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Q&A- Can I simplify how "Multiculturalism" works?


Now, this is where I have to say that this is my way of seeing this issue, it is my simplified opinion, agree, disagree, great, you do you.

Multiculturalism as I see it belongs in the category of a very big "pry bar" because that is exactly what it is.

A tool to create hatred and division, chaos and civil unrest.

Allow me to explain.

Say you have a community in Sweden (just to pick a mostly white country) even though something very similar to this actually did happen in Sweden a few years ago.

This community is primarily white (because well, its Sweden, a primarily white country) and have a very long history and very prominent culture that they all share.

Let's say its population is 10,000 people.

The government decides that they want to take in a bunch of "refuges" from the middle east who have a vastly different culture and absolutely nothing in common with this small town of ours has had for centuries.

Here is the process of Multiculturalism.

The government drops let's say 3-4 thousand of these people who are literally from another world culturally and religiously without the permission of the town's folk, often with no prior knowledge that it was happening.

The moment you drop 3-4,000 people into an established population of 10,000 other people you have just created a minority within that town that previously did not exist.

So, under the rules of Multiculturalism as a minority they are entitled to special treatment by the government right off the bat and since this often results in evicting townsfolk in order to house these "refugees", lost jobs, fewer resources, and the general special treatment and unfairness of this tends to piss people off. (all of this happened here in the U.S. as well)

This is immediately used as a reason to protect the minority and punish the majority who is oppressing the minority that the government themselves created for this very purpose.

The media makes it reality.

Any criticism or retaliation against this manufactured minority is considered a hate crime and the government punishes them (the towns folk) according to those laws.

Pretty soon more "refugees" come, and the native citizens move away until the "refugees" are the majority and things really get bad for any original citizens that are left.

Why? Human nature my friend, human nature.

These new holders of the majority will in their self-righteousness began seeking retribution for the perceived oppression placed in their minds by the government through that media.

See what I mean about being a "pry bar"?

It is a tool for manipulation and use of force to accomplish a political goal and since that very often results in violence on their part, it is also terrorism.

The whole point of the process is to force the governments will on the people, AKA totalitarianism/authoritarianism.

That's how I see it minus all of the noise, it is a way to achieve control and maintain it.

Until people get it through their heads just how diabolical these people (Marxist/Progressives) are...


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