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Updated: Jan 7

“It is well known that many of these leaders are themselves led, sometimes by persons whose names are known to few… A presidential candidate may be "drafted" in response to "overwhelming popular demand," but it is well known that his name may be decided upon by half a dozen men sitting around a table in a hotel room.” (Propaganda, Edward Bernays)


As I seem to have twisted so many knickers with such a simple phrase, 'time to stop being stupid, people' I felt this was an opportunity to take a closer look at that.

A few moments ago, as I was doing a final edit my wife commented that 'people won't read it because you call them stupid.'

Do I?

Won't they?

I found it to be the perfect segue to what this entire scribble is all about so, let's go!



As always, my scribbles are for educational/entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinions and beliefs based on my own research.

Also remember that due to the progressives increasing censorship I must often speak in riddles, metaphors or a form of code omitting or substituting words etc.

Much like the musicians writing their songs in code back in the 50s and 60s to avoid the censors.

It's just something to think about folk's, agreeing with me is not a requirement to simply listen. ~Ghost

Personal Note; The Basics.

The only person who can fix us, is ourselves because we are the only person who can enter those dark realms of our psyche where the repairs most need to be done as we are the ones who created them. Without us they do not exist at all.

The path I walk is also not alone, and I've stressed numerous times that no one else should try to walk it alone. You can make it for a while but far from all the way, trust me on this.

We must find three things to begin and then move forward. Courage, Resolve (Determination) and Strength, lots and lots and lots and lots of strength.

Without an abundance of these three things failure is inevitable, and we humans only possess two of them in sufficient amounts for success. However, even they depend on us having the strength we need to keep them fueled.

Strength is the backbone and without it the rest crumbles so being that humans do not possess that kind of strength on our own we must find a source for more such as a strong family support structure for one example.

The key is having someone who knows everything, and I do mean everything. Someone who is always there day or night for you to lean on and draw strength from.

My own path became stagnant until I found my source of endless strength.

Only speaking for myself, my courage and determination to succeed come from within me because I must choose every day to do the work required. Whenever I don't do the work, I lose ground that must be made up by working twice as hard the next day.

Since I'm not a fan of wasting my or anyone else's time, doing the work when it's needed is simply more efficient, right?

This work ethic carries on into every aspect of my life as well and is why people describe me as being an honest, reliable, and trustworthy person. (it was not always so)

I consider those to be good qualities in myself and I expect nothing less or more from other people, call me crazy!

The strength I need to accomplish my goals and keep my courage and resolve fully fueled comes from my lord and savior Jesus Christ and is endless, all I have to do is draw on it whenever I start feeling defeated or weak from the fight.

I must reach out and accept it though because I have free will but the thing is.

It is always right there when I need it, always. Just saying.


So, let's dig into this objectively and get to the base facts of what is actually happening when we get 'offended' and whose fault it actually is that we are 'offended' to begin with.

This applies to any scenario where we experience the feeling of 'being offended' but we will focus on the context of what we know and do not know because that is a primary trigger for the hypersensitive malignant narcissists, we are dealing with today.

These are not the 'looney' liberals of the past folks; these are stone cold fascists and socialists AKA Marxists who have joined forces under the new flag of progressivism.

Until more of us get that through our self-fortified skulls and into our thinking processes, we are not accomplishing shit people which is why I harp so incessantly on not trying to change people's minds about things, only THEY can do that.

We must focus on changing the way they think and that is the topic of today's scribble. Changing the way people think by default changes how and what they believe.


First off, I'm not and have not called anyone stupid. However, that's all some people think about, and their judgment is clouded by emotional reactions, preventing them from using critical thinking.

By refusing to see the truth, people (you know who you are) are 'BEING' stupid.

What caused all of the drama for yourself was not WHAT I said, but how YOU decided to take it, which prevented you from really hearing what I am saying and learning something about yourself that you weren't aware of.

If you were, I or someone else would not need to explain this to you, correct?

Similarly, with that very statement, many people will get offended and refer to me as an 'arrogant' or 'superior' prick. This is when all I do is state a fact.

Also, if you didn't realize this now, you wouldn't feel embarrassed by your lack of knowledge, which in this scenario is the root of your feeling offended to begin with, embarrassment, period.

So, is this my problem because I know things that you do not, or yours for not knowing them?

One of my favorite sayings; 'in the age of information ignorance is a choice' and it is 100% fact.

I myself along with many others am a simple chronicler, an observer, a purveyor of information. Nothing more, nothing less. Once I accepted my role my life become much, much easier to manage with far, far less stress and anxiety from cognitive dissonance.

My part ends once I pass on the messages and erect the guideposts. They are different for everyone because we all seek different things at different times.

Your job is to ask directions and our job is to point the way through information we have gathered over decades of life experience, research, and study.

We need to make a critical point here before we move on and it will also probably offend some people even though it is again, simply stating a fact that we will cover more later on.

I can only speak for myself but, I have taken numerous classes in psychology and aced every one of them, I had instructors tell me that I should peruse a career in psychology.

I have attended dozens of open lectures on human behavior, abnormal psychology, child psychology, psychological profiling (one of my favorite lectures) and economics which is contrary to popular belief a study of human behavior, not money.

I have studied every publication put out by Carl Jung (my chosen discipline), Freud, Nietzsche, Bernays, Adam Smith, John Locke, the list goes on and on. I have studied hundreds of publications, papers, field and clinical studies and experiments dating back to before the U.S. even existed.

I also keep a close eye on the changes happening in the fields of human behavior today, every day I go through and see if anything has changed and most of the changes, I see are not good ones.

I have studied the "Communist Manifesto", the book "The Naked Communist" and the "Black Book of Communism" as well as studying about all of the tyrants of the 19th and 20th centuries. Their methodology and tactics, their use of psychological manipulation, fear, and envy to drive public opinion and action.

So, the critical point here is this. Unless you have studied everything that I have or anyone else for that matter about the psychology of human behavior you DO NOT know more about it than I or they do, period!

There is no shame in ignorance people. At one time I was ignorant to everything I scribble and make videos about now, but we have to keep it simple, it's just information guys.

Some of us know it, and some of us don't, it is that simple.

If we wish to create understanding simplify, if we wish to confuse, over complicate.

It is the same information with only one distinction, how it is presented to us.

What, if anything people (we) choose to do with that information is our decision.

Personally, the first question I ask myself anytime someone tells me something I do not know (after I verify it as true of course) is "Why don't I already know that?"

I certainly don't get mad at the person telling me information that I do not currently have or informing me that someone else is lying to and manipulating me. (That is a well-documented indication of brainwashing by the way)

I find out if it is true first and foremost, I mean call me crazy but that does seem the most logical thing to do at the time and when I find out who is actually lying to and manipulating me, that is who I am going to get pissed off at.

Why does everyone always hate on the messenger?

Why not give the message a try for a change instead of simply dismissing it because of who the messenger is?

The only person we hurt by doing this is ourselves after all because we deny ourselves critical information through cognitive biases.

These are known, documented and very predictable human behavior patterns folks and anyone who follows my scribbles knows what I am going to say next.

Anything that is predictable can and eventually will be used to manipulate us by those in power. This is historical fact.

Unless we understand how we are being manipulated we can never recognize the signs of that manipulation. Especially when the methodology is centered on us manipulating ourselves and each other through collectivism, a hive mind continuously regurgitating strictly controlled information into the great echo chamber called the media.

That's called a slave my friend and you do not need me or anyone else to tell you that you are one. You know who you are, and I hold no malice when I say that.

It is a fact, and you know that as well. Otherwise, it is very unlikely that you would even still be reading this scribble.

Down deep, we know, and it is that realization that causes us to feel that rush of embarrassment, shame, anger etc. that we all experience because we are human beings.

We all feel 'Offended' by a whole lot of things throughout our daily lives, every single one of us whose scientific designation is Homo Sapien-Sapien, a member of the Mammalian Great Ape family of primates, but God just calls us people.

There are no exceptions to this natural rule either, not skin color, not gender, not even what our beliefs are concerning God and the universe. None of that matters because it is a part of what it means to be a human being, period.

The only thing that matters from this moment on is how we CHOOSE to handle that 'feeling' because at this moment no one on earth knows that we are feeling offended but us.

So, what are you going to do is the only question left is it not? All I am saying is that maybe it's time to try a different path because if the one we are currently on were the right one we would not be seeking answers to begin with, would we?

What have you got to lose but being lied to and manipulated for the rest of your life? I would personally call that a low-risk high reward option considering the alternative.


We can make ourselves invulnerable to the lies and manipulations by following some pretty simple suggestions. But we still have to do the work folks, nothing is free, everything costs something, and it all comes to how much we are willing to pay for our freedom of mind and body.

In my mind, there is no price too high for my freedom. Life as a slave is no life at all and I want no part of it, so death is preferable to me.

Those are not just words to me. I would rather die than live as a slave.

Crisis is the tool creating the chaos so we must learn to handle crisis.

Part 1

Part 2

The "slow process of change" they speak of in this video could very easily be describing the natural process of 'growing up'. Some people simply never do and there in lies the wrinkle.


Honestly folks, if you are a person who finds ways to be offended by the way people say things rather than listening to what they have to say, then you're the problem. PERIOD!

It all begins and ends with you.

Being offended is a natural reaction we all experience.  The choice of staying outraged and letting it become a problem is due to emotional immaturity.

It is the same with anger folks. No one can piss us off unless we ALLOW them to do it.

This is coming from a man who has battled his own rage most of his adult life, and still do every single day. Most times I win but I do still lose my temper at times.

It is not that we do not feel angry, offended or whatever. We simply understand what is actually happening and we CHOOSE not to play along with it.

It is a well-documented and predictable series of human behavior(s) centered on our subconscious impacting our conscious world.

A familiar scenario can lay out the basics.

Bullies for instance use words to illicit a response from their target. It really does not matter to the bully what reaction they get because it will be possibly used to justify escalating the encounter.

This ritual is a sign of weakness on the part of the bully because it serves two purposes. If the bully senses weakness in the response it triggers their predatory nature; whereas detecting strength and confidence will often but not always cause the bully to have second thoughts and trigger their insecurity even more, leaving them searching for a way to save face, which presents a whole new set of logistical challenges.

Understanding this ritual for what it is gives you control over the bully by one simple act.

Don't give them what they want and that 'them' includes your own ego because that is where it all begins no matter the context.

I absolutely love this scene from Roadhouse because it is so true.

Also true is when Dalton says, 'Someone who is out looking for trouble is not much of a problem for someone who knows how to handle it.' (I have not seen the movie in a while, so I paraphrase from memory)

This simple philosophy can be applied to every aspect of our thought processes in virtually any situation because of where it begins.

With ourselves. Do we know how to 'handle it' when it comes our way or not?

The word "IT" would refer to whatever is contrary to our serenity, wouldn't it?

Such as oh... I don't know, maybe being offended by something or someone?

Can we handle it with emotional maturity or not? These are not complicated questions to answer folks. They just need a bit of honesty from ourselves.

As with anger, no one can offend you unless you allow them to. In other words, if you feel offended and then act on it, you did it to yourself because you allowed it to manifest into a negative real world emotional response.

It is up to each and every one of us to choose whether or not we give that power over us to someone else. This is because if someone controls your emotions, they control you.

People such as I have chosen NOT to do that while people such as you (you know who you are) have. It is that simple.

We keep that power for ourselves and cannot be manipulated through ignorance or fear because of it.

Do you know what else is even simpler than giving away that power? Taking it back.

But first we must stop being afraid and take that first step.


This brings us to one of the toughest hurdles we face when trying to improve ourselves.

Changing the company, we keep because their influence is part of what caused our loss of serenity in the first place was it not?


Nancy Reagan's immortal words, "Just say NO!"

'I am not letting others decide what I think and believe anymore, I will find my own answers.'

One thing to always remember though, I and those like me are not the ones with the answers you seek. We are simple guides showing others where to find those answers for themselves.

Because human nature being what it is that is the only way they will believe them when they do find the answers.

It all begins and ends with you, my friend. It always has and it always will.

Understanding and accepting that is the key to our future. This is because it clears out the distractions created by other people's opinions and beliefs.

You reject the collectivist mindset that trapped you in groupthink. You also feel the constant stress of cognitive dissonance subside and slowly replace it with something else.

Resolve. Few things in this world will motivate someone to righteous anger faster than the full realization that they have been lied to and used by someone they trusted.

Unfortunately, as the exceptionally true saying states; "It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone that they have been fooled." 

I must note that there is some argument about whether or not this quote is from Mark Twain. This is because it proves a point I have made before about the messenger and the message.

However, in this writer's opinion, this is simply a pathetic attempt to distract us from the message itself.

Who did or did not say these words is irrelevant (other than a possible copyright issue) to the message itself because the message is 100% true no matter who said it is it not?

It is well documented and predictable, human behavior.

Besides, common sense dictates that if there is no proof that someone did say something (the excuse for labeling it false) then by default there is also no proof that they didn't say it either.

Many things have been said and done in our history through oral stories passed down through generations. This is so well documented as being attributed to Twain that it is considered common knowledge.

That being said, the question we need to ask ourselves is why do they feel the need to fact check it at all, what was the goal of doing so?

Well, when we kick the emotional baggage to the curb there is only one thing left on the table, censorship, AKA control.

Where does censorship come from guys, come on?

Authoritarianism/Totalitarianism which means socialism and fascism in its many twisted versions all springing from the same poisonous root of Marxism's conflict theory.

This is a fact proven by history. When was a totalitarian government and all of the horrors that go with it ever implemented by anyone but Socialists/Marxists?

When throughout human history was it NOT socialists/Marxists creating all of the chaos and civil unrest in our societies?

Now ask yourself what socialists/Marxists call themselves today, progressives.

And who causes all the chaos in our society today? Progressives/Marxists and their fascist minions, just as it always has been in the past.

This is nothing new and it is all as I said being created and perpetuated by the same people who always do it and always will be the people doing it, Marxists.

It is all right there in front of us man. We just have to open our eyes and see it.

Simply not knowing the truth is ignorance and easily remedied. Knowing the truth and refusing to accept it is stupidity.

Time to stop being stupid, people. What do you say? ~Ghost


More on how caring too much about other people's opinions influence our own mental health.


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