers are the ones responsible for the consequences WE face from their decisions be they good or bad.

Personally, I am damn sick and tired of paying the price for other people's agendas that are only make my life harder and more stressful.

Aren't you? Then it is time that we need to start putting the blame where it belongs and holding people accountable for our misery and suffering, don't you think?

99% of our problems are caused by and perpetuated by our own governments, not rich people, not the middle class, not the weird people down the block, THE GOVERNMENT!


Something to think about y'all, till next time. ~Ghost


Connective tissue

Remember, safety is what the misled masses are prepared to give our freedoms and liberties away for.

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