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Reality Check... "15-minute Cities"

This is a continuance of my last "Personal Logs... My thoughts on Poverty". I changed it to a "Reality Check" to reach more people.


In my last scribble I briefly made my case for a theory that we never actually left the Socioeconomic and political systems of Feudalism and Manorialism.

We have never been "free" simply freer than we as a society have ever been before thanks to western culture.

If you listen to the elites, they love to call the founding and growth of the United States an "experiment".

That right there should tell people that this has all been orchestrated by the elites for the purpose of seeing what would happen.

They do not hate the U.S. because it was a resounding failure as they were convinced it would be, and what they are doing a phenomenal job of convincing young people today that it was.

They hate the U.S. because it was a resounding success in that it gave control of people's lives to the people themselves and not the state (the elites).

It did not take long before this became intolerable to the elites as they saw both their social position and their control over the populace slipping away.

That is when the regulations, policies, laws, and rules begin to get tighter and tighter and tighter until here we are in 2023 watching our country being taken over by Marxist elites who want their absolute power back and the rest of us as their slaves.

Just as it was before the industrial revolution and founding of the United States.

Faces, names, labels and places may have changed but the mentality behind the tyrannical mind and its minions has not changed at all.


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

I have been seeing a lot lately about what is far from an original or new idea since it dates back to ancient Rome.

(Isn't it odd how so much of what the Marxist elites are doing can be traced to Rome, Hitler stole many of his symbols and signs from the romans including his salute. Just saying.)

Today they call them 15-minute cities but what it is, is Manorialism pure and simple.

If you took advantage of the information I posted below my last scribble, you should have a fairly good understanding of the structure that was Manorialism and be able to see what I see in the comparisons.

For comparison to the 15-minute Cities we will be focusing on Manorialism.

So, what are "15 Minute cities"?

Here are both sides of the story.

The Pitch.

Reality. 15 Minute City: Oxford Residents Fight Back! | The Wentworth Report

You know what comes to mind when I think about this plan?

Remember this?

This is a "15 minute district or neighborhood in Shanghai China during the COVID lockdowns when China was WELDING people into their homes and buildings.

But even more with this concept I think about South Africa's Ponte City Tower in Johannesburg.

If you have seen Karl Urban in "Dredd", you know what I am talking about. The tower the movie takes place in and the story line are basically mirroring (with dramatic effect of course) what happened at Ponte Tower.

In short it was like a city unto itself encased within a tower which was also the tallest apartment building in Johannesburg at the time.

It was Apartheid SA so the building was segregated for a while but not too long after opening it was hijacked by criminals, they took over the entire city/tower and turned every resident into a hostage who had to pay them tribute etc.

Here is a short look at another Johannesburg apartment building that was hijacked just like the Ponte City Tower for a visual of what happened.

So let's just get to the commonsense part here.

UN Agenda 21 and UN agenda 2030 (the updated version of 21) makes it very clear that the goal is to move all of the people into MEGA Cities, depopulate the coast lines while seizing control over all water resources declaring them and all unpopulated land area as state owned instead of publicly owned.

They want to control what we eat, where we live, what we do for a job, where we can go and that control will get tighter and tighter, until they control every aspect of our lives.

This is not a sci-fi dystopian movie of the future; it is a description of how the world was BEFORE the creation of the United States which for the first time let the common people be in more control of their own lives.

People have got to get that through to their brainwashed minds, interrupt the programming.

We know what they are planning because they tell us everything they are going to do ahead of time. If you can't see that then you are simply not paying attention for one reason or another.

READ- The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab. It is all laid out in somewhat plain English (very poorly written).

And then I recommend reading this; What Is the Great Reset? | Imprimis (

(For a starting point)

Look, point blank. If you are not willing to put in the work to learn the truth then you don't want to know the truth and it is that willful ignorance that the Marxists draw their power from, it is the source.

You are choosing to aid and abed them in their goals. There is no neutral ground, if you are not fighting the enemy then you are the enemy.

Creating these districts is simply creating pens for portions of the population to make them easier to contain and control.

They told us that this is what they are planning to do and right now they are in the process of implementing that plan that they TOLD US they were going to do.

I am absolutely %$#% baffled as to exactly what part of this people are failing to grasp!

Common Sense People!

Anyway, I counted to ten and am ready to continue.

I really wanted to get my point across in this comparison, so I did what I do, I built my own city broken up into 15-minute districts as described by Katy Hopkins in her video. She is witnessing this happening in real time in England.

It is not a complete city as of yet but I have enough to get my point across.

Let's take a look. (NOTE: In the video I mistakenly say, "urban areas" to be depopulated when I meant to say, "rural areas".

The pitch

21252030 Agenda for Sustainable Development web.pdf (


Agenda 2030: You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy –

Manorial System in the Middle Ages | What is Manorialism? - Video & Lesson Transcript |

This is what the 15-minute District I created reminds me of, the Favelas surrounding Rio de Janero in Brazil.

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