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Personal logs... First Steps

Confidence comes from inside and no person on earth has power over what we hold inside unless we willingly give it to them. ~Ghost


Throughout my videos and scribbles I have bounced around several aspects of what I am talking about when it comes to changing the way we think, but I imagine some people are asking themselves "Man, that sure sounds great but how exactly do I accomplish it"?

Well, the truth is you already know how to accomplish it, (we all do) because we used the same exact process to establish the pattern of thinking we have right now, did we not?

All we have to do is modify and repair our minds towards the desired outcome.

As an example.

Have you ever watched a computer hard drive defragment itself? The drive will show up as a graph like the one pictured below that shows before and after defragmentation.

The red represents all of the "noise" we are subjected to through the constant propaganda and educational programming that prevents our own hard drive, our mind, from processing information properly and efficiently.

It clogs it up with unnecessary BS using up space we need for real information, facts.

And just like this graph shows we will probably have to go through the process of purging this noise from our minds multiple times and once we do have it purged, we move into a never-ending struggle to keep it purged because the noise is still all around us just waiting for our firewall to go down and it can sneak back in, real quiet so we never even know it is there until the effects of its presence begin to remanifest in our behavior.

Which it always will.

This happens over time and is directly related to our user habits on the PC itself, as it is with our own minds.

Nine times out of ten these problems happen because of our own actions, and they may not show up for a long time.

All the while building more and more red marks until it if left unchecked, eventually crashes the system, we become a drone.

Just one more worker bee in the hive.

Our minds are no different, they are under constant attack from outside threats and sadly far too many people have never developed a "Firewall" to recognize and stop those threats.

People like me, usually due to some hard life experiences not only built those firewalls but we constantly update them just like we would our PC protection to cover the never-ending new threats we face.

Instead of downloading the latest anti-virus though, we research and verify everything we are being told by the media and the government to see if it is indeed true before we choose to believe it.

To say that an alarming amount of that information from the media and government today is false would be a substantial understatement.

Other people, choose to blindly follow whatever instructions they are given by the talking heads on their screens or voices in their ears because they are the "voice of the experts".

All-knowing, all-seeing masters of what we are allowed to believe is the truth.

Yeah, that doesn't work for me, never has.

As for the "other people" you may have heard me refer to them as the "misled masses" and they are the ones that I am most focused on reaching out to, because through ignorance developed into a personality trait over time, many of them have no clue what they are doing and worst of all far too many do not want to know either.

I still believe though that at this time a majority of these people are only going along because of groupthink and the hive mentality of collectivism, they feel trapped but can't see a way out even though they already know how to do it.

They simply lack the confidence in themselves to do it, and that is the desired end impact of the manipulation process through collectivism, to create an ignorant, compliant populace who will not question what is being done to them.

Either through ignorance or the relentless pressure of the collective to conform in all ways the results are the same.


Remember that I said from the start, if you are looking for earth shattering epiphanies from me you are going to be disappointed, out of my 6 senses the one I rely on the most is my common sense.

Almost everything I talk about we all know already; we have simply forgotten or as I said in one of my other scribbles, we have been convinced through propaganda and educational programming that we are not smart enough to understand certain things.

After a while that mentality can become a scapegoat for all of the things we do not want to know about, "Well, let the experts worry about that, I will just listen to what they say about it."

This is called "Willful Ignorance and Self-Deception". (Be sure to read this!)

This is a predictable human behavior so it can also be used to manipulate us. As with pretty much all Psychology of Human Behavior this can be both useful in our relationships with other people and also be very destructive to our self-image and emotional health.

We can then spread doubt and insecurity in our own intelligence to other areas of our thought processes, infecting them with apathy to the point where we no longer use them at all.

We forget.

Just like our bodies our minds need exercise; they need to be pushed to explore its limits and grow.

Our minds need to develop "muscle memory" just like our bodies do and the only way to do that is through repetition and consistency.

In other words, we need to study and learn new things on more than a superficial level which is exactly what we have been programmed not to do... which is to question.

Doing this process with their own minds is what made those experts, experts to begin with it was it not?

We could do the same thing and many of us have and do qualify as experts in our chosen fields of employment, but we never hear that do we?

We are simply employees even if we know more and are smarter than the people we work for.

Why do you think that is?

As I have said before, if we all realize that we are not as stupid as the elites have convinced us that we are, what would we need them for?

Ignorance is the tool of tyrants, always has been, always will be.


"They" say that the first step is the hardest and whoever coined that phrase knew a thing or two about human behavior and why we are so often referred to as sheep.

What I am referring to is the human herd mentality which is fully documented and also predictable which means it can be used to manipulate us.

Researchers discovered that it takes a minority of just five percent to influence a crowd’s direction — and that the other 95 percent follow without realizing it.

The "misled masses".

So, there is our first step. Being one of the "misled masses" means that one is brainwashed to some degree or another or they would not be a member of the misled masses to begin with.

The first reaction is of course, "I am not brainwashed, no way, I am too smart for that!"

Now we have a choice to make.

Ego (option one) will keep us where we are, ignorant and believing the lie because we cannot accept that we are wrong. (Narcissism)

Option two, is we first accept the possibility that we could be wrong which eliminates the barrier preventing us from ingesting opposing viewpoints and much needed information to make an intelligent decision.

That's it, step one is we have to make a choice.

A question I get a lot is "if I am brainwashed how would I know it?"

Test yourself.

Every one of us has a similar methodology of ingesting, processing, and interpreting information for use in our decision-making process that comes from being a human.

The way to manipulate that thought process is of course by controlling what information that person or persons are allowed to ingest and process into a decision or belief.

The flaw in this form of manipulation though, is that it leaves no trail of how one came to believe what they believe, or how one made the decisions that they made.

They are simply believing what they were told as being the truth without verifying it first.

This flaw can be exploited and expose whether one has been brainwashed or not and no one has to know about it except themselves.

No one can read your mind, in there is the only place on this planet that we are truly alone.

That is why it is the best possible place to make changes in our thinking which ultimately impacts our behavior.

If we fail, no one knows about it so we can pick ourselves up, dust off and try it again until we get it right.


So, basically, we take multiple things that we seriously believe in and start dissecting why we believe them.

If you within your own mind used critical thinking to make that decision to believe something, it left a trail in your mind because you had to look at both sides of the story in depth and make your decision based on that process.

We don't just forget going through that process because when we think about the belief, the process of and every valid reason for deciding that belief should come right along with it.

If you find that there are things that you can't readily list off the reasons that you believe it to be true, that is a good indication that you may need to look into that because you very likely made your decision based on controlled information or someone else's word, not all of the information and facts.

That is a form of brainwashing that we can again, identify within ourselves, without anyone knowing about it unless we tell them.

If we are honest with ourselves, it will not take long to determine that we have been lied to and manipulated for other people's benefit.

We will know we have completed this step when we ask ourselves "Why are they lying to me and what else have they been lying to me about?"

Then, as always, we have a choice to make.


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