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Reality Check... Ignorance is the tool of tyrants.


If a thing is in fact not happening, what would be the reasoning for fighting its being banned? ~Ghost

Education is meant to be the catalyst that creates intelligent, well adjusted (mentally sound) young adults who after their education will join society as productive citizens.

Through a well-established curriculum that not only provides factual information it also teaches the student what to do with that information and how to use that information through critical thinking to find solutions to the problem or to find the problem itself.

This will prepare them for the many problems they will encounter in the greater world outside of the classroom because the students know how to think critically and solve those problems logically before they encounter them, they are prepared for it.

That is the pitch anyway and in a perfect world that is how it would be.

Back in my day it was very close, but the education system never has and never will be perfect, without any problems or hiccups.

If it is, then it is not an education system, it is an indoctrination system.

I think most people would agree that our education system here in the U.S. is in failure mode, meaning it is failing to do its job that I just laid out above.

In fact, there are article everywhere about it for example here, here, and here.

But as we look through these comprehensive lists of why our education system is failing us, why our children can't read and write at grade, or do grade level math in school districts across this country there is something very important missing on those lists.


Our children are not able to read, write and do arithmetic because that is not what they are being taught in the schools.

This is common sense stuff!

They are being indoctrinated how to be a Marxist radicals and eventually slaves, take a listen.

Teachers ADMIT To Indoctrinating Their Students - YouTube

Project Veritas - YouTube

Union Teachers Explain How to Push Marxism in the Classroom - YouTube

Straight from the horse's mouth is kinda hard to argue with.

So let's take a look at some numbers.

Not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools. For reading, it’s 30 schools – Wirepoints | Wirepoints

Let's just look at the first one on the list.

Lovejoy Elementary who used $17,663 of parent's tax money to "educate" 30 for a grand total of $529,980.00.

Over half a million dollars of the taxpayer's money and not 1 &%#$ child can read at grade level?

$16,449 of taxpayer money to "educate" 103 students for a grand total of $1,694,247.00 and not 1 *&#$% child can do math at grade level?

Then look down lower at Decatur SD

$16,723 x 566= $9,465,218.00 of taxpayer money specifically allocated for one thing, to teach these children Reading, writing, and arithmetic and not 1 %$#@ child can do any of it at grade level.

Funding my arse.

This is not a "One off" either.

Baltimore MD

Outrage on Twitter after Baltimore reveals zero students proficient in math across 23 schools: ‘FAILURE' | Fox News


When are you people going to start asking where all of YOUR money went?

When are you going to choose the safety and future of your children over your own fear of being ridiculed, confronted or laughed at?

You know who you are.

Not doing so is the epitome of selfishness and neglect of that child and somewhere down inside of you, YOU know it too.

So, for your children's sake, for all of our children's sake...change it!


That is just to name a few but you can find articles about this type of thing going on across the country.

People like me have been called conspiracy theorists for decades when we suggested that this was going to happen in the future and now, we are living it every day.

We were also dismissed when we said that the school curriculum would change to one that it no longer challenged our children to succeed or rewarded them for excellence.

Equity is just another term for mediocracy. It is impossible to raise everyone up to the same level because not everyone is the same, meaning many are limited in how far they can rise above the crowd no matter what they do.

This is a fact. So, the ONLY way to achieve "equity" is to drag the higher achievers down to the level of the lowest common denominator.

"Everyone gets a participation trophy, so no one is left out or looks better than anyone else."

Remember that? Well, we are living in those same children's adult lives right now.

How is that working out for us?

In other words, "The Dumbing Down of America" is being proven right now in real time.

That is a reality right now and the numbers prove it as we can see with the few examples I put above.

So, if you are someone who still thinks this is not happening, you are a being a dumbass so why don't you just own it, and then change it.

Only you can do that.


Look, we know this is happening, there is overwhelming proof that our classrooms have been hijacked by Marxist Radicals who want to enslave humanity.

This is a fact and the sooner you people come to terms with that the sooner you can get started trying to stop them.

I want to take a few minutes to focus on another aspect of ignorance that is being taught to our children in schools that WE pay for.

They are being taught how to be bigots, specifically, racists who see everything through the lens of race, class, and gender instead of individual qualities of the people around them.

Take a look.

Racism is the incitation of discrimination, hatred or violence towards a person or a group of persons because of their origin or their belonging, or not belonging, to a specific ethnic group or race. Cornell Law

The people in this video believe this because that is what they have been taught to believe their entire lives.

It is important to point out what to me should be obvious.

Since some of the people in this video (and their opinions/beliefs are in no way whatsoever isolated cases) claim that white people stole everything from them they are by default also claiming that it is THEY who are superior to white people.

Especially this young lady... No superiority complex there at all, am I right?

Otherwise, why would white people have to STEAL everything from them unless white people are inferior to them.

This video is the very definition of racism, and it is WHAT is being said not the color of the faces saying it that makes it racism.

You can change the color of the target or the perpetrator all you want to, and it makes no difference to the very definition of the word.

Now the commonsense folks, if people (racists and radicals by definition) who think and believe like ALL of the people I have shown here are teaching your children, what exactly do you think they are going to be learning from them?

Come on people it is way past time to put those thinking caps back on, this is not difficult stuff to understand.


(The media and Democrats tell you that this is not happening. How many lies does it take before you start giving a shite about it people?)

Student tapes "CRT" (critical race theory) being taught in their classroom.

PROOF: Video of Critical Race Theory being taught in 6th grade class in Ohio emerges (

Ohio schools and CRT

Accuracy in Media - Accuracy in Media (

The kind of books being used to accomplish this.

Heritage Action for America (

I have already done a video about the drag queens and sexualizing children in the classroom so I will just link to it in this writing.

What we need to be laser focused on about all of this the fact that they are trying to hide the teaching of racism, the pushing children towards transgenderism, teaching hatred of America etc. etc.

That is ALL that *&#$ matters people!

It tells us everything we need to know because people do not hide and lie about doing GOOD things, they want credit for it. People hide and lie about doing things they know are wrong and can get them in trouble.

Again people, this is common sense stuff we are talking about here so, if you can't grasp the obvious, it is because you are choosing not to.

So, the final question I leave with is this and it is what every person who realizes that they are being lied to asks once it sinks in really good.

Why are they lying to me and what else are they lying to me about?

That leads to; "What is the end goal of making Americans less intelligent?"

You already know the answer. ~


Remember this?

Podesta email dump- Wikileaks: Clinton Insiders Want "An Unaware & Compliant Citizenry” - News Punch

A "fact check" from Snopes. (don't make me laugh)

Clinton Camp Demands 'Compliant Citizenry' for Master Plan |

When people tell you who they are... listen.





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I’m a teacher. Here’s how my school tried to indoctrinate children – Orange County Register (

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