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Episode 6- 'My Body' My Choice?

WARNING! This video includes a published video from and that video includes EXTREMELY GRAPHIC content that God willing EVERYONE finds extremely disturbing.

You have been warned!

(Please excuse the slight echo in my audio. I did some updating and now my Hz for the editor do not match my audio/video card. Easy fix, it just takes longer to do than making this video did. It will be fixed by the next one)


I have received numerous requests for a video that has "real shock value" that may be used to dissuade someone (anyone) from getting an abortion. A look behind the media whitewash of what the true human results of abortion are so to speak.

Not for the mother, but for the voiceless child who had no say in its creation, or in its very unnatural death.

I do hope though that the emotional trauma this can cause is being reserved for the absolute last resort.

It can carry serious consequences.

On a personal note.

I must disclose here that I am still VERY on the fence as to the value of using this "shock" method in most cases.

However, I in no way propose to tell someone else who is under circumstances I understand nothing about what they should or should not do. It has to be a judgement call.

My job is to provide information. What someone chooses to do or not do with that information is entirely up to them.

If someone is clearly under too much emotional stress due to the abortion decision itself to handle it, it should be avoided at all cost in my opinion, there has to be another way.

I do however endorse this method with the people who treat this issue like it is some kind of game, some kind of big joke. We are talking about human life and this video will drive that home with a 100 pound sledge hammer and in my opinion, they need the shock.

IF you can get them to watch it.

One more time y'all, if you are disturbed by medical procedures do NOT watch the video.

My part is fine though!



The thoughts and beliefs expressed in the video from do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and beliefs of this writer or

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