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Personal Logs... "The Greater Good"


A while back I did a scribble on "Altruism", and this is in a way an extension of that scribble in that the two things are very closely related, two peas in the same pod you might say.

The "Greater Good" is a cudgel, a club to beat people into submission with and it has been used by every single tyrant in human history so one could say that it is for all intents and purposes a "tool of tyranny".

Now, there is nothing wrong the term "Greater Good' or it's practice, we should all try and be more willing to lend a hand if we can, that is a noble pursuit helping others and we could use more of it.

However, as with most everything else its harmful and evil outcomes are the result of how PEOPLE use it, not the term or philosophy itself, it is just words that hold no more meaning than what we as individuals and a society give them.

As with "Altruism" the manipulators have taken the meaning and intent of this term "Greater Good' and bastardized it into a call for self-sacrifice on every level of our lives which means becoming slaves to the state as the only "Fair and Equitable" outcome.

We know from history that creating a society that everyone is equally happy is an impossibility due to human nature.

No matter what it is, there are going to be people who do not like it.

We have also learned from history that in trying to accomplish the impossible, what results is a society where everyone is equally poor and miserable except the elites of course.

That has been the outcome of fascism, socialism, and "communism", all of Marxism's children fail and devolve into tyranny because Marxism has a fatal flaw.

It is based on the assumption that human nature can be changed by force.

Human nature cannot be changed by anything except our extinction and that is a widely known fact, you cannot change human nature, we are what we are and will always be that and nothing more.


We have as a society become complacent with corruption in our government.

So complacent and apathetic about it that many see the efforts of ending the corruption, as the corruption itself.

So, let's take a minute and look at some etymology.

The "Greater Good".

This philosophy is rooted in utilitarianism.

To understand utilitarianism, we can use the long standing and famous "Trolly" thought experiment.

You are standing next to a fork in a trolley track and a switch to divert a trolley car that is about to kill five workers unless you throw the switch and divert the trolley down a side track where it will kill one worker. Most people say that they would throw the switch—kill one to save five. The problem with utilitarianism is evidenced in another thought experiment: You are a physician with five dying patients and one healthy person in the waiting room. Would you harvest the organs of the one to save the five? If you answered yes, you might be a psychopathic murderer.

As you can see utilitarianism is based in hard pragmatism meaning the ends justify the means in the mind of Marxist/Progressive utilitarians.

Whatever methods are needed to accomplish a set goal are secondary to accomplishing the goal itself.

"By any means necessary" is the progressives call to arms which places them squarely in this category of thinking.

Now again, I cannot drive this home enough. there is nothing wrong or evil about utilitarianism or pragmatism, they are simply words we use to describe something so that we can understand it.

It is in how PEOPLE use these words to further their OWN agendas instead of what is best for the population as a whole which is the very purpose of utilitarianism.

For the greater good.

The problem is though as again, history has taught us that when it comes the goals of the Marxist/Progressives the powers that be rarely coincide with what is best for society.

This is a very simply concept to grasp ahold of man.

In the Marxists elite's version of "The Geater Good" they themselves are the only ones who benefit from this 'Greater Good" while the populations are turned into slaves to support the elites' lavish lifestyles.

Come on people, this is not something new that we are dealing with here, it is simply the latest version of the same old Marxist attack on freedom, individuality, and liberty.

They want their slaves back, period. that is the ultimate goal is to enslave humanity as a whole under their totalitarian rule.

Global "Communism" which as Marx described it was, no government, no private ownership, no monetary system etc., you know, a pipe dream that is impossible because of that age old enemy of Marxism human nature.

By Marx's own definition of communism, we were basically living in communism before the industrial revolution brought the free market, individuality, prosperity, and hope to the masses.

Those were not good times for humanity people, not good times at all.

There are no communist countries in this world, they are all socialist countries run under a system that they CALL, communism but isn't.

Utilitarianism is meant to be a methodology by which the greatest good is done for the greatest number of people by the implementation of a policy etc.

I myself am very utilitarian as well as very pragmatic when it comes to my problem solving, but immediately after distilling it down to its base elements I start introducing the human (emotion) elements into it looking for any issues with my reasoning that could cause harm to people or situations.

The Marxists do not take this second step in the process when they are talking about the greater good.

As I mentioned earlier for the Marxist/Progressives THEY are the greater good, not us, they are superior to us in their minds which is the very first step in dehumanization that always leads to enslavement, death, misery, and horror for those at the bottom of the Marxists two tier society.

The very rich, THEM, and the very poor, US.

I believe in both altruisms, and the greater good, both are useful in creating and maintaining a healthy society based on cooperation, respect, and open dialogue, freedom of speech and thought, freedom to decide one's own destiny.

Individuals WILLINGLY helping each other because it is the right thing to do is what makes a society run smoothly and efficiently as possible, not force.

The Marxist/Progressives are giving us none of that under their version of the greater good, all of that is very methodically being taken away from us.

We can never recognize that we are being manipulated unless we can recognize the methodology behind it.

If what they say is not lining up with what they are doing it means, we are being lied to, which means we are being manipulated.

It is that simple folks, but it is useless unless people get up off of their apathetic asses and do something.

We the People are supposed to be the ones that the "Greater Good" applies to, not the minority running this country and their fascist minions.

It is all right there in front of you, all you have to do is open your eyes and see it.

When the Marxist/Progressives (the manipulators) use the term "for the greater good" they are only talking about the greater good for them, not us and the results of their actions prove it.

My fellow humans, it is OUR responsibility to verify the truth of what we are told, no one else's, remember that.

People lie.

Something to think about, till next time.


Some connective tissue

If you have never watched this movie or read the book, I highly suggest doing so because it is a preview of what is happening right now in our own country and worldwide.

This IS happening.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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